Week 34: Les Deux are the Size of Butternut Squash

How far along? 34 weeks, can't believe we've just about made it to April!
Total weight gain: Will find out on Tue
Maternity clothes:
Dave thinks the belly is growing by the day now and he's probably right. Still barely hanging in there with some of the maternity tops.
Stretch Marks: Still looking okay.
Best moment this week: It was a good week overall, no single moment stands out. I know for Dave it was Saturday, which was a day for him to do whatever he wanted, no chores from me. He got to go to boxing, watched boxing all day, we had a great lunch and his friend came over. I finished up some of my to-do list so all the major stuff is done, including the nursery, which feels really good.
Feeling: A lot more uncomfortable. My back is hurting a lot more and even laying down doesn't help much. I take baths and use the heating pad and that will help a bit, but some days no position makes me feel better. Luckily, usually when I wake up in the morning I feel better and hopefully will get through at least half the day before I get uncomfortable again. Emotionally I'm feeling pretty good. I'm elated to have made it to 34 weeks and it's starting to feel real that they'll be here soon.
Sleep:  Some nights are better than others and it's more difficult to get comfortable, but overall I'm so thankful that I'm still getting a straight 8 hours most nights. Sometimes I'll wake up pretty early, get up to use the bathroom and have trouble falling back asleep, but usually it's after I've already gotten 7-or-so hours straight so it could be so much worse. 
Movement: It's varied by the day. Several days this week, both the boys were moving non-stop, literally you could just watch the rolling in my stomach (although I still haven't managed to get a good video of this). Other days I felt them randomly, but they weren't quite as active.
Food cravings: I told Dave that nothing has been tasting better than baby carrots this week -- I think with the acid reflux I've been experiencing (which actually wasn't too bad this week, the cleansing taste of the carrots has been perfect. I've also been enjoying graham crackers for dessert; they're just sweet enough.
Labor Signs: So grateful this hasn't changed and I'm still not experiencing more contractions than I have been over the past 3 months.
Belly button: Half-out
Rings on or off?: I wore them all-day Friday for the first time in a long time and they were definitely a bit difficult to get off that night. My fingers don't appear swollen, but I don't think I'll risk wearing them all day again. Usually if I just put them on when going out, like to dinner, it's not a problem.
Our boys
Miss anything?:
I guess just being comfortable in general. It's definitely getting a lot harder, but at this point I feel like I've made it so far, I can handle it a couple more weeks (hopefully!).
Looking forward to: Dave's birthday -- still a week away, will we make it that long?? I have a quick doctor's appointment on Tuesday which hopefully will just be a heartbeat check and won't reveal anything more serious. Then Thursday night is our rescheduled 'Breastfeeding Twins' class so hoping we can hold out and I can go to that. Saturday is a day at the spa -- I don't want to put off the final pampering any longer in case they came -- I'm in desperate need of a pedicure! I already feel like I'm getting ahead of myself, but praying for the best!

When Will Les Deux Arrive?

Take your best guess here!

Week 33: I Wasn't Lying Last Week When I Said Les Deux were 'Bulking Up'

