Week 5

William vertical/George horizontal

We didn't get a chalkboard pic from this week and will probably just do it for the monthly updates but I'll continue to include random photos from that week.

Last week went by fast as we've continued to have plenty to fill our time. Monday we had a quick doctors appointment to get William's ear muffs switched out and that night I got to get out for the last Jr League meeting for my committee for the year. Unfortunately I missed all the meetings since January, though I did call-in for them, but didn't get to fully experience my committee which was volunteering at the Raphael House, which provides family support services and shelter for families and children experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. It was fun to meet up with some of the girls for happy hour though. I also found out that I got on my first choice committee for next year (which starts in August), SFCAPC, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center. We won't meet for several months so I'm not sure yet how I'll be involved with the center. Some time may be spent with the children, but I know another aspect is educating adults, or helping women get back on their feet with job skills trainings, interview training, etc.

Tuesday was my mom's birthday so we made it to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market and ate lunch by the water. Dave got home at a decent time so that my mom could have dinner with my brother and his family before taking them to the airport the next morning. Wednesday and Thursday are a blur, which means we must have spent a lot of time at home and just gotten out for a walk.

On Friday, Megan came over to meet the boys and we had a fun time catching up. Then it was time for their 1-month doctors appointment. Everything looks good, though as we suspected, George has torticollis which is fairly common in babies and is basically a tightness in the neck that causes the head to be tilted one way and the chin to the other. We noticed it early on, that George favors one side, though he is able to turn his head either way. It's often caused by the baby's position in utero and George's head was locked so far down that that probably contributed to this. Later in June, he'll start physical therapy to get the tightness out of the neck muscles and then we'll do the exercises at home with him which should clear up the problem.

George's favorite way to lay, also a sign of the torticollis

I had a million questions ready for my doctor about other things, mostly how to get William to nurse better and in the end, made an appointment with a lactation consultant that she swears by. I don't meet with her until next Tuesday, and William actually seems to be making progress in the last few days, but hopefully she'll be able to help. The boys are growing perfectly (William is in the 50th percentile for weight and height, George is in the 25th-50th for weight and 50th for height). They had to get a shot, but both were great. We ran a few errands afterward and picked up a few carriers for Dave to test out. He loves the Bjorn Miracle and luckily William seems to like it too, at least some of the time. That night was a treat, my mom stayed over as she had an early flight out the next morning, but she was able to watch the boys so we could go out to dinner at Michael Chiarellos new restaurant Coqueta. Michael was there so we were able to get a pic!

Saturday the boys and I went for a walk before we headed up to Healdsburg for dinner with some friends at their new vacation house. It worked out well, despite there being an accident and it taking longer than expected to get up there, but they made it, we fed when we got there and right before we left. We had a really nice dinner with them and the town is so cute!

Sunday we had another big day as we headed down the peninsula to a friend's BBQ. We weren't able to stay too long, but the boys were great, William riding in the bjorn with Dave and George in the boba with me. Then we had to get back and feed them before heading to Dave's boss' birthday party on Treasure Island. We got Priscilla to come a few hours early which worked out perfectly. The party was a blast - carnival-themed with all the themed snacks, plus a sushi bar, Mexican food and much more. I went a bit crazy with the sweets - a snow-cone (and it was freezing by this point!), freshly-made donuts and hot chocolate. Dave and I rode the ferris wheel, which I think was a first for us together, and got a caricature done.

Monday was Memorial Day and unfortunately the weather shifted and it was cold all day. We didn't do much, just hung out the four of us together and that night Morgan came over to see the boys again and brought us dinner from her BBQ which was perfect. It was great to catch up and the boys were well-behaved.

This week is now my last week with my mom and it's already flying by. It's been so great to have her here, but I think it's time for me to try at least a few days on my own. Wish me luck!

