3 Months Old

It's crazy to look back at the 2-month photo; William and George look completely different to me. I guess first of all their hair (or William's specifically) is coming back strong, but I think their faces continue to change and they've each put on about 2 pounds since last month. Their personalities have changed and our daily routines have somewhat fallen into place too.

I've been testing out several nannies to give myself a bit of a break a couple days a week and not rely on my mom to make her already long days with kids even longer by stopping by. Last week, Dave and I went out for dinner and had so much fun for our date night. We went to Farallon on a Travelzoo deal and shared a seafood platter, each got fish and then a chocolate dessert, all of which was amazing, for some insane price like $70.

Friday my mom was with us, so I got to go to my bootcamp sans babies -- it's even harder when you actually do all the reps since you don't have babies to distract you. Then we went out to George's physical therapy appointment in the afternoon and she was so impressed. Basically the only thing she suggested we work on is stretching out the right side of his neck, working more on the tilt, as he has the head turning down. She also went down a checklist of developmental milestones and he ticked every box except rolling over, which I guess is a 2-5 month range. We're so lucky that the torticollis seems to already be resolving itself.

Saturday I got to spend much of the day at a bridal shower down near Santa Cruz, which was a lot of fun, and since Ashley and I got to drive together, it was a great time to catch up. Sunday we had friends over at the pool and that night Dave and I even got to start up a new season of the Wire. We used to have shows we'd watch together, but it's been months since we've been able to sit down and relax together at night (key word relax). The babies don't always love their new 7:30pm bedtime, but they're doing a lot better with it.

EAT: Another month in and we still don't have it figured out... We've taken William off of any reflux medication as it didn't make a difference and really I don't think he has reflux. It's consistently hit-or-miss with him; some days he'll eat well (meaning eat a good amount and not be fussy) for every feeding. Other days every feeding is a nightmare, or still other days one feeding is fine and the next is not. It's still incredibly frustrating, but the most recent lactation consultant who came over thinks it's his disposition. She asked if he had a tube down his throat at birth because he seems to have negative memories that are affecting breastfeeding. Now, most times I just lay him down and turn him toward the breast, he starts screaming. I've had some success with the 'sneak attack' -- feeding him immediately when he wakes up and is still sleepy. Really it's looking like breastfeeding just isn't going to happen with him, which I'm okay with. I certainly feel like I've tried everything. I still haven't given up completely and will continue to offer the breast, but I'm not going to battle him anymore.

George has gone from eating for 30 minutes to all of a sudden eating less than 10. I was really worried as he doesn't seem satiated and is a bit fussy, yet won't go back on. Luckily when we did a weigh-in with the lactation consultant, I saw that he was getting 2.2oz in just a few minutes of nursing. The lady suggested I feed him more frequently, which since it's only a couple minutes, shouldn't be too big of a deal. I still wish he'd just eat for 10-15 minutes to get a full 4+ oz, but this could just be a phase. Regardless, both of them have gained approximately 2 lbs in a month, so that's great.

SLEEP: They're doing so well! Still not quite sleeping 'though the night', though there have been plenty of 5+-hour stretches so I'm happy with that. Bedtime is now 7:30pm (though that doesn't mean they're actually asleep at that time), we feed them at 10pm, then they've been going until about 3:30am. If Priscilla is here, she'll top them off around 5:15 just so that we can get a bit more sleep, if it's just us on the weekends, then they'll wake around 7 to eat again.  We'll continue to work on the 3:30am feeding, pushing it off by half an hour each week and hopefully by 4 months, I'll have them sleeping a much longer stretch.

The best change of the month is that we're now on a stricter schedule and are actually taking naps at certain times. Usually one nap is in the stroller when I'm doing my workout in the morning (hopefully!), then they sleep about 1:30-4pm in their crib and then again from 5-6pm in their crib. It's taken a few weeks to get them sleeping really well, but it's been the best thing for me to have them both sleeping at the same time for a set amount of time -- not a few minutes in the lounger or the mamaroo, inevitably each of them sleeping at different times. It's so nice for me to have some free time to take a shower, take care of stuff around the house, make phone calls, etc.