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain: +43 lbs, still gaining steadily
Maternity clothes:
The size medium shirt I got definitely covers the bump a bit better, but for the most part, everything still fits okay.
Stretch Marks: Still avoiding them, for now.
Best moment this week: The overall good news from the doctor for sure. Saturday was a great day as I was out of the house most of the day. We headed up to Napa in the afternoon, got a quick lunch, then ran a few errands. I got about 15 minutes in the Janie and Jack outlet, then we went to Target to try to clear out a few of the last items we need for the babies. I rode around in the motorized cart -- a bit embarrassing but I definitely wouldn't have had the energy to walk around the store. Luckily we were able to go rest for a few hours before dinner at Stacey's place and that was much needed. We went to dinner at Press and it was so fun. Great service, the food was really good and was had the perfect table with big pillows I could lean against.
Feeling: Physically, it's definitely starting to take it's toll. I'm getting more uncomfortable; sitting upright for much longer than dinner it tough on my back. I get tired very easy. Although physically I'm not doing much, even when I am up and about for a bit, I'll start to feel it and get back to laying down. Emotionally, I'm feeling very optimistic, hopefully not overly, but after the good news on Thursday/Friday, I can feel that we're getting closer and we may actually make it. Hearing their weights gave me such a sense of relief that even if we don't make it much longer, they'll be ahead of some of the problems that come with low birth weight.
Sleep: On and off. For the most part, I'm still sleeping pretty well, getting at least 7 hours straight. There were a few nights this week where I ended up waking up really early, and eventually fell back asleep. I think I was a bit nervous for our appointment so I'm hoping I'll sleep better this week. Still, I feel like I can hardly complain based on what I've read of other moms pregnant with twins, especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Movement: Tons of movement, most of which can be seen and not just felt. They don't think Baby B will shift positions, but I'm not so sure. I feel a lot of twisting in there!
Food cravings: I can't eat quite as much these days, but mostly I'm sticking to my regular routine and adding dessert.
Labor Signs: Still the same, which I'm so grateful for. I still have contractions sporadically through the day, but not very often and never consecutively within an hour. Hoping it stays that way for a few more weeks.
Belly button: Half-out
Rings on or off?: Still fit, but rarely wear them.
Our boys
Miss anything?:
It was nice to get out of the house on Saturday so that should tide me over a bit. I still miss being able to do everything I'd like to be doing, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel so overall I'm feeling good.
Looking forward to: The big event of the week will be meeting with a Pediatrician on Friday and then dinner out afterward. I think the weekend will be pretty low-key. We've finished up most of our projects and just have a few loose ends to tie up before the babies come. I'm hoping Dave will get a good break next weekend as he's been doing stuff non-stop, which is so much appreciated but add that to the stress of his job and I know it's a bit much.

Les Deux Roll On

Yesterday's appointment didn't start off great when they saw that my cervix had shortened from 2.8cm last month to 1.8cm this month. It's an ultrasound technician who does the measurement so she basically just states the facts without commenting, but it started to worry me immediately. Luckily, we met with Dr. Katz next, he didn't seem too concerned with this decrease as at almost 33 weeks pregnant, naturally the cervix is going to start shortening.

But still, for the duration of the ultrasound, I wasn't feeling very optimistic and was just hoping that the boys would have reached 4lbs each. As usual, getting measurements on Baby A, specifically the head, was pretty tough, he is way down there. In fact, may be TMI, but when Dr Katz was checking the cerclage stitch, he could feel Baby A's head! They're amazed I'm not feeling more pressure but assured me I will. Just like last month, they're not confident in the accuracy of Baby A's measurements since they couldn't get a good picture of the full head, but we were beyond thrilled to hear that Baby A is coming in at 4lbs 13oz and Baby B is a whopping 5lbs 5oz!!! He jumped up from the 60s to the 73 percentile (and that's not for multiples but just for babies in general). That is a LOT of baby.

I had my final fFn test yesterday and just got the call that it's negative. I'm so thrilled to know we should hopefully make it to 35 weeks. At this rate Dr. Katz is expecting 7lb babies which would be absolutely amazing. I'm hoping I won't even need the preemie clothes I have. But I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. I'm just so happy that they're as big as they are at this point. That will make a difference for whenever they decide to arrive.

One other downside is that while Baby A is still head down (way down). Baby B has moved from transverse (sideways) but with the head more downward to breech. This in and of itself isn't that big of a deal, I could have still  done a vaginal delivery, however with this and the fact that Baby B is measuring bigger than Baby A, the doctor told me to prepare myself for a c-section. I was open to whatever is necessary, although if I had any choice in the matter, I was hoping for vaginal. I'm most concerned with the recovery from a c-section, specificially because I've been on bed rest for 3 months already and could be 4 by the time I deliver. I think recovery from a c-section can already be tough, let alone having no muscle strength and having 2 babies to try to deal with. It will just require more help in the beginning. But we'll see, while the Dr did not expect any change from Baby B, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but I am prepared.

