Month 2 Favorites

 1. Puj tub - We had been bathing them in this little bowl thing from the hospital basically until a few weeks ago as they had their ear muffs on so we couldn't really fully wash them anyway. We just started using the tub now and it's great. It fits perfectly in our sink and is so much easier than trying to hold a baby up in a little tub. They basically are reclined in it, but it's not slippery at all and it keeps a pool of water around their bottom. They love bathtime now!
2. Mamaroo - I thought I was being a good mom when I only purchased 'self-propelled' seats before they were born. What I didn't realize is until they're capable of propelling them themselves, they're pretty much useless. A few weeks in, I got this from a friend who was done with it and it's been a lifesaver for William. And just in the past few days we've given George a turn and he likes it too. There are multiple settings (car ride, kangaroo, swing, etc) and it's also great as you can change the incline which is good for William after feeding with his reflux issues.
3. Halo Sleepsacks - This was a shower gift and we've used them pretty much every night since we've been home. The Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are great to swaddle them during the day or evening, but overnight these work best. I ordered some thinner ones as William gets overheated in the fleece version, but the fleece really are the best as they can get their arms out of the thinner ones. Now we just dress William in a onesie instead of pjs when we put him in this.
4. Boon grass - We actually got another drying rack as a shower gift, but got this as a hand-me-down from my brother and it's been the best. It doesn't take up too much room and is easy to stick all the bottle and pumping parts in.
5. Leacho Podster - Boppies are so last month (well, they're used in a different way now), but as far as laying them on the couch in the boppies, they quickly grew out of them and were able to slouch down. These are great as they keep them nestled in which is a bit safer but they also look really comfy and they'll fall asleep in them.
6. Sleepsheep - This was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say, it really is soothing to them. It doesn't work all the time, but with some sushing and turning this on, it helps them get to sleep/back to sleep.
7. Breastflow bottle - Leave it to William to need a special bottle, but this was recommended by the lactation consultant to help with his reflux. Dave, who does most of the weekend feedings for William, thinks it really helps him slow down his eating and generally keeps him happier. He's still fussy for me when I feed him, so who knows.
8. Babyganics bottle soap - Great dish soap to wash all the bottle and pump parts. We constantly have a dish tub in one side of the sink and with hot water and this soap, it keeps everything clean between the deeper dishwasher or microwave sanitizing.
9. Nosefrieda - They definitely don't like it, but nothing works better to clean out their noses. I have yet to use this personally; this is strictly a dad job :)

2 Months Old

William, George

2 months old already! This week we had a few adventures, meeting up with our friends at Crossroads which we're gonna be doing every Monday, several visits to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market (and I'm getting better and better at navigating the masses with the massive stroller), including lunch with Ashley and London, and our first time to stroller boot camp. Several days later, my legs were still killing. It's a great work out and who can complain when the weather is nice and you've got a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge? They weren't totally asleep in the stroller, like they usually are, but how stroller boot camp works is you just park your stroller and you can tend to your babies at any time, but the leader will also replace a paci, rock a stroller, etc. Overall, they were pretty good and it was a crazy workout, especially for someone who hasn't worked out, and nothing that intense, in 6 whole months. It was fun to go with another twin mom who hadn't worked out in months either, as there was a lot of partner work so I didn't feel bad when I just couldn't do one more rep. There was actually an ab exercise that neither of us could do. It just wasn't physically possible. I'm not used to not being able to keep up, but it was a good environment for us to do whatever we could. I'll definitely keep it up several days a week.

The highlight of the week/weekend, was a visit from Ma, Aunt Lori and Great Aunt Ronda! Friday morning they came over to see the boys before we all headed down the Embarcadero to catch the ferry to Sausalito. It was a beautiful day to be out on the bay and we had a nice lunch before catching the ferry back. Everyone (well, everyone but mom and William) rested in the afternoon before we headed over for a BBQ with Ma, Lori and Ronda. William was still pretty sad, but Aunt Lori definitely has a special touch with him!

George and Ma

Saturday we just hung out all day while Ma, Lori and Ronda went to Muir Woods and explored the city. William napped for a long time (yay!) and I hit up the Rack which was actually fun as clothes are fitting again. That night Dave's family came over to babysit while Dave and I checked out Hard Water, a new whiskey bar on the Embarcadero that had awesome southern food. It wasn't fun to come home for the 'night shift' without Priscilla there, but when William woke up to eat at 2am, I decided to keep sleeping until George woke up on his own. On the weekends Dave usually takes William and I take George at night, since I nurse at one feeding and George is easier to bottle feed while I pump since he doesn't have reflux. Anyway, George didn't wake up until 4am! That's the longest he's gone, but really because it's the first time we haven't made them eat at the same time at night. We'll see if Priscilla thinks we can start getting William on this schedule (though who knows if this was a one-time thing with George or not).

