Week 25

George can barely contain his excitement and is jumping up and down!
Last week was a busy week, but it turned out pretty well, especially considering I decided to give up the paci on Monday. A week later, I'm pretty happy with where we're at. The paci is not long gone in a dumpster somewhere but most often hides out in my pocket.

There's definitely a love-hate relationship with the pacifier. It can instantly calm and definitely helps reel in William's screeches when we're out and about. It's also a pain in the butt when you're constantly looking for it, or worst of all, trying to crawl under the crib to find it, in the dark, when it falls out of their mouth during the night, always into the furthest corner that basically requires moving the crib. In the beginning it was even worse. They would be asleep and then inevitably the paci would slip out of their mouth, they'd wake up and cry. I'd get up, put it in their mouth, they'd fall asleep and 5 minutes later, the same thing would happen. Those are the super-early days though. Priscilla weaned them of their pacis during the night a while ago and for the most part, they did fine without them, though they still got them to fall asleep. Once they fell out though (or William is much better at just holding on to his), they were able to sleep through it. Regardless, I still didn't like being so dependent on them, hate having adorable photos but then a paci in the mouth, etc, so when I mentioned it to the pediatrician at the 4-month appointment, she recommended getting rid of them between 5-6 months as they'd be comfortable finding their hands, capable of self-soothing, the benefits associated with pacis as far as SIDS prevention goes are basically fulfilled and apparently it's an easier time as they won't really remember having it.  So I decided to go cold turkey starting Monday and vowed to continue with my regular activities and hold out as long as possible. I'm happy to say we survived all of the following sans paci:

Monday: Lunch at a cafe with my twin mom friend. Although they only lasted 45 minutes before it was time to go on a walk.

Tuesday: Stroller bootcamp. Twin mom group, indoors, 1.5 hours. Luckily I had the help of another mom who came with out her babies.

Wednesday: Playgroup with some twin moms, I sort of blew this as it took a lot longer to get there than I thought and we basically arrived at their morning naptime so they were pretty fussy.

Thursday: Music class

Friday: George's physical therapy and errands. My mom was with me to help though.

I think it would be fairly easy to get rid of the paci if it was just for one baby, but it requires entertaining, redirecting, holding, etc. With two, it's harder to distract both, if they're both upset at the same time, but overall, I survived. I didn't care if people were staring as both babies were crying. Where I did draw the line is if one (William) was really upset and couldn't calm down. There's no reason to have him screaming for 20 minutes so I told the nannies that if that happened, they could give the paci, but try to take it away as soon after as possible. Basically I wanted't to get rid of using the paci for every slight fuss and that seems to have worked. Occasionally William will have major freakout, though he didn't last week, and the 6:30-7pm time is always hard too as they're tired, hungry, etc, plus the nanny is usually giving one a bath while the other is 'playing' by themselves, which they're often not happy about so that's a good time for it too.

So overall, no, the paci is not a complete thing of the past, but it's used much more selectively, if at all, during the day. Sometimes I'll give in if I need them to fall asleep in a hurry or quickly calm down, but I try to take it out quickly. They don't have it to go to sleep at night and I only give it to them during the night if they wake up before 6:30am as the paci is really the only thing that will put them back to sleep for a little bit longer.

I'm glad we still managed to get out for some fun stuff last week. I volunteered to take over as facilitator of the New and Expectant Twin Moms group which is held every-other-Tuesday. I enjoyed going to these casual meet-ups when I was a new mom and had told the facilitator that I'd love to take over down the road. Well they temporarily had to move the meetings for the next two months and it's on the other side of the city from where the lady lives so she had to take a break. I offered to take over during this time and we'll see if I continue or not. It's not an ideal time. I have to feed them there and then they should be napping towards the end, which means they nap for the 10-minute car ride home instead... Anyway, I got so much out of the group early on that I wanted to make sure it continued over the next two months for those new or expecting moms.

I also took over as admin of the Jan-June 2013 twins playgroup as no one was doing anything and I really want to meet other twins/twin moms around the same age. We had our first meet up and 2 other moms and sets of twins came, but I think it will take a bit to really get it going. A lot of moms have gone back to work too so that makes mid-week meet ups harder.

Wednesday night, the girls came over for a casual potluck. I'm really trying to get us back into a once-a-month (at least) dinner. It was great to catch up and the boys stayed asleep so everything turned out great.

We had a lot of fun at music class again and I'm thrilled that George is out of physical therapy for torticollis. The last few sessions have really just been playtime so I asked if it's really necessary for us to keep coming. I'm so happy it turned out to be such a minor setback. She has a chart that shows all sorts of little milestones and both babies are right on track. It seems like George will be crawling fairly soon. I'm still convinced William will hold out and go straight to walking. We'll see.

Saturday we headed to the GGMG Halloween Carnival. I knew it would be for older kids, but I convinced my friend Olivia to come with her husband and twin boys so it was a nice way to get out of the house and dress up the boys in their costumes. We're Goldilocks and the Three Bears! I decided not to go in full costume (no blonde wig!). It was a good time but parking at Golden Gate Park was an absolute nightmare. Then it was home for lunch, a nap and eating again before heading to our second swim lesson. We didn't like the teacher as much, but still had a good time.

Sunday we headed to a new church for the first time. It's something we've wanted to get into for a while and I checked out a few churches when I was pregnant but then bedrest sort of halted that. We had a nice time and I think the boys had fun playing the nursery. After church, we headed back home and met Aunt Meghan for brunch. I let George hold a piece of sourdough toast and he loved it. Not sure if that's an appropriate first food but what little made it down was probably fine.

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