For now, Les Deux are rollin' on for a few more weeks and Dave and I get to go up to Napa tomorrow for dinner. What a treat!

Maternity Wear

Maternity clothes. I definitely didn't have the standard experience since I didn't really purchase anything until I started showing, which wasn't until I was already on bed rest. So I've never gone shopping for maternity clothes, gotten to try anything on, etc.; everything was exclusively purchased online. It actually worked out well that I only needed to buy a few 'going-out' maternity pieces and almost everything else was casual loungewear, so even if the fit wasn't perfect, it was comfortable enough for wearing around the house.

I picked up a few pieces on sale through Gilt earlier in my pregnancy before I was on bedrest and those, combined with a few others, have been great for weekly dinners out, etc. Gilt is actually a great place to find maternity brands that you might not otherwise come across, and while much of it is still quite pricy, you can find some good deals.

Everly Gray tee and tunic

For the most part though, I live in Liz Lange (Target) maternity basics.

I have this shirt in probably 5 different colors and at $9.99, it's a steal, but they change colors often, so I think I picked up a few of them for even less. Size small worked fine, although it is starting to ride up if I wear pants that don't cover my bump. I just ordered one in a size medium to see if that makes a difference. These are comfortable and good enough quality to last you a pregnancy. I also purchased a similar T-shirt from Gap maternity, but for the price, the Target one was better (plus Gap is ALWAYS out of the normal sizes in their basics!)

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short-Sleeve V-Neck Basic Tee - Assorted Colors
Liz Lange V-Neck Basic Tee

I ordered a handful of these longsleeve tops, on clearance at about $7. The fit is a little odd -- loose in the armpit area, but since I'm only wearing it at home, it's been a great option. Very stretchy and comfortable and should fit no matter how big I get.

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Scoop-Neck Ruched Tee - Assorted Colors
Liz Lange Scoop-Neck Ruched Tee
For pants, I have quite a few non-maternity leggings that still work fine, but for the most part, I live in these pants from Gap Maternity which are soooo comfortable. Definitely not suitable for wearing out of the house though, they're essentially pajama bottoms. At $35, they're not cheap, but even after multiple washes, these pants are so soft and comfy.

Gap Maternity Drawstring Jersey Pants

I also purchased a pair of these Isabel and Ingrid yoga-type pants and while they're comfortable and allow more coverage of the bump, they were awful -- starting pilling on the thigh area before I even washed them (maybe it was all my laying around!). Anyway, I contacted them and they sent me a new pair of pants for free! These have held up a bit better, but I'm still noticing a bit of the same thing. I got them directly on their site for $29 (on sale) so I'm fine with the quality, but the regular price is $88! I'd never pay that much for this quality.

Ingrid and Isabel Everywhere pants
Other than that, I've picked up a few bump-friendly sweaters and a couple of stretchy casual dresses but with getting out just once a week, I've found that that stuff has gotten very little use. I'm glad I didn't splurge on any pricy maternity wear though. 

Beyond Target and Gap, a few things came from Asos, which has a great maternity selection and is very affordable. I also got 2 pairs of skinny jeans for less than $20 each from Dorothy Perkins, a UK brand. Amazingly they fit perfectly, not to mention, they shipped from the UK (for FREE!). I actually haven't gotten too much use out of the jeans either, as when I do leave the house, I feel like I'm often wearing non-maternity leggings.

Earlier in my pregnancy, when I wasn't on bed rest, I had done a little shopping for pieces that weren't maternity, but were a bit more flowy over the stomach area and those worked until about month 5 or so. 

Outerwear-wise, I had several cape style jackets already and that's been perfect for throwing over the bump when heading out to a doctors appointment or dinner.