First Month Favorites

1. Camelbak Water Bottle I've been using this water bottle (or a version of it) for several years now, but it was key during pregnancy and now with nursing to make sure that I'm drinking enough water. I usually go through at least 4 of these a day and now that I'm up during the night, it makes it really easy to make sure to drink then as well.
2.  Boppy I'm sure a boppy pillow is on most new moms' lists, but these have been so great the first month and it sounds like they will be in coming months as well, though they may serve a different function. This month, they were great to put the babies down on, mostly on the couch next to us and great for me to be able to pull a baby up or put them back down while still nursing the other. I know Priscilla uses them at night when she bottle feeds too. George has already been wiggling out of his for at least a week, so we upgraded to a Leachco podster that keeps him in place more.
3. Sprout Shell On our first walk out in the stroller, we realized that hanging a blanket over the top didn't really work even with a light breeze. I started researching and it was really the 'groovy guitar' print that initially caught my eye, but then in reading the reviews, it looked like the perfect choice. These covers are so cute (and numerous people have stopped me to see where they can get one) and they're great at keeping out the sun, wind and nosy people from poking their fingers in. The only problem was, in the middle of the day, the sun would be directly above and a strip would get in right on their face because of the opening in the fabric. So I bought some velcro and ironed it on, so it can be closed up a bit more and now they're perfect! These covers can also be used as a nursing cover and a shopping cart seat cover. We use these literally every day. They're great to keep the sun out when driving and we use on every walk.
4.  City Select Double Stroller This was really the only option for a nice stroller that could carry into the toddler years as most double strollers are meant for children of 2 different ages and not made to carry 2 car seats. Many twin moms get the 'snap and go' where it's literally just a frame you snap the car seats into, but I didn't want to go that route. This is an awesome stroller, not too bulky, or at least not for a double stroller. I love the front to back and can easily fit through any door. The turning radius isn't great, and likely will get worse once the boys put on more weight for me to push around. There's a huge basket underneath too that can hold a lot (though I still need to be able to push it all!). Unfortunately this beast is parked in our entryway. Initially Dave cleared out space in the closet so we could fold it up, but we use it every day, sometimes several times a day so it's easier to leave it out.
5. Gerber Cloth Diapers These are supposed to be the best for burp clothes, but I had a tough time finding exactly the right ones. On Amazon, there are numerous different versions of Gerber cloth diapers and when you read the reviews, many say, 'not what I was expecting' or 'not like the ones I ordered before' as the thickness and fabric varies. I ordered some from Babies 'r Us and in the same order of 1 kind, 2 different kinds showed up with the same name. I was more confused than ever. But I've found the organic birdseye ones to be awesome. I think I have about 15 of these and could probably even use a few more.
6.  My Breast Friend This is a hideous pillow, but I use it for about 6 hours a day and definitely couldn't tandem feed without it. I've had to manipulate it a bit; I find that I need to place a firm square pillow behind my back and that has really helped with my back issues.
7.  Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets I got 8 of these at my shower and they've been great. William especially loves to be swaddled and sometimes when he's upset, we swaddle him during the day and he calms down. I ordered some of the Swaddle Designs blankets and we're using them more as crib dividers as we found them too thick for swaddling.
8.  Aquaphor Baby William got a terrible diaper rash around week 2 that took several weeks to go away. I feel like we've tried just about everything at this point, but now that the rash is gone, we slather on Aquaphor and it's been awesome. Many times I don't even need to wipe anything when changing as it really keeps the bottom clean.
9.  Medela Nipple Shield This was a lifesaver in the hospital when the boys were having trouble breastfeeding. I've continued to use them for both, but need to start weaning George off. He's been able to nurse without it before so hopefully it won't be a problem. I'll wait til William has it down a bit more.
10.  Multi-purpose tub from hospital  The hospital sent us home with about 7 bags of stuff -- extra diapers, wipes, formula, etc, etc. The nurses were great and totally stocked us up and told us to take anything. We threw in a few of these plastic tubs as they were holding different things, but they've ended up being some of the most used items in this first month. We keep one in the bathroom and use it to bath the boys, but will probably graduate to the baby tub soon. We also keep one in one side of our kitchen sink to wash all the bottles and pumping supplies with special cleaner and separately from other dishes. So glad we took these!
11.  Huggies Changing Pad Covers I read on another blog that this was a top pick and it's been a lifesaver for us. I think we got a pack of 40 or 50 and have gone through about 80% already. Basically you lay it on top of your changing pad so that you don't have to wash your changing pad cover every time it gets dirty. The first few weeks, the boys constantly peed while we were changing them and thankfully we had these down. They're getting much better, but I just reordered another batch of these; they're totally worth it.

