Week 24

What a great week (and weekend!). We went down to the medical center in Santa Clara on Monday to visit my brother and I'm so happy to report that a week later, he's now home and doing great. He still will going through therapy for a while, but we're beyond thrilled to have him back. Tuesday we made it to bootcamp and while the boys have been hit or miss as far as naps during the class, this was definitely a good day. That evening I met up with some moms in GGMG for our first book club meet up, this time we read NurtureShock. It was heavy on the research which usually isn't my thing, but still very interesting having conducted studies on topics like praise, parents fighting in front of their children, when to talk about race, siblings impact on social interactions, gifted programs in schools and more. It was fun to discuss these ideas with other moms with kids of various ages but really we ended up talking about a lot more than just the book. Oh, and I tested out a new recipe that I brought to my brother and to the book club, smores bars, and they were a hit!

Wednesday I met up with the twin moms I usually see on Monday, we played at the park for a bit and then walked to the Ferry Building for lunch. That evening I had a training at the center I'm volunteering at for Junior League and it was really interesting. Having planned a lot of trainings myself, I was impressed with what they put together, including the always dreaded role-plays but I think everyone is at least a little more ready to handle different situations in the playroom. I'm really looking forward to my first event with the center which is actually tomorrow.

Thursday we headed to music class but my mom got to along so it was a lot easier to do it with just one baby. We all had a lot of fun. That night Dave and I went out to date night at this souffle restaurant I've had on my list for a while. What a disappointment. We were there an hour before our salads arrive, another 45 minutes for our entree souffle. I had a feeling we wouldn't be getting the chocolate souffle and it's good I asked as the waiter said it would be at least another 45 minutes... 3 hours for a simple 3-course dinner?? I know souffles are temperamental and take time, but come on, that's a bit extreme.

Friday Dave's parents came. In the morning I went to a baby-food making class run by two women who started a homemade babyfood delivery service in SF. It was a great class, much better than the Introducing Solids one I took before. I got some great ideas (using Chinese 5-Spice, definitely!). Dave and his parents had fun playing with the babies while I was gone, then we headed out for a walk to the park in the early afternoon. They showed off all their tricks for their grandparents.

Saturday was their first swim lesson, what a blast!! George is a natural and loved every minute. He has kicking down already. William also did great but the lesson was cutting into his lunchtime so he wasn't having as much fun at the end. We sort of dreaded doing a weekend lesson but I definitely need another adult to go with me, but it really worked out. Dave had a great time so I now need to figure out a more convenient weekend time for us to go. That evening Dave's parents came over for dinner which was really nice.

Sunday was a trip to Fish for the famous crab sandwich and then onto Nicasio Valley Pumpkin Patch. It was so hot out, but we still had a nice time, it was a beautiful drive out there and we got some super-cute pics of the babies. The weekend was capped by the 49ers destroying the Texans (I was feeling a bit sorry for Schaub though). All in all, a great week and weekend!

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