Helene Berman Wool Blend Cape
Helene Berman Wool Cape
large image view
Via Spiga Asymmetric Zip Cape

So overall, not the most exciting/cutest maternity wardrobe, but for my purposes, the basics worked out great and were definitely affordable, especially considering the short amount of time you're wearing the clothes.

Week 32: Les Deux are the Size of Squash

How far along? 32 weeks
Total weight gain: Will find out on Thurs.
Maternity clothes:
Some of my maternity stuff is getting a bit snug, but I'm hoping I can hold out without having to buy more stuff.

Stretch Marks
: Still nothing, rubbing on the cocoa butter twice a day!
Best moment this week: The Monday night Bachelor finale viewing was really fun. I had several friends come over. Morgan brought take out, we caught up for a while and then watched the show. It was so nice to have everyone come to me and comment on the drama together.
Feeling: Still feeling pretty good. The belly is definitely getting bigger and bigger and overall I'm getting more uncomfortable, but really can't complain. I do get tired pretty easily even when just doing simple tasks, but I'm good about laying back down and relaxing as soon as I feel that way. 
Sleep: Still feeling so lucky here, I've slept 9 hours the past 2 nights and close to that during the week. I think the pregnancy pillow has helped. I still find myself waking up on my back, but now I have more support behind my upper back and also find it easier to shift positions to my left or right side. When I've slept in later, I've woken up to go to the bathroom, maybe around 6:30 or so, but luckily have had no problem falling right back to sleep. Hoping to keep this going a few more weeks at least!
Movement: I keep reading that with cramped quarters, I should be noticing less movement, but I'm just noticing more and more. Still stretching from every corner of my belly and I'm definitely getting more jabs up under my ribs. I can still feel Baby A a lot more, but do notice Baby B. I'm curious to see their positions later this week to see if that's the reason, or if Baby A is going to be my more active baby.
Food cravings: I am still eating dessert pretty frequently. I don't know why I have trouble admitting this may be a craving, but maybe it is :)
Labor Signs: So glad nothing has changed here. I'm feeling contractions every hour or 1.5 hours throughout the day, sometimes more frequently in the late afternoon/evening, but again, still not often enough to start the medication.
Belly button: Half-out
Rings on or off?: Still fit, but rarely wear them.
Our boys
Miss anything?:
I miss being outside. The weather has been beautiful lately and I have to say, I'm pretty lucky that one of the spots I spend most of my time, the couch, has a great view of the bay, so with the windows open, I get a taste of it. I also went out to lay by the pool (don't worry, not in a swimsuit!) several times this week. Soaking up some vitamin D must outweigh the short walk I have to take to get to the pool. Dave and I used to always take advantage of the nice weather and luckily Dave went out for a hike on his own today, but I definitely miss being out and about, especially in the nicer weather.
Looking forward to: I'm soooo grateful for making it to 32 weeks. This is another great milestone where the health problems start to drop again for preemies. Every week makes a difference so hoping for at least a few more. A bit anxious for our appointments on Thursday -- we see both the obgyn, as well as get a full ultrasound and then see Dr. Katz. I'm hoping everything still looks good and that we're on track for at least 2 more weeks. If it is good news, there's a chance we'll be able to head up to Napa for the night or at least for dinner.

Week 31: Les Deux are the Size of Pineapples

How far along? 31 weeks
Total weight gain: +37lbs
Maternity clothes:
Not worth adding anything to my maternity wardrobe now, although I already see my Target t-shirts slowing creeping up -- hopefully they'll cover the belly until the end!