Ronda and William
Lori and George

Unfortunately a flight change meant that we didn't get to see Ma, Ronda and Lori on Sunday, but the weather had changed and it was practically raining so we ended up hanging around until we headed out for Chinese dumplings at our favorite place. Too bad William was in a bad mood and though he wasn't screaming, we decided to package everything up to go. It was bound to happen at some point and I'm sure it will happen many times in the future, but luckily it was a pretty casual place and at an odd time, so it wasn't a big deal.

EAT: Well, I was really hoping that rounding the 2-month mark, I would be saying that everything is great in this category but unfortunately we're still having trouble. At least one baby is doing well. George, for the most part, eats great. He no longer uses the shield and can latch and re-latch well. The only problem is that he seems to eat well for about 10 minutes before becoming a wiggling worm. From what I found last week when I tested at the hospital, he still needs to be eating about 30 minutes to get 3.5oz which is generally good for a daytime feeding. I was hoping he's just becoming more efficient, but I don't think so quite yet.
William is another story. We went from last week eating for exactly 6 minutes from me before throwing a fit, so that was fine. I determined he got about an ounce from me and then we'd move on to the bottle. Well, the last few days we're eating for about 30 seconds, or not at all. It's driving mom a bit nuts as I now don't think it's the reflux, but I wish I could figure out what the problem is. I spoke to my lactation consultant again and she thinks that it must be reflux if some of the symptoms have gone away since taking the medicine. She also thinks he may be on a slight nursing strike. Geez, he's not making this easy on me.
So the feeding process is still a good hour plus. Trying with William, feeding George, feeding William a bottle while I pump.

SLEEP: Everyone comments about how great they are when we're out and it's true. They almost always sleep in the car or in the stroller or carseat. Which is great for me to get out and feel comfortable that I'll be able to handle them both. They are starting to wake up more, but generally are pretty content when we're out. Nights with Priscilla, there's rarely a problem. Nights with us vary. Generally one goes down fine and the other might have a problem. Lately William has been great whereas George will eat 5+oz (a lot for him) and still not be sleepy. Some feedings George goes down fine. The hardest is during the day when we're home. They'll (if I'm lucky) switch off taking cat naps, but rarely are they both asleep at the same time, or asleep enough that I can get up and do something. I guess pretty soon we'll have to get them on an actual nap schedule as there are some days where one or both of them barely sleep at all. It's great to have them sleep when we're out as I usually don't have to worry about them, but it would be nice to be able to get something done when I'm home too. I'm excited to see that George can go 6 hours straight and hope that we can get them both on a similar schedule in the next few weeks.

Not too much development in this category. We're trying to get George down three times a day for 15-minutes each of tummy time, but if we get through 2 sessions, that's a good day. It's more a lack of time than his inability to do that much tummy time. He really does so great with this and only starts getting upset after about 15 minutes. William will also go on his tummy but doesn't like it too much and will only stay for a few minutes. If he's in a good mood, I can move him to his back on the activity mat and he'll coo away for a while looking around at the different hanging items. They're slowly starting to really look at the toys but I can't wait to see more of a reaction.

To my boys...
Oh William, Prince Wilhelm. There is still nothing sweeter than when you're sleeping. You're so peaceful and looking down at those long dark eyelashes is intoxicating. When you're in a good mood, it's the best too. You love to stick your tongue out and coo and make all kinds of noises and mommy even occasionally gets some smiles. I really wish we could figure out your eating problems though because it causes you to be sad so much of the day. You still can go from seemingly fine to screaming bloody murder within seconds and I'm just not sure why that is. I know being a grump must not be your normal personality so I'm convinced that once we work out this eating stuff, you'll be a happier baby. You still love to be held and love to have all attention on you. Just the other day I was sitting with you and nursing your brother; you were sleeping, or at least napping with just slits of your eyes open on me. When I got up to get my water in the other room, your eyes snapped open and you were immediately unhappy. Even the lactation consultant joked that she doesn't think you've figured out yet that you're not an only child... :)
Basically you're a mini-me of your dad. You already have his build, his temperament, his reaction to music, his cowlick and you're even warm-blooded like him. Pulling you out of your sleepsack in the morning, or out of the stroller, you'll practically be soaked through.

