Week 21

As we head into our last week with Priscilla, I'm really happy with where things are, well, excluding last night. Last night was off for some reason, George woke up crying around 2:30 and Priscilla finally woke me up at 3:30am to feed him. Not sure what was going on as he's now consistently slept all the way through til 7 or 7:30am for about 2 weeks now. He's been pretty grumpy all day too, but hopefully tonight he'll get back on track. William has been doing great too and for the last 5 or so days, he's been making it through the night too. Sometimes he wakes up at 6am, but will play in his crib for a bit, and he never eats until George eats around 7:15 or 7:30am. He's not a morning eater though, still taking just about 3oz at the first feeding, and often not much more at the second.

Dave needs to put together the second crib as well, since this is how I found them one morning...

We had a pretty good week otherwise. Tuesday we met up with the Stroller Divas at the cafe near our place and met another twin mom with 2-month old boy-girl twins. I added her to my Monday meet-up with the twin mom of 1-year old girls. I'm starting a playground with neighborhood moms with babies around the same ages so we did that on Wednesday.  I'm still trying to get one outing in per day, ideally meeting up with other moms/kids, and then the babies always get out in the afternoon with Lolina or Alieta. Oh, and on Friday, George decided to roll over! He hadn't seemed interested in it much, then did it several times and didn't do it all weekend.

Story time with Alieta

We had a great weekend, on Saturday going to the Ferry Building Farmers Market, but also to the Fire Station Chili Cook-off. Dave and I had always wanted to go to chili cook-off so I'm so happy I saw a flyer promoting this one right near us. We tasted probably 25 different chilis! The boys were great and slept most of the time. Then we had friends over for the boxing fight on Saturday and luckily the babies slept right through it. It was so fun to hang out with everyone. I got a visit in with my brother earlier in the day, and then on Sunday Dave and the babies came with me.

Aunt Liz and George
Even the babies got to say hi to Jon. Unfortunately the weekend ended on a bad note... the 49er game was a disaster. The babies were pretty fussy too, but luckily my mom was coming over to watch the game with me so she got her just in time and was able to give us a break.

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