Stretch Marks
: Nothing yet, how much more can my belly stretch without them??
Best moment this week: There's nothing that beats getting the negative test results. It's the best feeling to know they should be in there for a few more weeks. The good results were followed by a great weekend. Megan and I have fun visiting and crafting on Friday night, Saturday Dave and I got out for our hospital tour and Umami Burger for lunch and today my brother and his family came over for lunch and swimming. It was so fun having my niece and nephew around and watching my tiny niece put away a giant piece of chocolate cake (with her hands only of course) was hilarious.
Feeling: This belly is really starting to weigh me down. This was the first week that I really starting feeling it and for good reason, I've gained 37lbs which seems to be mostly belly and my belly is measuring 37 weeks so my body is probably feeling like it's just about done. Despite sleeping pretty well, I still get pretty tired during the day (and I'm laying down so not exactly using a lot of physical energy!). Dave noticed that I'm not eating as much as I have been -- I'm still doing pretty good, but don't have a second helping at dinner and my lunch has been pushed to 2:30 or 3pm, which means I usually don't need an afternoon snack. I still think I'm getting everything I need though and that was really the point of gaining the weight early-on.
Sleep: I feel so lucky -- and don't want to jinx it -- that I can mostly sleep through the night without having to go to the bathroom. Apparently this is quite a feat at the end of pregnancy, especially with 2 babies pushing down on the bladder. Some nights I sleep better than others, but have been more tired and needing to go to bed closer to 10 instead of reading for a bit like I normally do. I usually can't make it past 7am, but hey, 9 hours isn't bad ;) The belly is affecting my sleep though, it takes a concerted effort to move from my left to my right side and I just don't like being on only one side all night. Last night I brought the massive pregnancy pillow into bed for the first time and I do think it helped to have the extra support around me.
Movement: So much movement now. I read that it should start to decrease since there's less room to move around, but I think baby b finally figured out that there's a whole area of my stomach that was open -- I'm finally feeling kicks on the left side too. This week was the first time I felt jabs in my ribs; they really seem to be spreading out to every possible area.
Food cravings: Nothing special, but I loved the chocolate cake I made for my brother's birthday and I'm glad there are leftovers! 
Labor Signs: Not much has changed here, which is a good thing. Still feel contractions throughout the day and am tracking them on an app, but as far as I can tell, they don't seem to be frequent enough for me to start the medicine so hopefully it will stay that way.
Belly button: Half-out
Rings on or off?: Still fit, but rarely wear them.
Our boys
Miss anything?:
Besides the normal activities of getting out of the house, I'm starting to miss being physically active like I was before. It's getting harder and harder to change positions, get myself out of bed, etc, which is just so strange.
Looking forward to: Having a little Bachelor finale viewing party tomorrow night with a few of the girls. Otherwise I think it's going to be a quiet week and weekend with just dinner out scheduled for Friday night.

Another 2 Weeks!

The doctor took longer than normal to call me with my results today, which made me a little nervous, but luckily it was good news once again -- a negative test! Looks like these guys will hopefully be staying in until our next appointment with Dr. Katz on the 21st -- that's when we get to see them again too. If we make it that far, they'll do the fFn test one more time and we'll hope for one final negative. They can't do the test after 34 weeks as it's not a good indicator at that point.

We're so grateful for this reassurance and hope we can just keep going right til the end. Tomorrow is our hospital tour so I'm thrilled to have made it to that. One more check off the preparation list.

Les Deux Bebes: A French-Themed Shower

I was living abroad when we got married, we had the wedding abroad and it was a really small affair so I never did some of the traditional pre-wedding fun like an engagement party or bridal shower (don't worry, I flew back for a bachelorette party in Vegas which was amazing:). So it was so fun to have a baby shower thrown for me in preparation for the boys.

My best friend from high school, and her mom, hosted the shower at their beautiful home in the East Bay, along with my dear friends Ashley, Annie and Jenn. We lucked out with perfect near 70-degree weather on the February Saturday so we were able to have the whole shower outside. I was still on bed rest, so I was able to drive myself out to the party, but pretty much upon arrival had to sit down for the whole shower and have everything brought to me.

Me with the fabulous hosts!

Everything was perfect. I truly can't thank my friends enough for all the work they put into the event and all the little touches that show how much they know me mean so much to me . Like many people say about their wedding, I feel like it went by way too fast and I didn't get to take in all of the details, but luckily my friends were great about taking photos so looking back through them helped me relive it all.