George, my Sweet George, Georgio, Georgie, Jorge. For the most part, you're still the laid back boy we met day one. Don't get me wrong, you can get upset and there are times when both you and your brother double-team me and it's no fun at all, but usually, you're content. I still don't get many smiles, or at least what I deem a smile, more slight mouth movements, but yesterday I was able to catch one on camera.

Your cry still breaks my heart -- your tongue sticks to the roof of your mouth, you have a huge frown and it's this long waaaaaaaah versus your brother's more hyperventilating cry with lots of short cries. Besides crying, you're otherwise very quiet, you don't coo much and the only other time you make noise is when you sleep -- there are random grunts, I think you're waking up, but I've learned to let you be; you're totally asleep.
You've made us so proud with the improvements to your neck. It doesn't even seem like you favor the one side anymore. You're so good on tummy time, though I'm looking forward to when you react more to the toys and sounds we hang around you.
Everyone thinks you're the smaller one, and technically you are, but mostly you just have the slim Geilhufe genes, you're actually just a few ounces smaller than your brother though you two look totally different. It's incredible to see how much you've physically changed or 'filled out' as we say, over these last 2 months. You were certainly squished for the last few months in the womb and daddy may joke that you 'needed a bit more time to cook' but it seems like each day your face changes a little bit. You're pretty much straightened out by this point ;) You barely had any eyelashes when you came out, but now they're long and a bit curly compared to your brother's long, straight and dark ones. You cheeks are getting chubby like your brother's and Dedee loves to see that you're getting some fat on your thighs as well.

2-month stats:
weight:  11lb 15oz (10lbs 1-month ago)
height: 22.5 in (21.5 inches 1-month ago)
head: 39.5cm

weight: 11lb 12oz (9lbs 2oz 1-month ago)
height: 23 in (21.5 inches 1 month ago)
head: 39cm

We're weeding out the last of the newborn clothes and size 0-3 fits pretty well, with just a few of the outfits still a bit too big. I'm learning to always be looking ahead to the next size as some 0-3 are pretty small and we now won't get much use out of them. Poor George usually gets and extra week or 2 in the smaller size even though he's barely smaller as mom tries to get a bit more use out of the clothes. William has been in size 1 diapers for almost a month, but we still had a big box of newborn diapers that I've made George wear and for the most part, he's been fine. Just a few more to get through and we'll be all size 1.

Haven't had access to an adult scale recently, but my pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting a lot better besides the inevitable muffin-top when I sit down. Hopefully bootcamp will help!

Week 8

 Holding hands unprompted! 
William, George

This week was the best week yet. I'm happy to report that I now have 'mom friends' and am building out an impressive social calendar :) It's so much more fun to be able to get out and meet other moms, especially moms of twins, and compare notes but also just socialize. It seems like we're all itching for it, so I'm proud of myself that I've actually taken the initiative. Dave jokes that it's like dating -- having to ask for phone numbers or 'we should meet up sometime?'.

Monday I met up with 2 moms that live in my neighborhood that I had found via the twin moms website. We met at this great cafe that's just down the street from my house that has a gated in garden area so it's popular with moms as their kids can run around. One woman I met with is temporarily living in the Financial District as her husband is doing a 3-month stint in the area (they're from Australia). She has 6-month old boy-girl twins. The other mom lives in Soma and has 9-month old girl twins. We chatted for more than 2 hours and got along really well so decided to make it a regular meet-up every Monday. I got some good advice about my nursing struggle with William and everyone is really reassuring that it takes time and one day it just clicked. Just have to have patience I guess.

Tuesday I went over to the New and Expecting Twin Moms group at DayOne and actually gave one of the moms from Monday a ride over there as she doesn't have a car so was never able to go. Another mom from the group several weeks ago who was going to meet up with me for a walk was there too, so we got to chatting with some of the others after the session and I've inspired 2 others to join me for Stroller Bootcamp in the Marina next week. They have 4- and 6-month old twins so they'll be pushing a bit more weight! There was another girl there with 6-week old boy twins who is doing it all on her own, no night or day help. I'm not sure how she's doing it, but I exchanged info with her too. It's been really nice to have a car as I'm able to get to these groups, but also be flexible in meeting people in different places around the city. I do feel like I'm driving across the city most days as most of the baby-related stuff is over near Laurel Heights, but that's okay. I'm lucky I have access to the car. So Tuesday was a great day, I got some good advice from the other moms and everyone was really enthusiastic about getting out, meeting up, basically anything.