I'm sure some of these will be our favorites for months to come, but others are already being replaced with the next stage already.

1- Month Old

William, George

I can't believe it's already been a month. As they say, the days are long but the years are short. Actually, the days go by pretty fast too.

We had another good week and are starting to get in the swing of things. On Monday, Betty and Stacey brought lunch over and got to meet the boys. We had a great time catching up and Stacey was a natural with William, which is definitely impressive!

That evening, we had another visitor, Mariela. She loved meeting the boys, but we can't wait til they get to meet her little girl Madi.

On Tuesday, I went over to a New and Expectant Twin Moms group which was a lot of fun. There were 5 other twin moms there (with their babies) and 2 expectant moms. William and George were the youngest twins there so it was great for me to hear from other moms who were just a bit further along than me (the range was 7 weeks to 11 weeks). We all went around and asked questions and it was great to hear what had worked for other moms. Wednesday I went for a 4-mile walk with the boys and they did great. Thursday was a big day as mom and I drove up to Santa Rosa so Hannelore and Mikey could meet William and George. We had a nice lunch with them before heading back. Friday we had to take George to the doctor to get his 'ear muffs' replaced -- this may have been my biggest accomplishment of the week -- getting everyone out of the house and to the doctor by 9am. Unfortunately it was one of the few mornings George was really sleeping in so I had to wake him up at 8:15 to try to feed him a bit.  The early morning also caused a brief lapse in my other big accomplishment thus far -- taking a shower every day since we've been home. Oh well. Afterwards, we all went for a walk in the Marina and after getting home and feeding them, I then headed out for errands on my own that afternoon and had a massive Target haul -- a $20 gift card with every 2 boxes of diapers that were actually cheaper than Amazon! Sad what excites me now...

Luckily we got through Friday and Saturday nights on our own pretty well after Priscilla suggested that I forgo nursing just at night when Dave and I are on our own on weekends. The problem is the boys need to eat even more after nursing, plus William is still hit or miss with the nursing, so I would end up nursing/attempting to nurse them for 45 minutes while Dave would sit awake after changing them, then we'd each feed one more from a bottle and eventually get them back to sleep. Now we can see exactly how much they're eating and they each get a bottle of expressed milk and then are supplemented with formula. Still, Saturday was an off day as George and I slept in a lot later than William and Dave so feedings were slightly off. We finally got out of the house around 3:30pm and decided to walk over to Mission Rock Resort. It was a nice day and it's such a treat to be able to walk somewhere where we could sit outside by the water. We had the perfect table and were able to keep the boys right in the stroller. And mom was happy since I got a Champagne St. Germain drink, yum!

Sunday we wanted to avoid the city since it was Bay to Breakers, so we instead crossed the bridge and got lunch in Berkeley before taking a walk along the water near the marina. Actually, we gave dad a break as he had been up early with William and he napped in the car while I took William and George on a walk. Dave and I joke that all our documented outings are basically just photos of their stroller and car seat covers, I thought I'd capture one with the Golden Gate Bridge from yet another angle.

1-Month Update: 

EAT: More details on each of your habits below, but you're both great eaters in the sense that you can eat a lot. William's record is 6oz in a single feeding, and that was after trying breastfeeding where he got at least something, though maybe not much. At night they tend to eat more, averaging 5oz a feeding. We've started just bottle-feeding during the night (combination of expressed milk and formula if necessary) so it's easier to measure. During the day, I tandem-feed both and George is almost always satisfied just with this, but William usually needs a 2oz bottle since he doesn't have a constant latch so he's probably not getting as much.