Lots of changes here! Both of them now look in the direction of toys and are even starting to bat at the hanging toys on the activity mat (though I still can't tell how much is intentional). William still prefers to be entertained, whereas George can be left on his own on the mat and seemingly has a blast. We're starting to read stories, though usually they're not even looking at the book :) Unfortunately they do like looking at the TV. In the mornings I'll sit on the floor and play with them while pumping, and as they've just eaten, I have them propped up on their boppies. I usually have a morning show on and both of them crane their necks to turn and watch the TV. There have been a few times when I've had other shows on and have had to say, 'William, stop watching Real Housewives!' Needless to say, I've cut back on my trash TV, at least during their waking hours.

To my boys...
Prince W... You've surprised us all with your good sleeping this last month. I can put you down in your crib and you're asleep within minutes (unlike your brother). You may keep the paci in, othertimes you let it fall, but for the most part, you don't get upset when it falls out. Your good sleeping habits have been such a shock to me since you always wake up so early, even though you've eaten just an hour before. A schedule also seems to be great for you. Clearly you need your sleep and many times it won't even be nap time quite yet and I'll see you're tired so I'll put you down and you'll sleep like a champ. You don't make it as long during the night; you're always waking up before George, but usually the paci will suffice and give us all another hour of sleep before you absolutely. must. eat.

Eating. Geez, another month in and this is still such a challenge. Nobody can figure you out though we must have come up with nearly 100 different theories of what the problem could be. The latest is to swaddle you while you're eating. Like everything, this works about half of the time. Your temperament is still a bit hit or miss too. You're lovely first thing in the morning (even if I'm not ready to be awake/happy), so smiley and happy and all you want to do is play. Then unfortunately we have to feed you and that usually ends the fun. The '4th trimester' is now over so hopefully you start to mellow out a bit more.

You're so strong and love to stand up. You used to do better playing on your own but now you're fussy much of the time, unless someone holds you while you're playing. You do seem to like sitting in the bumbo, but your tendency to spit up means I don't put you in it too often. You also do not like getting in the car seat (neither does your brother), which usually leads to a screamfest, but luckily the hair dryer from the white noise app on my phone usually calms you down. You like to look around and while it's hilarious to watch you and your brother laying on the ground as I walk away, both of your little heads swiveling to follow me, you seem to be more interested in things versus people. In the morning, you love to look around the room, up at the flags on the wall, the mirror, or the mobile. You're still very loud, whether it's squawks, screams or happy cooing and babbling, and still unfortunately quite a bit of crying. Dedee thinks that once you're able to move around a bit more, you'll mellow out. I can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

The original Prince George... Wow, you've changed so much in the past month. First of all, I can't wait until we find out how long you are, you're stretching almost the width of the crib. Little footless outfits that fit William are practically knee-length on you. And for the first time, you're now heavier than you're brother (by just one ounce). Your face has continued to develop and your hair is slowly growing back (though it's much lighter than your brother's so sometimes you can't tell how much is really there). Your smiles were few and far between in the beginning and we saw a lot more from William, but now there's plenty of them, almost always in response to something or more particularly, someone. You're so focused and love looking at people. I feel like you could stare at me all day and be happy. I love the responses I get, and while you often seem very serious, you're smiling so much more now. You're 'talking' more too, or at least making more noises and gurgles. You've become so active too -- when we put you on your mat, you'll kick your legs around for as long as we'll let you. You're great on your tummy and your neck has come so far; you really impressed the physical therapist last month. Surprisingly, you now have great posture and some of your poses leave me crying I'm laughing so hard.

You are not a fan of our new nap schedule or going to bed at 7:30. You're getting better, but I originally thought you were the 'good sleeper' as you'd sleep in later in the morning, and you still do, but you don't like going down. In fact, as I write this, we're going on 2 hours of supposed nap time but you're still not asleep (luckily William is!).

2-month stats:
weight:  13lb 12oz (11 lbs 15oz 1-month ago)

weight: 13lb 12oz (11 lbs 12oz 1-month ago)

Most 0-3 clothes fit pretty well, although there are a few smaller outfits I should have taken out earlier and they won't get much use. It's amazing, I started pulling out the 3-6 month clothes and they look pretty big, but tried one on George last night and while it's still a little baggy now, it will probably fit well in just a few weeks.

I've been working out on average 4-5 times a week. Nothing too intense as most of the workout involve bringing George and William which usually means taking lots of breaks. But I'm feeling good and my old clothes are fitting better and better. I did have the trainer at my bootcamp tell me she thinks I have split abs from pregnancy (diastasis recti), but I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to find out for sure. If I do have it, it doesn't seem to be bad as I think most people who have it know it.
UPDATE: I got my abs checked and luckily I do not have diastastis recti, which the doctor said basically looks like a baguette down your stomach... yikes! And I finally am losing a bit more weight, now down 40 lbs -- 8 more to go.

