5 Months Old

George, William
Wow, 5 months old. Each month I'm always surprised that another month has already passed, but I think hitting 5 months is the first real 'Wow, this is going fast'.  They've now grown so fast, it's sad that I can't even remember them being newborn-size. I know everyone always says, 'enjoy it, it goes by so fast', but this month it's really hit me. I was in a way relieved when we got through the first few months. It was survival, but it's sad to think they'll never be that small again. They used to look ridiculous in actual outfits as opposed to pajamas as they were so little, now they're filing out pants and shirts quite nicely. But with growth comes so much fun and this is definitely the most fun yet.

EAT: After all the feeding struggles with William, I'm now in awe at each feeding how easy it is to give William a bottle. Sure, there's the occasional fuss, but usually that's his way of telling us he's done, and he certainly knows when he's finished. Not only does feeding time now take 15-20 minutes total, but I would say sometimes maybe even less than 10, William is now a completely different baby. I have been giving him probiotics at the direction of the GI, and I'm still not convinced that that made the difference, but he eventually just chilled out. It's made my life sooo much easier. I can get George on, William is fussy then waiting for the bottle, but for the most part, he'll eat what he wants, then fuss a little and I'll break to burp both of them, and then try to feed him the rest of the bottle. I'm still keeping track of how much he's eating and he's not a morning eater, but steadily picks up throughout the day and always ends up around the same. George is still doing great, I feel like he's been eating more, I've now offered each side at each feeding which is a change from the first few months, but I continue to be able to pump around the same amount.

I've still struggled to produce enough, though I'm happy that they're getting about 95% breast milk each day. I have literally tried everything to get my supply up just that little bit more -- herbs that work for just about every other woman (it seems) have had zero effect on me. I've tried multiple tips and tricks from lactation consultants and other moms and nothing has made a difference. I finally decided to fill a prescription for a medicine that's supposed to help with supply. Again, people raved about it working for them. I'm 11 days in and haven't noticed any increase. I had a doctors appt yesterday and they bumped up my dosage slightly so we'll see. In some ways I wonder if my supply is what it is and nothing will change it, or if I had been more diligent (and knowledgeable as I don't think I even knew the importance of it) about pumping in the beginning when William wasn't nursing well, if it would had made a difference. I think establishing a good supply in the beginning would have been key so I do have some regrets, but at the end of the day, I'm still happy with what they're getting and who knows if anything I would've done would have made a difference.

SLEEP: We officially said goodbye to Priscilla last Thursday. They had both slept through the night (from about 7:30pm to 7am with a dreamfeed at 10pm) without a peep for Priscilla's last 3 nights, and George had been doing well for the previous 2 weeks too. They've been doing pretty well since she's been gone, but definitely have made a peep. Part of the problem is that they're both rolling over in their cribs (yes we separated them on Saturday night) and while they don't wake up crying, they do wake themselves up, seemingly confused. We haven't been using the monitor as I don't want to be woken up by every little noise, so with their bedroom on the other side of the apartment, we keep their door open and our door open. I think my body knows it's on duty now because I'll wake up at the slightest noise. Usually I'll leave them for a bit and listen to hear if they're going back to sleep, but for the past few nights, it's been sometime between 12:30 and 1:30 that one of them (only one, but they have switched off nights) has woken up and fussed and needed a paci, then they would go back to sleep. But inevitably, one would also wake up around 4:30 or 5 and also need a quick pat before going back to sleep. We've also had a few diapers soak all the way through so I'm sure that's caused them to wake up. Overall, it's been fine and I'm usually back to sleep before waking up at 6am to pump. Then I hear them moving around sometime during the next half hour and they need another few soothes before going back to sleep until 7 or so. So overall, it's not bad, but definitely still needs improvement. We know they're both capable of sleeping all the way through, but I guess the good news is that they don't need to eat at all during the night. The other challenge is that I want to get rid of the pacis within the next few weeks so that may lead to more crying and adjustment. Regardless, I'm still so proud of them as I think their nighttime sleeping is great for this age.

In our own cribs!
As for naps, William is the champion napper. He's a little clock and needs to sleep at set times and for the most part, will do so wherever we are. My challenge is George. I don't think he needs as much sleep and especially this last week since he's rolling over in the crib, he is not happy to take his naps. In fact, every single nap (unless he's been asleep when I put him in bed) has made him really upset. I've tried soothing him, but seeing me upsets him more, so I've had to let him cry. That's been hard too though as he really holds out and for an hourlong nap, sometimes he doesn't even sleep. He did much better today though so I'm hoping he's turning a corner with it. Luckily his crying doesn't wake his brother.