Unfortunately I got some bad news from this group too -- I brought up the fact that I lost all the weight the first 2 weeks and then only a pound since... well these girls, 4, 6 months along, even the facilitator 2 years down the line, all said the same thing happened to them. And those girls still have the weight (although they were excited about the boot camp as no one had attempted to work out yet). I was not happy to hear that. At least I didn't get the split abs that often happens during pregnancy. We'll see if working out helps, but the facilitator (who is stick-thin by the way) revealed her secret -- Not Your Daughters Jeans to suck in the 'twin skin'... I even said out loud, 'I thought those were for my mom.'

Wednesday I was back at the cafe near my house for my first MeetUp of the Stroller Divas. This was pretty good, there were about 15 moms there, but it's people from all over the city and with kids of various ages (not twins), which is good, but it was so broad and I think everyone just looked at me in awe regardless (not to mention my boys slept the whole time). I didn't feel that I could relate as much to these women, but I think I'll give it another try. After another feeding, we went for a walk, hit up the library and Walgreens (which is rather difficult to navigate with the massive stroller). My mom has been coming by on her way home from my brother's each night which has been a great help. I was able to go for a swim, shower and make dinner while she was here that night.

It's funny, I've been so focused on my problems with William's feedings, that I didn't realize that my boys are pretty good sleepers, or specifically, whenever we go out, they mostly sleep. They're great in the stroller, car, in their car seats. Everyone at the twins meeting was juggling 2 fussy babies and mine didn't make a peep the whole time. (But the girl next to me is able to tandem feed her 6-week old boys no problem, with no supplementing so it all balances out). We'll see how long that lasts, but it's nice to know that one area I may have it a bit easier than others. But seriously, I don't know what I'd do if my boys didn't like being out and about. I think this must be positive payback for all the months they kept me homebound.

Thursday Dave stayed home from work in the morning as we had George's appointment with the neurosurgeon. It was a bit scary entering this floor as I imagine most people there have pretty serious problems, but luckily the appointment went really well. The doctor said he can tell as soon as he walks through the door if a baby has a problem with how the skull is growing, but luckily no issues with that for George. He did notice that his ears are a little off because of how he's been favoring the one side, but at this point he did not recommend a helmet (which is how they treat more serious head shape/flat head problems). He expects with physical therapy that George will be just fine, but if it does start to get worse, then by 6 months George would need to wear the helmet, likely for 6 months. Hopefully it doesn't come to that, but if it does, in the scheme of things, health-wise, it's not very serious and purely cosmetic. That afternoon, we enjoyed a walk along the water and watched some of the America's Cup boats train on the bay.

Friday was another packed day (just how I like it, but luckily it was my mom's day to help me), with George's physical therapy appointment at 10am. He did so great! His therapist was impressed with how strong his neck is and how long he can stay on his tummy. He's also great at turning his head to the other side so with all the exercises she showed us how to do, I'm confident he'll keep improving.

George lifting up

With some time to kill, we headed over to the hospital to where my lactation consultant is as they have an area where you can weigh your baby, feed them, then weigh them again, so you can see how much they're getting from nursing. I did this with both before heading across the street to the plastic surgeon for graduation day from their ear muffs! They look great; I hardly recognize them without them on. Although their haircuts looked pretty ridiculous. Dave gave them a trim which made me slightly sad but evened everything out a bit so I think it looks better. Hopefully it grows fast.

William post-haircut

We made it through Friday night okay with George causing a bit of trouble at one feeding and William at the other, but overall not too bad. We lounged around in the morning before heading out for lunch by the water and a walk along the Embarcadero. Besides when we were out, they boys were pretty fussy all day. Dave and I watched 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' dvd that afternoon and have had pretty good luck with the techniques ever since. That night, I surprised Dave with his Father's Day gift -- Priscilla coming on Saturday night so he could get a good night sleep and not have to worry about being up early for work. I had her come a little early so we could go out to dinner (more of a gift for me;). He was thrilled and got a full 10 hours of sleep on Saturday night.

George pre- and post-haircut

Sunday was a packed morning with the boys getting their haircuts by dad while I made breakfast, then they slept. They both slept. At the same time. And kept sleeping. We were heading into 4 1/2 hours since their last feed when they finally woke up. What a dream! I got so much done, most importantly, went through their clothes as they've grown out of most of the newborn stuff and comfortably fit in the 0-3 months. We fed them again, talked to Ma and Grandpa and then headed to Sausalito for the crab sandwich at Fish. It was packed, but Mariela, Zack and Madi were there so that made it even more fun, not to mention the weather was great. One more treat for dad on the way home, picking up an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. Delish!