SLEEP: I would say they're actually pretty good sleepers. They're on a good schedule at night, usually going to bed at 11pm and sleeping 3-3.5 hours between feedings. William tends to wake up first, but if George doesn't wake up shortly after, we wake them up to stay on the same schedule. In the morning, William still wakes up first but as I'm usually on my own, I tend to William and usually get 15 minutes or longer before George wakes up so this helps me get situated without having 2 crying at once. They still sleep quite a bit during the day, but it varies. If we take a long walk or car ride, they'll sleep the whole time.

Oh William. It's so funny to look back at the video of the moment I met you face to face when Daddy brought you over to me while I was still on the operating table. You were vocal at that moment and you haven't stopped since. Dedee and I have concluded that you love to hear the sound of your own voice. In the span of mere seconds, you can go from seemingly content to all-out worked up, complete with blood-curdling screams, red face, furrowed brow, quivering bottom lip and now even shaking legs. Sometimes I just have to laugh at how dramatic you are. You did have a bad diaper rash at about 2 weeks old so you do have a possible excuse for being upset. For the first few weeks we called you Little Cat because your cries were more of a mewing. I think you've graduated from this and your sounds now include regular snorts and grunts and I guess what could be described as a whine. We definitely need to make a video of the range of your noises.

You are a great and a terrible eater all in one. Every time it's time to eat, you are ravenous as if you haven't been fed in days. Unfortunately you're still struggling with nursing -- occasionally you do great and latch and eat without a problem and I pray we're turning a corner. But then the next few days every single feeding is a challenge.  I wish I could figure out the problem, but I still have hope that something will click and we continue to try. I am grateful that you don't have a problem with the other aspect of eating. When bottle-fed, or even after a successful breast-feeding, you'll still put down another 4oz, sometimes more.  You're a little chunk already and it seems like we can't feed you fast enough.

You are oh-so-particular too. Generally you prefer to be held, but really, you want two hands on you at all times, in fact, your favorite hold is one hand under the back of your knees, one hand behind your neck, being rocked in the air. A great arm workout indeed. You're in for a rude awakening when Dedee's not here anymore and I'm on my own during the day. Even if you are being held in a different position, it has to be just right. If your holder moves an inch, to grab a book, a glass of water, you'll immediately grunt in protest until returned to the original position.

You seem to like music and after several tries, you'll calm down in the mamaroo vibrating chair. You also like to be tightly swaddled, especially in the evening. I originally wanted to avoid pacis, but it truly is a lifesaver for you. You get so worked up, but the sucking usually calms you down and often you only need it for a minute or two and then you spit it out.
Despite, or maybe in spite of the above, there is nothing in the world more peaceful than a sleeping William. You look like a little angel with your perfect pout and long eyelashes. I can't wait to see your personality develop and see if the first month will be an indicator of the years to come. Regardless, you definitely keep us on our toes!

My sweet George. You and your brother complement each other perfectly. You are the same as when I first met you too -- calm, relaxed and looking around. Many of the twin books say that generally both babies will avoid having a breakdown at the same time. It's like they can sense how much mom can handle. I've found this to be true for the most part. You must be getting used to your brother's screams, but it doesn't seem to phase you. Unfortunately for you, the squeaky wheel gets the oil but you're so patient. Just yesterday I think I had to interrupt you at least 6 times while nursing to tend to William and you weren't bothered at all. You're a great nurser though so we have plenty of time to bond. You're slow and steady, also the opposite of William. You're a good eater too though, and when you're fed from a bottle, you're eating just as much as William.

Like any baby, you cry too, but when you're picked up, generally you stop. You have the saddest cry though, your mouth makes a full frown and when you're really upset (like when taking a bath), you'll almost start hiccuping from your crying.

You love to stretch and move your arms and legs and do great at tummy time. You love being on your back too and can lay on your mat sometimes for 30 minutes just stretching and looking around. You already can hold my gaze and focus on objects around you. Generally, you're just very content. You can lay in your crib wide awake and kick your arms and legs around and be fully entertained. You'll lay on your boppy although you like to stretch and move so much that you quickly move down almost flat on your back. I just invested in a different version that's a full donut shape with a sling in the middle so we'll see how you like that. You also are getting more comfortable in the boba wrap which makes me so happy. I can make dinner with you nestled close to me. I love looking in your focused eyes and watching you look around.