PLAY: They've taken off in the last couple of weeks, both are rolling like crazy, though I think only William is able to go front to back and not just back to front. William is close to sitting up on his own, George isn't quite as steady. Hands are in the mouth constantly, teething has definitely picked up so the teething toys are popular. They both started grabbing their feet just a few days ago. George loves toys and will often have several different ones in his hand. Their coordination is improving too, they're able to grab their paci and get it back in their mouth (though they often get the wrong side in and are upset), William has even mastered rolling over so that his mouth is directly over the paci so he can get it back in. We have little hanging toys on their carseat that they only looked up at until a few days ago, George now gets that you can pull it and it will spin/retract upward again. Both are able to hold and drink from a bottle too, not necessarily every time or for a full feeding, but both can do it. William still prefers one-on-one attention, singing, games and in general being entertained. They're starting to interact more with each other too, they've smiled at each other, definitely grab each other.

To my boys...

I can hold my own bottle!
Wilhelm. It keeps getting better and better, but what a relief to have you eating well and happily. You sleep like a charm too! You're so predictable and my mom friends are always amazed when you start to fuss and I say, 'oh, it's time for his nap', put you in the stroller and you fall asleep. Even 5 months in, there's nothing like a sleeping William. When you're in a good mood, it's great, you're smiley, laughing and if we really get you going, the belly laughs are the best. You still prefer to be held and like one on one attention, singing, playing games, etc. You're slowly playing more on your own, but usually I need to engage you first, shake a toy at you, etc. Just putting you down on the mat isn't going to do it. You're so strong, rolling all over (you love sleeping on your side), like to stand up when we hold you and you're almost sitting on your own too. You feel rock solid, it always amazes me that you and your brother weigh about the same. You still have random evenings where nothing (and no one) can make you happy, but luckily those are rare. Usually if you're fussy, it's because you're tired and luckily you'll go to sleep right away. You're still happiest in the morning. You're a complete chatterbox, whether in the morning or at night when going to bed, you love to make all kinds of noises. I'm so curious to see what will change and what is already set as far as your personality goes.

George Lew-ee, Jorge Luis. My sweet boy. It breaks my heart that you hate your naps so much. I can tell you don't want to miss out on anything and when we're out with friends and you should be taking your nap, I put your brother in the stroller and he goes straight to sleep, but I don't bother with you, you want to take it all in. And I'm happy to have the extra time with you as you can stay in a great mood, you just love watching everything and everyone. You've become a lot more active these past few weeks and now you're rolling like crazy too. You want to be on your tummy in your bed... I think, you constantly roll over, but then get upset once you're there. Not fun, but hopefully you figure it out soon. You're a bit of a toy wh*re. Case in point...

I can put you down on the mat and you're all over your toys. Your favorite is a clanky star with bright rings hanging off of it, a thrift store purchase from Dedee. You roll all over and sometimes I think you're going to crawl away and somehow you get yourself to a toy that's out of your reach. You're so focused when you're playing too. Lately it's been the teething toys that you like most but really you try to put anything into your mouth and are constantly disappointed when you figure out that your favorite star is not soft on the teeth.
You're still my smiley boy but if we work really hard, we may get some laughs, I think we've only heard these maybe 2 or 3 times though. I think my favorite time is taking you from the bed at 10pm and have you sink into my shoulder still asleep. You nurse for longer than normal as I need to keep prompting you but still love the feeling of you in my arms.

No stats for this month, their 6-month check-up will be a little past their half-birthday on Halloween.

Mom update: I'm officially a SAHM (who trolls the mother's group forums and now knows acronyms like StayAtHomeMom). I probably would've gone back to work around last week but maybe 6 weeks ago I really spent some time thinking about what I wanted to do. In the beginning, there were definitely days when I thought I'd have to go back full time, being with two little ones was not easy, but as Dave and I talked about it more, and really because these two will very likely be our only kids, I felt like it was best to take this time to enjoy them when they're so little. We'll see what happens in a few years. It's still a strange feeling that for now, 'this is it'. I feel good about the schedule I've built out and always make an effort to meet up with other people during the day, plus do stuff just for myself, but it's weird to not go to work every day. Still, I feel good about it, especially as they get to be more and more fun. I'm grateful that I have the option to stay home.

I'm not working out quite as much as the timing of the classes is sometimes tough, but I'd say I get in 3-4 workouts a week and am feeling good. I must be back to my pre-baby weight as all my old clothes fit, in fact, even some of my smallest pants that only fit on good days now fit. It's funny though, even after not wearing a lot of these clothes for a long time, I still feel like I have nothing to wear!

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  1. Your posts continue to enthrall. The photos and observations are cute and fascinating and poignant. Congrats on your new (official) status as a SAHM. For me it was an odd decision and yet so natural. Jobs will beckon us both once more someday; let's enjoy these times and these babies til then!