I had such a wonderful time, first of all being out and about, then being able to sit outside, but ultimately having so many people important to me in one place was the best feeling. I had several people who made an even bigger effort coming from out of town and it really was so special to have them there to celebrate with me.

We started with drinks and appetizers outside (mimosas, sparkling water, an impressive cheese plate and bruchetta), then headed in to make a plate from the French-themed buffet. Stacey's mom had prepared a feast of multiple different types of quiche, tea sandwiches, croissant sandwiches and salads. I made myself a heaping plate and finished every last bite. I love Betty's cooking!

After dining outside, we were on to the shower games. These were so much fun! The first one was a word match of a list of baby-related terms in French and then the English translation. I wasn't too confident but with my French background, I still scored the highest out of the group (although I guess I should have!). Next was a hilarious game where people paired up and had a big photo of Dave and I. They then had to create our future baby by cutting and pasting different features from Dave and my faces. My friends are so creative, but in the end, here's the winner (by Dawn and Megan):

Next was on to gifts. I don't even know what to say. My friends and family really went all out and I feel so grateful for all the supplies that are much needed for the twins arrival. There were adorable clothes, essentials from those with kids already, toys, books and just about everything in between. I had so much fun re-reading each of the cards and looking at everything when I got home. Thank you so much to all my friends and family!

Then was dessert -- French dessert of course! Macaroons, madeleines and my favorite cupcakes which Annie drove out of her way to get. Couldn't have been a better finish to such a special day.

The beautiful favors

Thanks to Jenn and Ashley for sharing their photos!

Week 30: Les Deux are the Size of Cabbages

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain: Not sure, will find out at the doctor on Thursday.
Maternity clothes:
Same rotation of loungewear, although I did find a black dress that I bought months ago that finally fits and was perfect for dinner out last night.

Stretch Marks
: Nothing yet, but the way this belly is growing, they're probably not far away.
Best moment this week: We got to attend an 'Expecting Twins' class on Wed night, which I wouldn't say was the highlight of my week, but was entertaining nonetheless. I loved my visit from Ashley and dinner out last night was really good.
Feeling: Pregnancy hormones really haven't affected me, and I think Dave would agree, but they finally kicked in this weekend. It's been a long 10 weeks on bedrest and even though I am up and about a bit at home, I'm still trying to take it easy. Dave continues to be great and is willing to run any errand I need, but a lot of frustration kicked in this weekend. I had Dave 'run in' a store over by where we were going to dinner last night as I know they have a good selection of Asian noodles I like to cook with. I didn't remember the name of the ones I like and of course there are like 60 different kinds. In the end, Dave was able to guess the ones I wanted and picked the right ones, so there was nothing to be upset about, but I about lost it as it would be so much easier for me to just go in and spot the ones I wanted. I get frustrated that Dave has to go run errands for 3 hours and while he's always pretty positive about it, I know he doesn't like it and what bothers me is that I do. I like going to Safeway or Trader Joe's and picking out exactly what I want. I think we have a good system going, but it really hit me hard this weekend that he has to do all this stuff that he really dislikes when I would give anything to go out and do it myself. I have to admit, it's getting harder and harder for me to 'take it easy' when there's a lot to do and a lot of stuff I want to be doing.
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well, but not the best week. I had 2 days of very early calls (EST) so I was waking up before my alarm around 4:30 as I was sure I was going to oversleep. Then this weekend, I couldn't sleep past 7am. Comfort-wise though, I'm still sleeping pretty well.
Movement: Same as last week, lots of movement. Dave and I can sit and stare at my stomach -- you don't even need to touch anymore, it's so obvious when just watching.
Food cravings: I guess it may be dessert. Like I've mentioned before, I'm not sure if it's just that I know I need the extra calories so there's no guilt in eating dessert or if I'm actually craving it, or maybe that Dave picked up a box of Thin Mints for me so that's an excuse to have some with a glass of milk, which I'm trying to drink as much of as possible. Anyway, I also had a root beer float on Friday and the most delicious Meyer lemon tart with buttermilk ice cream at dinner last night.
Labor Signs: Still having contractions sporadically throughout the day but not frequently enough to be worried.
Belly button: Half-out
Rings on or off?: Still fit, but rarely wear them.
Our boys
Miss anything?:
Getting out of the house -- for pretty much any reason. Would love to take a walk, run errands and then of course all the fun stuff like going out with friends, taking a trips, etc.
Looking forward to: Hoping to get good news on Friday for another 2 weeks after Thursday's appt and fFn test. Otherwise we have our hospital tour on Saturday and will probably go out to lunch after and that will be the outing for the weekend.