Fit for a Prince

I was so excited when I learned that Kate Middleton had had a boy, especially when there was so much speculation that it was a girl based on a supposed slip-up by Kate months ago. But when I heard George was a likely name, I wasn't thrilled. Just what I need, the 'old man' name of George to become trendy. Just yesterday the odds on George dropped to 5:1 whereas James was 2:1 so I was holding out hope. I have been checking my phone constantly, even in the middle of the night when I woke up with the babies, and then a text from Ashley this morning confirmed my fears -- only worse! George Alexander Louis. Are you kidding me??

Ironically, for the last month or so, we've been calling William 'Prince' or 'Prince W' as he definitely has certain preferences and does best when he has a 'staff' (my mom, Dave, a nanny, etc, just to focus on him). Oh well, looks like we have two princes on our hands now -- Prince William and Prince George. People always comment the names sound like British royalty and now it's a bit over-the-top. Now I'll just have to remind them that our boys arrived 3 long months before George, Prince of Cambridge, and that we most certainly weren't one of those couples that's been holding off naming their baby for like two weeks anxiously awaiting the arrival of the royal baby.  I really shouldn't complain, there's worse company to be in than the future king. Plus I absolutely love Kate so I'll just take it as 'great minds think alike.'

As Dave said, George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge, meet the original George Louis.

(And apologies in advance to our George who will likely be known as George M. in grade school thanks to the name taking off in popularity).

Week 12

William, George

Well, we're almost to 3 months now. I'm a bit late on the post but after the tough long weekend away, luckily the boys gave me a break Monday-Wednesday of last week and were really good. We stuck to our routine and met our friends at the park on Monday, headed to stroller bootcamp, this time in South Beach, on Tuesday, as well as hit the twin moms group in the afternoon and Wednesday we went to the other bootcamp over in Chrissy Field. The time of the Chrissy Field one (10:30) is more doable, but obviously involves driving across the city. It was also fun to meet up with other moms in my neighborhood at the South Beach one, and I met a girl who lives in my building. I found out there's a pretty active moms group in the neighborhood, so joined their facebook group and hope to join one of their wine-in-the-park Fridays sometime soon :)

William was better at my postnatal pilates class on Thursday, although he must have conspired with George who needed attention this time. By the afternoon, both were pretty upset for some reason and my mom couldn't get there fast enough to help. Friday was a day of cooking in preparation for our family reunion at my little sister's house in Clovis. My mom and I switched watching the babies and cooking. It was a long day, I was still getting stuff ready at 10pm that night, but Dave and I decided to let the babies sleep through their 10pm feeding and they didn't wake up to eat until 4am!  (They had last eaten at 6:30pm!) In talking to Priscilla is sounds like we don't want them to miss that 10pm feeding as the goal is to get rid of any middle-of-the-night feedings instead, but it worked for us this time.

William has been on a new medication for his supposed reflux and we really haven't noticed any difference. In general, there are good days and bad days with him, which is probably typical of babies in general. We headed out to Clovis first thing Saturday morning and luckily they were both really good in the car, slept most of the 3-hour drive and we didn't have to stop to feed them. William does get overstimulated with so many people around though and got pretty upset on several different occasions. Dave had to spend a good 45 minutes getting him swaddled and calming him down, but he then was able to settle down and take a nap. William is turning into a really good sleeper actually.

George was his typical self, happy enough to be passed around and help by different people. Not much expression one way or the other, though he'll always hold your gaze. I was a bit worried about George's eating as he was now just eating 10 minutes or so versus the 30 minutes of solid nursing previously. Luckily he's definitely gotten better over the past few days.

Overall, the family reunion was a lot of fun. Although it's hard traveling with 2 babies and having to feed them every couple of hours, I felt like we still got to have a really nice time catching up with everyone.

George and William with my sister's boys, Brady, Justin and Kyle. Love the eye contact between George and Brady :)

And the highlight of my week was taking them swimming for the first time! True to their personalities, William screamed and George made little expression, even when we dipped up to his chest in the water.

George (left), "What's his problem?"