I really had a great week with everything going on and the boys were so good for the most part, they seem to be chilling out a bit and there were even several evenings where from dinner until Priscilla arrived, they just slept (heavenly!). It still varies a bit day to day, but I'll take it when I can get it!


Week 7

Top George, Bottom William 

We survived the first week without help during the day, but in the end, my mom ended up being with us on Tuesday and Friday so it was a good transition. Monday was actually a good day, it passed quickly but because they were often napping at different times, we didn't go out until about 5 for a walk. The rest of the week was jam-packed with different appointments and really flew by.

Tuesday morning at 8am was George's appointment with the physical therapist to assess his torticollis. It was a bit of a challenge getting everyone out the door and to the appointment on time but luckily my mom met us there so she could help with William while I talked to the physical therapist and worked with George. The good news is that George has a lot more control of his neck than other babies she sees -- some of them scream when she tries to turn their head in the non-favored direction. George is able to turn his head on his own, but at this point, it's usually us prompting him to go in that direction. The physical therapist was confident that he'll progress quickly based on what she saw. She gave us a few exercises to do, but really, it's tummy time, turning the head to the non-favored direction in sets of three throughout the day, but most importantly, correcting it any time I can, which I've been diligent about and he's handled very well. She did notice that because of him favoring the left side, his head is now a bit flat on that side which may be shifting the position of one of his ears. We're seeing another specialist later this week to see how serious that is and if we need to take any specific measures to ensure it corrects itself.

After the appointment, my mom and I stayed out with the boys until what I though was my appointment with the lactation consultant at 11am, but I guess I had written the day down wrong and it was actually the next day. I was so bummed as I had been waited a week and a half for this one woman to get back from vacation -- she was recommended as the best so I was really excited to get things straightened out with William's nursing in a sort of now-or-never approach and also wean George off the shield. Anyway, we returned the next day, but I was on my own, but it was really an outstanding appointment. Beth was great, answered all my questions, got both of them nursing (separately) without the nipple shield and found out that William likely has reflux, thus his frustrations with nursing. Usually he starts out okay, but gets so upset 10-15 minutes in -- chokes, wheezes, arches his back, screams; all apparently signs of reflux. He only occasionally spits up, and often it's more of a 'wet burp' but Beth said that some babies have reflux and don't actually spit up. Another sign I read about online is random outbursts of screaming which he definitely does. He'll be fine and then completely breakdown seconds later. I guess this is when he's feeling the pain. We're trying nursing him at an angle so his head is elevated, a slow-flow bottle and keeping him as upright as possible right after feeding. The pediatrician also prescribed zantac so we'll test that for the next few days and see if there's a difference. While I don't want him to be in pain, I'm almost hoping this is the reason why he's been so upset and that it's not just his temperament.

 William just chillin'

Wednesday was a long day, we were basically out from 10:30-3:30 at the lactation appointment, then I waited around until my 6-week follow-up appointment. We got home, ate again immediately, then relaxed for a little bit before I fed them again before heading to my brother's house for dinner. I was feeling so positive after meeting with the lactation consultant, she had given me a lot of hope, but also reassurance that I was doing everything right. William had even nursed somewhat well a few times after the appointment. The consultant had suggested that I may want to consider nursing once during the night instead of just pumping as apparently prolactin is released between 2 and 6am so that may help boost my supply, which is good, but if I could get up just a little more, I wouldn't have to supplement with formula. So I've started doing that and just nursing with George - not worth the middle-of-the-night frustration with William.

So the other big takeaway from the appointment was that I need to nurse them separately until they're able to properly latch and stay on without the shield. Beth thought this would happen within the week so I'm fine with dealing with the longer feeding times, but am bummed that I didn't do this earlier, especially when my mom was there to help. It's a lot harder to be doing it on my own as they need to eat at different times, yet they may be hungry at the same time and I can't really console one while nursing the other since they still need some much help with nursing at this point. I was able to manage pretty well on Thursday and we made it out by 12:30 to go to the Ferry Building for lunch, then my younger sister was in town for a doctor's appointment so she got to meet them.

Friday was a pretty good day, especially since my mom was back to help me. We were out of the house a little after 9 to meet my sister for a breakfast sandwich at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen and stayed out until their next feeding. Then I got in a swim, fed again, and then got a mani-pedi.