1-Month Fun Facts:
Diapers changed: 720 (estimated)
Times peed on: 12
Average hours of sleep per night: 6
Spit up in hair: 1
Rides in the stroller: daily
Full days on my own with babies: 0
Date nights for mom and dad: 1
Blog posts: 6
Vibrating seats/swings purchased: 3
Vibrating seats/swings they'll actually sit in: 1

1-Month Stats:
(although they're actually about 5 weeks now)

weight:  10lbs (7lb 1 oz at birth)
height: 21.5 inches
head: 35.5

weight: 9lbs 2oz (6lb 11oz at birth)
height: 21.5 inches
head: 35cm

Haven't had access to an adult scale recently

On the Day You Were Born

On the day you were born, I woke up at 3am to go to the bathroom and nothing seemed off. Then 3 hours later I woke up again and felt different. From the movies, most expect that when your water breaks it will be a big gush, but from what I read, that's only a reality about 5% of the time. Many times the water doesn't break until in active labor and at the hospital, or in other cases, it's more of a small, hardly noticeable leak. At 6am, I thought the latter may be the case, but as it wasn't noticeable enough for me to be sure, and I wasn't in any pain, I got back in bed and tried to go back to sleep. Of course I couldn't and I think I knew that that day would be the day I'd get to meet you.

I was so nice and let Daddy sleep in. I didn't see any point in rushing to the hospital so I had decided to wait until the doctor opened at 8:30 and call them for advice. I think I knew they would send me in regardless because there were two of you. Daddy woke up at 7:30 and I told him, 'I think today is the day'. He later recalled that he expected it to be frantic, running around and rushing to the hospital -- I somehow knew it wouldn't be like that and this is just what I was expecting.  (Oh and good timing, it was so convenient to have Daddy home so he didn't need to take a cab from work in Sunnyvale to meet me at the hospital). I told Daddy I'd call the doctor in an hour and then got in the shower, washed and dried my hair and finished packing my bag. I told Daddy we'd be taking our time, so he took care of some finances and other things and finally when my 8:30 call to the doctor confirmed that I should go to the hospital to be evaluated, I told Daddy to get in the shower.

The whole thing was rather relaxed. We made sure the compost and garbage were taken out, I canceled the cleaners for that week, we took one more belly shot and then headed out the door. By this point I was getting pretty uncomfortable -- my lower back was aching, and in a different way then it had throughout my pregnancy, and I had a lot of pressure in my pelvic area. The 20-minute drive to the hospital was pretty uncomfortable and as we walked inside, I knew that when I left, everything would be very different.

We got to the hospital at 9:30 and were quickly checked in and evaluated. They got a positive test for amniotic fluid, so I was right, it had started to break, and my contractions were 2 minutes apart. I was definitely uncomfortable at this point and thought about all the women who go through labor and was so grateful that I was having a c-section. I give all those women so much credit! I felt like I was just in the beginning stages and already quite uncomfortable.

A little after 10am, the doctor came in and said, 'so are you ready to have some babies?!' So that confirmed it, you guys were coming that day. We called the grandmas so that Dedee could head into the city and Ma could jump on the next flight out from Cincinnati. Everything was happening so fast at this point, they got my iv going and by 11am, were rolling me upstairs on the OR. I felt my massive belly one last time. Daddy and I said a prayer that everything would go well and that you both would be okay, then it was time for Daddy to wait outside while they took me in to get the spinal. I had gone through something very similar just a few months before when I got the cerclage so I was surprisingly calm. The spinal took well, I didn't have any nausea and felt fine the whole time throughout the procedure. Before I knew it, Daddy was in the room holding my hand and the doctors were getting started. I think there were 12 people in the room -- everyone was there for you and each of you had your own 'staff': an obgyn, a nurse, a pediatrician, etc.

