Week 23

We had several big adventures (beyond our typical activities) last week. On Thursday, we went to our first music class at Blue Bear School of Music. I had heard that this class was a bit better for parents, as they didn't just play baby songs but incorporated adult music too. We had a great time! Forty-five minutes seems like it would be too long for them, but they were both so engaged. We play with shakers, wooden sticks, listened to the guitar, piano and ukelele, but their favorite was when they were laying on the ground and the colorful parachute was going up and down over them. It was a bit difficult juggling both babies, but William can just now sit up on his own, although he's not stable enough that I'd just sit him next to me, so hopefully it will be better in coming weeks. I hope Dave can come to a class sometime as I think it would be fun to sit across from each other so we could see the other baby's expressions. One mom stopped me on the way out and said, 'you should have seen their faces, they were so into it!' I definitely want to see that!

Our other big adventure was a trip to the Aquarium. Travelzoo ran a deal for half-priced tickets so we met up with some friends with babies. We were quite a sight!

I figured they wouldn't get too much out of it, but may at least be interested in the colors and movement of the fish. Well, it was a hit! William especially liked it; George fell asleep towards the end.

I had a nice birthday on Friday. My mom came over and helped me with the babies in the morning. We went to the park for a bit, then had lunch at American Grilled Cheese. Then in the afternoon, I took advantage of a great Travelzoo deal, a spa day including a massage, manicure and pedicure. Such a treat! Dave and I celebrated my birthday at Spruce the night before and had the most amazing dinner -- gnocchi with truffles to start for me and scallops for Dave, and pork tenderloin and pork belly for my main and steak and duck-fat-potatoes for Dave. 

We ended it with beignets. Such a fabulous meal! For Friday night, I picked up our favorite take-out, which is really just a great restaurant that you also order out from, ZeroZero. Their mason pizza (with bacon and corn) is to die for. It was definitely a different celebration that years past in places like Hawaii, but it was a perfect celebration to kick off year 32.

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