We had a couple other firsts this week, at least for William:

I caught him sucking his thumb (he just discovered his hands about a week ago). He actually hasn't done this since.

He has such strong legs and he loves to stand, so we let him stand against the wall -- Dave was just out of the shot.

The last 2 weeks I've also been working on them taking naps in the crib and while last week was a bit dicey, we're definitely making progress. William, who inevitably wakes up at 6:15am or so (but will usually go back to sleep), falls asleep great and does really well with the naps. George, who I'm usually waking up around 9am, is not a fan of taking a nap in the crib, or the new 7:30pm bedtime. He's getting better, but we've also given in to letting them have pacis when napping or going to sleep at 7:30pm. When going to bed at 10pm like we were doing until just recently, they didn't need the paci at all and they never got it after a middle-of-the-night feeding. It's been a bit of a pain to be on 'paci-duty' during these periods, but hopefully by next week I'll start working on putting them down without the pacis.

Week 11

George top, William bottom

It was a short week work-wise for Dave, but I think it felt like a long week for both of us. Taking care of these two is much more tiring than his job I'm sure, and four days straight of babies can take its toll. We kicked off the long weekend celebrating our 5th anniversary with a 19-course dinner at Saison. Even the edible flower course was amazing!

I'm glad we kept it pretty low-key on 4th of July. I ran some errands while Dave watched the boys, then we headed up to the pool to BBQ that evening. With a view of the bay from our place, we were actually able to see some fireworks without even leaving the couch.

Friday morning, we woke up, fed them and then drove up to Healdsburg for our first overnight with William and George. Packing, even for just 2 nights, was quite the project. I think we did pretty good, and were able to make it down to the car in just one trip, including the babies. I would say the weekend was a success, though I wouldn't necessarily call it fun. There were fun moments, but it's a ton of work. It didn't help that William was pretty fussy and George even had his moments.

Mom and George

We arrived around lunchtime on Friday and decided to feed them in the car. George wouldn't eat much from me and William was getting upset so we weren't sure we'd even be able to get lunch before heading to our cabin. Luckily we were able to calm them down and got a quick burger at Bear Republic Brewery. I've learned to eat very fast and was able to dash out of there when William started screaming, leaving Dave to finish up and pay the bill. We then went to our cabin, got situated there and fed them again before heading back into town to walk around and pick up something for dinner. The boys were pretty good, but really, they need to be moving. Sometimes rocking the stroller back and forth when we're in a restaurant is enough, other times, it's not.

The nights were actually pretty good. We ended up not using the travel crib as the bedroom we were in wasn't large enough to have the crib in it and with them not used to the crib, we knew we'd have to keep getting up. At least they sleep pretty good at night.

Saturday morning after feeding them, we headed into town to get some breakfast, and once again, were able to finish just before William started screaming. Another trip back to the cabin to feed them again, and then we drove out to Guerneville and walked around Armstrong State Park. It was really pretty and fairly cool with the shade from all the Redwoods.

We checked out the town and picked up some food from a taco truck before heading back home for the night. We had some fussy babies again and Dave and I were pretty exhausted by this point, but luckily the night was uneventful. When the babies woke up to eat at 7am, we decided to feed them and then just get on the road to avoid any traffic from the holiday weekend. We made it back fast and luckily Dedee came to relieve us that afternoon. Both of us were grateful for the break and ready to run out the door as soon as she walked in.

Happy William

It was so beautiful up in Healdsburg and our cabin overlooked a vineyard so it was the perfect setting for a relaxing break. Two babies along for the ride definitely complicates things and much of the getaway felt like work, but at least it was a change of scenery for us. Hopefully for them too -- they need to get used to going on trips :)

View from our rental

As you can probably tell from above, William is still hit or miss. Some days he's fine, as far as feedings and temperament during the day, but others he's just upset for what feels like the whole day. On Friday, after briefing the pediatrician again on his progress with the Zantac (which is slight if at all), she prescribed a new medicine that we've been using for a few days with no noticeable improvement. But again, so much varies on the day. This weekend was tough, but he was good today. I'm starting to track everything now, as far as when he's eating, sleeping and when he's getting really upset, to hopefully note some trend to help us find answers.

Other highlights from the week:

William took a long nap on the boppy -- I put him down for tummy time and 4 minutes later he was out... for 2.5 hours...