The next thing I knew, I heard 'we see a face!' and I immediately got nervous as I thought that meant one of you was out and I didn't hear any crying. But soon enough, there it was, the sweet sound of your cries, meaning your lungs were doing well! Almost immediately after, I heard the cries of another baby and felt a huge sense of relief. The doctor even said, 'these are some big babies!' Music to my ears. I was still anxiously awaiting news of any other issues, but as I heard the excitement of your Daddy snappy away photos and then cutting the cord of each of you, finally they brought you together on one of the tables and I turned my head to the right to see my boys in the flesh for the first time. You were both squirming and crying and you looked so big! I couldn't believe you both fit inside me and were in there just moments before. Once they cleaned you up a bit, Daddy brought you over to me and I got to meet you face to face. Daddy asked me if I wanted to name you, but I had already decided that he should do the honors. When he revealed who would be who, I knew he was right. You both fit your names so perfectly.

The experience oddly wasn't overly emotional, but the best way I can describe it is surreal. It went by so fast and after all the worries throughout the pregnancy and the anxiety over not knowing when you would arrive or how long you would stay inside, it was surreal that you were now here, not inside me anymore, and from the initial looks of it, everything appeared to be fine.

Daddy got to go with you to get fully checked out, while they finished up with me. Luckily they were able to remove my cerclage after several tries (the obgyn had mentioned just that morning that Dr. Katz's were notoriously hard to remove so they probably wouldn't be able to and I'd have to come back in in 6 weeks... what?!) Then they stitched me up and rolled me out to the recovery room.  Daddy came in to give me an update. 6lbs 11oz for George, wow! Just 3 days earlier you were estimated at 6lbs 2oz and I was so worried that was a low estimate so I was thrilled with this. And William at 7lbs 1 oz; yes! One of you cleared 7lbs! I was so proud. Daddy said everything was looking great; I couldn't believe it and was just so grateful. He said that both of your glucose levels were a little low, both at 41, when they like to see 45 or higher. The nurse said they'd be bringing in both of you to try to nurse to hopefully get those levels up without having to supplement. It was crazy how fast everything went, but I finally got to see you all bundled up. While our first tries at breastfeeding didn't appear to be too successful with each of you getting maybe 8 sucks each, it's amazing that that's all you needed as I got the report that your levels had increased to 58 and 61. The body is truly incredible.

Once I had the feeling back in my lower body, they rolled me into the private room where we spent the next 4 days getting to know you. You were so lucky and got to meet Grandma Deedee and Grandpa on the day you were born. The next morning Ma arrived and spoiled you for the next 3 days. You also got to meet your Uncle Jon and Aunt Elizabeth and your Great-Uncle Michael while in the hospital. You probably would've had more visitors, but I decided to keep it to just family.

The afternoon on the day you were born was so calm. Daddy held one of you and I held the other and I realized how perfect it was. I knew in that moment that everything had happened exactly as it was meant to be. Daddy and I are a great team but we needed both of you to complete our family.

We didn't formally announce your arrival by email and on the blog until the next day. I remember thinking throughout my pregnancy about all the email announcements you receive after the birth of a baby that so casually announce, 'mommy and baby are doing fine' and pondered the significance of this phrase. Would I be lucky enough to say the same? Because luckily most of the time deliveries are, in the scheme of things, uneventful, we come to expect that mommy and baby are doing fine, but after what I went through, I really felt the weight of this phrase and what a miracle the whole process was. After reading so many books on twin pregnancy, I was mentally prepared (or as prepared as anyone can be) for you to have to be in the NICU. Daddy and I prayed every night that you would stay in as long as possible and any complications would be minor.  We feel so blessed that everything worked out  as well as it did. You made it to full term (for twins), though were still deemed 'early birds' by hospital standards since you were born at 37 weeks. You certainly didn't look like preemies and we are lucky that you don't really have many signs of being preemie either. We're so proud of you already!

So you'll notice that I am not necessarily concise in my writing, but here is the story of the day you were born in photos, courtesy of Daddy (the background music is the song that was playing in the operating room when you were born):

Week 3

William, George

Dave went back to work last Monday and we certainly missed him, but are so lucky to have my mom with us for the month of May. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that, but having the extra set of hands is so nice right now. It allows me a bit of a break during the day to take a shower, eat, etc, but also gives me time to do things like go grocery shopping and get a much-needed mani-pedi sans babies.