Friday night went great -- they woke up, ate and went back to sleep which was a dream. Saturday we decided to go over to a festival they were having in Golden Gate Park. Slightly ambitious to take the double-stroller, especially since we had to park pretty far away, but there was a short cut that people were taking. It was a bit steep and you had to be careful not to trip over tree roots, but we (including the stroller) made it down :) Unfortunately the nice weather we were having in our neighborhood didn't translate to the other side of the city, which is often the case.

Backstage :)

Saturday night went pretty well too, but not as good as Friday night. The weather wasn't great Sunday so instead of taking a walk, we decided just to go to lunch at Umami Burger

Overall, it was a good week, time flew by, but it was also a bit up and down. I came out of the lactation appointment feeling so positive, but also knowing that it was going to be a tough week implementing the new techniques but I'd just have to get through that. A few days in, I'm trying to keep my patience and George is doing better most of the time, but I still struggle with William. I'm hoping the medicine will turn things around. The other thing that's been frustrating is that even if they seem to nurse okay, I don't think they're getting as much as they're used to getting in the same amount of time as they're not as productive quite yet. That means I need to supplement them after nursing. Combine this with feeding them separately and then pumping after to have breast milk to supplement them and it's quite the process. But I knew it would take at least a few days, so I'm looking forward to next week when hopefully at least George will have it down. We'll have to wait and see if William can be turned around.

George, William

Next week should be a good week if I can get through the feedings. Unfortunately I don't have my mom again until Friday, but we have a packed week with doctors appointments, but on the more fun side, I've have several social outings planned for the week with other moms (mostly ones I haven't met) so we'll see how that goes! It definitely helps me to have something to get out for each day so I'm looking forward to meeting a few other moms.

Newborn Photo Shoot

While pregnant, I went back and forth trying to decide if I should invest in newborn photos. They're pricy and on the one hand while I wanted to capture the babies at their littlest, I also thought it might be better to wait until they had a bit more personality and were smiling. I poured over different photographers' websites and while I think all the Ann Gedes-style newborn photos are cute for some babies, I knew that was not the style I wanted for mine. No baskets or buckets, no peas-in-a-pod theme or hanging from a tree. I wanted simple, classic photos that focused more on the babies proportions (their hand in ours, etc). That was surprisingly hard to find, but finally I narrowed it down, showed Dave a few and decided to go with Kari Odell Photography.

I loved the photos on Kari's site, but was still a little worried that it would be worth the money. We did the photo shoot 8 days after the boys were born. It was pretty intense as they needed to be out of diapers the whole time and the session ended up being 3 hours long. We cranked up the heat in the apartment to keep the little guys warm and luckily they did great, although inevitably there was lots of pee and poop. Kari was awesome. She's a mom and really has a touch with little ones. She knew exactly how to calm them down, get them to fall asleep and then find the perfect angle. She was so patient, incorporated our ideas but also gave good direction for her own ideas and was overall a pleasure to work with.

We're thrilled with how the photos turned out and are so happy we decided to do the photo shoot. 6 weeks later, it's crazy to see how much they've changed already. Here are a few of our favorites.

 William, George

Nothing more peaceful than a sleeping William!

William, George

Top William, Bottom George

Top George, Bottom William

William, George


Authentic 49er Helmets, too bad the boys weren't having it

Post-Pregnancy Update

The weekly updates were the heart of this blog for months, so I figured I'd do one more update, this one focusing on me post-pregnancy now that I just went to my 6-week post-partum check-up.

How far along? I delivered the boys at 36 weeks and 6 days, about 12 hours shy of 37 weeks so I basically made it to full term for twins

Total weight loss: I gained around 48 lbs. I lost 32 lbs (about 14 of that babies) in 2 weeks and was amazed at what the body is capable of. I was pretty frustrated to return to the doctor 4 weeks later and see that I have lost one pound since, that's right, one. single. pound. How can that be? I hadn't worked out in months and although I just got the all-clear to resume full activity, I figured even my 2-3 miles daily walks and breastfeeding would melt away some of those remaining pounds. I'm not complaining, I know it takes many women months, if ever, to get off the baby weight, but with my metabolism and getting back to some activity, I really expected more than a single pound, especially considering the rapid weight loss in the first 2 weeks. I asked my doctor about it and she said that's very common with twins to lose a bunch in the beginning since there is so much extra weight, but normal or not, I'm not exactly thrilled. I am looking forward to getting back to some normal activity though. I swam several times this week and may join a stroller boot camp.  Regardless of the lack of serious weight loss, it's pretty incredible what the body is capable of and I'm just glad mine was able to carry these babies as long as it did. 