They took their first 'crib nap'. We're attempting a lot more of those this week as I work to get them on a schedule. After the tough long weekend, they must have sensed I needed a break and were cooperative for their crib nap today, which turned into a 3 hour nap, yay!! We also attempted putting them to bed in their crib at 8pm tonight (usually they just hang with us on the couch until Priscilla arrives at 10pm, usually dozing in their loungers). I was adamant about not giving them their pacis to go to sleep as the second it falls out, they are crying, but this proved to be difficult. We gave in and it was a lot of going back into the room to put it back in, but after an hour, it sounds like they're actually asleep. So much of it is about building a routine so hopefully by next week I'll have a positive update.

Week 10

George, William

After getting in a good routine the past few weeks, last week felt like going backwards and was definitely a tough week. It was just a weird week in general, with rain on Monday and Tuesday. Monday, we headed to the doctor -- results of that visit listed in the 2-Month post. My mom was visiting family in Chicago all week so I didn't have her help, but luckily my dad was able to help me take them to the doctor on Monday. They had to get shots so after eating around 5:30, they slept all the way until Priscilla arrived at 10pm. My dad stayed for a belated Father's Day dinner and I think he got a false sense of calm that evening, but we'll take it!

Tuesday we headed to the twin moms group and I've started to notice that William and George don't sleep like they used to when we go out. Well, correction: William doesn't sleep like he used to. But this still worked out okay as I was able to take turns holding them and they were both content.

Monday and Tuesday were both pretty good days. Wednesday morning, we headed to stroller bootcamp and William would not relax. Although he wasn't completely screaming, it was hard to do more than a few reps without having to go over to tend to him. Dave had an event that night and with my mom out of town, I hired a nanny to come help. Really just for Wednesday and Thursday afternoons but sort of a working interview to see if I wanted to have her come more regularly. She arrived at 5:30pm and stayed until 9 and while they weren't super fussy, it was still really nice to have a break. I got to go for a swim, take a shower and then take care of some other stuff I needed to do. It was perfect, they fell asleep right at 9pm until Priscilla arrived.

Thursday started getting tough. I headed to a postnatal pilates class in my neighborhood where you can bring your baby (or babies) and good George fell asleep right away and even slept for another hour after the class. William was fussy and the teacher had to hold him the whole time while I did the class. It worked out okay and I think they're somewhat used to that, but I'm nervous about going back if he's going to be like that every week. We got home and I fed them, and then William cried and cried and cried. I tried everything but he just kept screaming. I finally took them out for a walk, with William still screaming, and I was barely a half-block away when I heard the fire alarm go off. Such a blessing that we were already out -- I never take a walk at 3pm, it was just because William was so upset, but going down 8 flights of stairs with 12-lb babies in carriers does not sound fun. Not to mention it was our neighbor literally outside our door (just a few feet from our door) that now has to live somewhere else temporarily due to flooding caused by a contractor hitting a sprinkler... Couldn't imagine if the flooding was in our place. Anyway, the walk only sort of helped so by the time the nanny arrived around 4:45 that afternoon, I was done. And then both George and William fell asleep at 5pm and I paid the nanny to sit in the rocking chair and watch them sleep in their crib. So annoying...

On Friday, we attempted stroller bootcamp again and it didn't go well. Another mom tried to help me as William was so upset. Nothing seemed to help and I didn't get much of a workout in. After a long day Friday, I was ready for a break by the time Dave got home. William seems to be on his best behavior when Dad is around anyway.

The weekend was much better. We went to the Ferry Building farmers market on Saturday for lunch, and William was a bit crabby, but not too bad.

Baby toes and the Bay Bridge

Sunday was a blast. A bunch of us went to Picnic at the Presido. The weather was amazing and it was so nice to get out with the boys but catch up with a lot of friends too.

Finally got a family pic!

Dave and I were successful on Friday and Saturday nights too. We now split up and each take a baby and a bedroom. George tends to sleep longer, plus he nurses, so I take him. He can go 5-6 ours straight, whereas during the week, he's woken up whenever William wakes up. It's probably not great to switch up the schedule, but I'll take the extra sleep a few nights a week.

Overall, there were some trying days last week, but I'm hoping it was random and not a trend of how William is going to be. I've loved getting out with them and has really made things a lot more fun, but if I'm not able to do that anymore, that's a big problem. Today was a great day with them, and William even nursed for 15 minutes! So let's hope we're turning a corner in the right direction...

At least we're starting to get some legit smiles!
 William, George