Monday and Tuesday flew by. I was exhausted and napped with the babies in the afternoon and we didn't get out of the house until about 5pm for a walk each day. We hit a stride by Wednesday and I was able to sneak out for my 2-week follow up appt. Thursday we met my dad, who was watching Tenzing and Crusoe, and headed over to the park near my house for a couple of hours. That afternoon I ran errands, got my mani-pedi, etc. Friday was the weigh in at the doctor and I was hoping to walk at Chrissy Field but it was pretty cold out, so we came back home and walked down to the Ferry Building instead. The week went by pretty fast, and especially Wed-Fri, it seemed like the days were packed.

Getting spoiled by Grandma Deedee, held 24/7

It's been a tougher week sleep-wise. My sweet boys who used to sleep in until 8:30 or 9 are now waking up between 6:30 and 7:30 and since I get back to sleep usually between 5 or 5:30am, I'm exhausted at this point. It's odd, they're not really ready to wake up, not too hungry, but just need a little bit and then want to be held. I'm usually on my own at this point until my mom arrives around 9am, but luckily they don't seem to wake up right at the same time. I usually have time to change one and feed for about 10 minutes, then put him down and do the same with the other, sometimes going back and forth another time, before we settle in to sleep another hour or so in bed together. I'm adamant about no kids in the bed, but hopefully it's not habit-forming at this point.

They slept well after the 6pm feeding both Friday and Saturday night, which worked out for Dave and I to be able to eat dinner, but we really struggled in getting them to sleep after the next feeding. It's been a long couple of nights and Priscilla can't get here fast enough tonight.

A very tired mom and George

Despite the long Friday night, we got moving and were out of the house by 12:45 Saturday and headed up to Point Reyes for an oyster lunch. It worked out pretty well, despite several wrong turns and a longer drive up there, we arrived just at feeding time. I nursed George and William got a bottle and everything worked out well. We sat outside and enjoyed our own lunch of crab legs, oysters, fish tacos and fish stew, before heading back home. Again, they did great and we arrived back home just in time for their next feeding. Our goal of the weekend was to do a feeding-on-the-go and while it worked out, I know I was exhausted by the time I got home. Nursing is pretty all-consuming, especially with 2 and even more so when I'm trying to pump additional milk after most feedings so that William can have breast milk when he gets too frustrated to nurse. By the time we finished that feeding, Dave and I were able to settle in to watch Silver Linings Playbook. We had to pause numerous time when we couldn't hear over a crying baby, but eventually finished.

It was another tough night at times so today will be a relaxing day. Dave ordered food from my favorite bakery in the city for breakfast and then I enjoyed a divine 90-minute massage this afternoon. My back has been killing, apparently I have 'nursing back'. Such a relief, although it was recommended that I come in monthly to get my back tended to. We'll see. This afternoon we got our for a walk to the Ferry Building to pick up a baguette and cheese and then finished the evening by popping a bottle of champagne. A great first Mother's Day!

A few more photos from the week:

Time with Dad after work

Nursing buddies - their hands tend to mirror each other when nursing, something each will have their hand behind their head, sometimes it's a fist, other times they'll be stretched out reaching for each other. Not sure they're really aware of the other, but it's funny to watch.

3-week weigh in:
Normally they won't be weighed every week, but as George hadn't gained much weight between week 1 and 2, the doctor wanted them to come back in to get checked at 3 weeks. Well, I'm not sure we got any answers. Clearly they're gaining weight, but again, they're supposed to be gaining 3/4oz to 1oz per day at this stage and my boys are gaining more than twice that...


7lbs 13oz (6lbs 12oz last week)
We've outgrown our preemie clothes!