Maternity clothes: I just about fit in my old clothes (meaning I can put my pants on and actually button them, but they're definitely tighter than I would wear and create a muffin top, so for the most part, I'm avoiding anything too tight). I still love my maternity t-shirts, but have bagged up the rest of my maternity clothes.
Stretch Marks: I didn't think I got any, but I have several dots a few inches from my belly button that I'm still waiting to see if they're stretch marks. Overall, not too bad though.

Best moment the week: I think the appointment with the lactation consultant was a highlight. It gave me a lot of hope and I'm just looking forward to getting through the next week when hopefully the new techniques will have been established and I can go back to tandem feeding.

Feeling: Physically I feel great and emotionally I'm doing well too. I didn't notice any baby blues or any roller coaster of emotions, except for maybe one day in the hospital when William wouldn't stop crying. Now it must be noted, my time on my own with them has been pretty limited, though I did have 3 days on my own this week.
I also feel like I was realistic about how these first few months would be -- everything revolves around nursing and it can really wear on mom. I've been dedicated to breastfeeding, even though I still need to supplement, but that's been my choice and for the most part, it's been fine. While I still struggle with William nursing sometimes, I'm confident we'll get him on track after a recent appointment with a lactation consultant.
I think I was also prepared for the fact that these first few months are all about tending to the babies' basic needs with little response from them. It's extremely repetitive, but it's basically what I was expecting. However, I'm really looking forward to the day when they smile (hopefully any day now!) and react more and think I'll enjoy motherhood that much more when that happens.  

Sleep:  I really can't complain. First of all, Sunday through Thursday we have help at night so that makes a big difference. I feed them around 9:30pm, then pump, and am usually in bed around 10:45. Then they usually wake up around 1:30 and 4:30am and I mostly pump at night and they're bottle-fed, although I'm now adding in one breast-feeding at night.  William usually wakes shortly after 6, but usually will go back to sleep until after 7 and George sleeps to past then. Friday and Saturday nights are a bit more difficult since Dave and I have to do it all on our own, but we have the feeding part down to 30 minutes, it just depends if they go right back to sleep, which I would say they do about 2/3 of the time. I never was a big napper, and surprisingly I still don't need to, maybe napping once per week when they're sleeping. My body has adjusted to waking up so often during the night though, and I generally fall right back asleep.

Food cravings: I've really been making an effort to eat more regularly and I find if I eat breakfast early enough (aiming for 10/10:30), then I can stay on track during the day and actually eat lunch and dinner.  I still love cooking and after a few weeks of lacking the energy to menu-plan, shop and cook, I've started to get back into it, albeit very simple meals. As far as cravings go, nothing really.  I think I'm still eating more sweets than I used to, but I justify it by knowing I need all the calories I can get while nursing.

Symptoms:  The back pain I had especially at the end of pregnancy  transitioned into constant back pain due to breastfeeding two at the same time. You have to sit upright and no matter how straight you try to sit up, I think you still end up hunching over a bit and I can't seem to stretch out my back enough. Luckily this only lasted the first few weeks.  I do notice that I get so thirsty when I breastfeed and always have my water bottle next to me. I'm drinking as much as I did during pregnancy, which is a lot, but am peeing about 1/10 as often. I recovered really well from the c-section and while I haven't started working out that area yet, I don't have any soreness or discomfort at the incision site.

Belly button: Back in

Rings on or off?: While my hands didn't appear swollen, it still took a few weeks to comfortably wear my rings.

Miss anything?:
I'm such a productive person that it's been hard to adjust to having a max of 2 minutes to do anything. It's so rare that they're both peacefully sleeping at the same time (they are on a schedule, but that doesn't mean they actually sleep between every feeding during the day). It's actually pretty funny how long it takes to do anything. I had a cantaloupe I needed to cut up and it literally took me a week and a half to get to it, and even when I started cutting it up, I think it took over an hour to actually get it done as I kept getting interrupted by fussy babies. And that was with my mom here helping. Same thing with watching a show or movie, we need to pause every few minutes once someone starts crying so it can take twice as long to watch anything.

Looking forward to: We don't have too many plans on the horizon, but we've still managed plenty of adventures to keep me happy. We're really looking forward to the boys meeting everyone - their Aunt Lori and great-aunt Ronda when they visit with Ma at the end of June, and a mini-family reunion of the Geilhufes in mid-July out in Clovis. They'll get to meet their cousins and aunt and uncle from LA, as well as hang out with the rest of my family.