I am feeling good about all that we accomplished this weekend. The scrapbooks were finished on Friday night, Saturday we got the paper lantern mobile up (finally) in the nursery and today I made 2 crib skirts (!!!) and we got the nursery organized. There's still plenty to do in coming weeks, but we're feeling really good about where we're at.

Finally Done!

Seven-and-a-half years ago Dave and I celebrated our first (dating) anniversary and I commemorated the event by putting together a scrapbook recapping our first year of adventures. Included were lots of Bay Area hikes, weekend trips around California and nights out with friends. This began a tradition where each anniversary I would give Dave a scrapbook for that year. It was hardly just a gift for him -- Dave is much more digital than I am and while he always enjoys flipping through the books, I was really the one who loved saving ticket stubs, maps, attraction tickets, menus, etc, and creating a collage with photos. Three years later, I even included a reference to 'many more scrapbooks' in our wedding vows.

The scrapbooks from our years of dating are leaflets compared to the multi-expanded versions for the years living abroad. We took advantage of practically every weekend while living in London and Switzerland and I saved everything to document the fun. Dave required some weekends 'off' from traveling and with everything in Switzerland closed on Sundays, it actually gave me some time to catch up on my scrapbooking. When we moved back to the US in October of 2010, I was at least a year behind in scrapbooking, probably more, but before I knew it, it was fall of 2012, I was pregnant and had a good 3 years of scrapbooking to catch up on. Like many moms-to-be, I made my 'finish before baby' list and the scrapbooking was on the top of that. Dave tried to talk me out of it, since everything is digital anyway, but I love having everything put together and even though we don't look through the scrapbooks often, I love looking through them and feel a sense of satisfaction to have everything organized in one place.

But I was being realistic, I had a LOT of scrapbooking to do. It's time-consuming, but once I got put on bed rest 10 weeks ago, I scattered my supplies across the bed, set up borrowed Glee dvds on my laptop and got to work. And tonight, I am elated to say that I am 100% caught up on my scrapbooks. I love that everything is organized and accounted for, but now the problem is that we're out of shelf space. I like having the scrapbooks out so that people can look through them, but we may need to put some away in the closet.

So am I caught up on scrapbooking or is this the end of it? Honestly, I think I'm moving more towards digital. When living abroad, there was so much to document on a daily basis and we were traveling to new places constantly. Since being home, we've still taken trips, but definitely not as often. I'll probably still make a book for any big international trips we take, but otherwise just keeping the photos online should be sufficient.

So how to do I plan to document my babies? Maybe if I was having girls it would be different, but I think I'll start blurb books or other digital photo books for them instead of full scrapbooks. I don't think boys will appreciate all the time and energy that goes into scrapbooks and who knows, in 30 years when I show off their baby photos to their future wives, even digital photo books will probably seem dated. We'll see, I'll probably create some sort of baby book for each that feels like a scrapbook but as far as documenting their next 18 years, I think I'm giving in to digital.

So for now, I'm thrilled to be done! Thank you bed rest -- I don't think I could've done it without you :) Now I really need to buckle down and attempt the sewing projects...