8lbs 7oz (7lbs 2oz last week)

-32 lbs as of Wed

Oh, and as you may have noticed, we decided to have William's ears 'done' too. His ears were just a bit flattened on the top part, like one of George's ears, and after taking a closer look last week, we decided that it was now or never. Plus, I don't want William asking me as a teenager why we fixed George's ears and not his. Now both of our boys will have perfect little ears :)

Happy Due Date & Happy Mother's Day

It feels like William and George have been with us forever; I can't believe that today was their official due date. I feel so blessed to have them and to be celebrating my first Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

2 Weeks Old

George, William

It's been another great week at home with the boys. We've been so lucky to have amazing weather, so again, Dave and I have tried to get out every day. We went to Sausalito on Monday, Tuesday we made it to Chrissy Field for a walk by the water, Wednesday my mom came over in the evening so Dave and I could go out to dinner (I was reunited with sushi!), Thursday we had a doctors appointment and then headed to Lands End for walk (can't believe I've never been there before) and Friday we had an outing to the Street Food Park for our favorite Filipino burritos from Senor Sisig.

Lands End

 Dave off-roading with the City Select

Chrissy Field walk

Yesterday we had our first restaurant experience with the twins and it couldn't have gone better. This place in Berkeley had been on my list for a while and since we decided we wanted to take a walk in Tilden Park, I figured this would be a good time to check out 900 Grayson. There was no wait, it was very kid-friendly (read: loud) and the food came really fast. Dave had a burger and I had their specialty: chicken and waffles, yum! We then headed up into the hills for a walk on the Inspiration Trail with views of the bay. Yesterday was the end of the nice weather, so I'm glad we really took advantage of it.

We had an exciting Saturday night watching the big boxing fight and ordering take out -- there are so many great apps now in San Francisco that even if a restaurant doesn't deliver, you can basically get anything delivered by various food couriers. My appetite has definitely been a bit off since we've been home -- not sure if it's that I'm not as hungry, or if I'm just distracted enough that I don't realize I'm hungry. I know with breastfeeding I'll need to be consuming about the same amount of calories as I was when pregnant, but I'm finding that really hard to do. And cooking has been almost non-existent. I'm not very motivated, probably because of my lack of appetite as well as lack of energy. Overall I haven't been too tired, but the thought of menu planning, shopping, and then getting everything prepared, all while trying to keep 2 little ones fed at the right time, then pumping after, it's just not happening. Luckily, I prepped a lot of meals while still pregnant so I can dig into the freezer at any time.

Sunday we had a visit from Annie and a fun walk to the park with the cousins. A great weekend but we'll be sad to see Daddy go back to work tomorrow!

Week 2 stats:
weight: 7lb 2oz (7lb 1 oz at birth)
height: 19.5 inches
head: 35cm
right on track!

weight: 6lb 12 oz (6lb 11oz at birth)
height: 20 inches
head: 34cm
While George is right on track, he's only gained 2oz since last week so looks like we'll need to start supplementing to get him to gain a bit more steadily. This is a bit frustrating to me as George is such a good nurser and I feel like he's getting a lot directly from me and is satisfied. William on the other hand, still struggles with nursing so we often have to supplement with pumped milk and then formula. It seems to be working though.

weight: -26 lbs
I have my 2-week check up on Wed.

Update on George's ears: So you're probably wondering why our precious little George looks like he's wearing wrestler's ear muffs. George had a slightly funny ear at birth, nothing super noticeable, but the pediatrician pointed it out when he was 2 days old and said that it would likely straighten itself out. We asked the doctor again on Thursday and she said that if the cartilage was going to change, it would have by week 2, so she suggested we check with the plastic surgeon located next door. The doctor was available for a consultation and after discussing the options, we decided to proceed with these little splints that will reshape George's ears over the next 6 weeks. While his ears weren't deformed by any means (in fact, you can see the more noticeable ear in the 1 week photo and you probably can't even tell), we decided that especially for a boy who's likely to have short hair, the aesthetics of the ears are fairly important. At this stage, it's so easy to reshape the cartilage without surgery and George isn't bothered by the splints at all, so we're hoping it gets the job done without much discomfort. Mom was sad though as he had to get his first haircut to shave back some of his hair so that they could tape covers over his ears. I'm sure he'll thank me later!