Week 6

George, William

6 weeks old already and I'm starting to notice some changes in the boys. Dave read that crying peaks at 6 weeks so I'm a little nervous to head into the coming week mostly on my own, but we'll see what happens. Around Wednesday, George started finding his voice more and just started being more fussy than his normally content self. Luckily he's still sweet George and the crying never gets too bad, but he just seems to need more attention. He's great in a wrap or bjorn though, so that's helpful. William had some really good days of nursing this week, but still many frustrating feedings of mostly crying. Otherwise though, he seems to have mellowed slightly, now enjoying being on the mat or even laying in the crib looking around. Whereas George has shifted to needing more attention, William has possibly become slightly more independent and can be happy on his own for at least a little bit.


It was a short week with the holiday on Monday so it went by pretty fast. On Tuesday, I took the boys over to the New Moms of Twins group. Unfortunately there was only one other mom there besides the facilitator but we still had a good discussion. Her twins (also boys) are 4 months old and she's able to exclusively breast-feed (via pumping and bottle feeding) and it sounds like her boys were eating about as much as mine do at this stage so that gives me hope. The main question I had for the group was how to meet other moms. Especially since last week was the last full week with my mom, I'm ready to meet more people whether it's for a walk, at a coffee shop, etc. The mom's groups seem to be a good start, and the other mom and I exchanged numbers so we can meet for a walk in Golden Gate Park this week, but other than that, I've posted to start a playgroup (not that there will be much playing at this point) on the Parents of Multiples Jan-Jun 2013 birthgroup and I even posted to my apartment building's site looking for people who may want to meet up. No responses yet. I know I'll get antsy being on my own at home, even if I get out on my own for walks and stuff, but the facilitator thought that maybe other moms with twins or babies 6 weeks old might still be getting settled in and aren't quite ready to meet up. Understandable I guess,  but just getting out for a walk with someone else would be fun, so hopefully something will pan out.

Walking by South Beach Marina

On Wednesday, I was so excited as my friend Jenn had come down from Portland with her family to meet the boys. I hadn't seen her since my shower and while we've been good about keeping up on the phone, the last few weeks have been challenging so it was fun to see her in person, plus get to see her boys who have grown so much since I saw them in November. She got to hold George a bit before we decided to go have lunch at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. It was a really fun afternoon, never long enough, but I'm so grateful she made the trip all the way from Portland.

Thursday we didn't have any plans so my mom and I brainstormed and then decided just to walk down to the Ferry Building Farmer's market. It was such a nice day (I even got a bit sunburned :(), so we picked up some Tacolicious and sat by the water. We took our time walking back really enjoying the weather. That evening my dad stopped by to see the boys after spending the day with Tenzing and Crusoe.

Friday we had a doctors appointment in the afternoon to get the boys' ear muffs changed out. George's cupped ear looks great! It already looks perfect to me, but they both have 2 more weeks with the little splints on and then they'll be done. I ran some errands on my own that afternoon, even got to Nordstrom Rack (for the first time in about 6 months!). Didn't find anything, but it was still nice to shop a bit. That night I made one of the Pioneer Woman's recipe's for pulled pork. I think I'll be doing more of this type of thing -- very little prep and just throw in the oven (although it did have to cook for 6 hours). So tasty though a bit spicy for Dave. We were even able to sit down at the table in peace and enjoy dinner as the boys slept.

Friday and Saturday nights were okay. The feedings themselves went well and we decided to split up, Dave taking one baby and me taking the other and Friday night we even split bedrooms. It seemed to work, but I don't want the boys to get used to coming into the bed. We also are trying to avoid giving the paci when they go to sleep because inevitably it's going to fall out of their mouth and wake them up, then we have to get up to replace and then the whole thing repeats itself. Last night was better and a bit of rocking seemed to get them to sleep (in their crib).

Saturday we went for a walk/hike in the Presido. It was so beautiful and really makes me so grateful to live in a place where all of these options are so close by.

It was a beautiful day and we walked for about 4 miles. Then we picked up a sandwich at a place I've been wanted to try, Lou's Deli (supposedly better than Ike's). It was pretty good! That evening Dave went to watch a boxing match with a friend and I hung with the boys. They were really good -- or at least one wouldn't start fussing until I had calmed the other down. I managed several feedings and got them in bed, though only one was asleep by the time Dave got home. Still, I got to watch a recorded Bachelorette episode and The Notebook with minimal pausing so overall, a success.

Sunday was pretty relaxing, we just went for lunch over at Chocolate Lab, food was good, but would probably just go back for the dessert. Now onto another week and the first where I'll test my skills (and patience!) in handling these two on my own. Wish me luck!