Week 26

Sunday was the boys' half-birthday but as we don't go to the doctor for their 6-month check up until the end of the week (and we haven't weighed them for 2 months!), I'll wait until after that to do their 6-month post.

Last week wasn't terribly exciting, we got out for some of our usual adventures: a walk to the Ferry Building, music class, swim lessons (solo! Thank you to Morgan for stopping by to help me get one out of the pool!). We had a blast going to the new park across from the Ferry Building with Ashley and London.

I had several Jr. League meetings, including a 'New Moms' Training. I think it was more for expectant or brand-new moms, like with babies a month or less, but I've found that it's hard to do a lot of the volunteer events because they're in at least 3-hour blocks of time. Since I try to breastfeed George as I don't get as much if I just pump, these trainings are perfect at 2-hours or less. Dave and I had a great dinner at Gitane, somewhere that's been on my list forever but we finally got there. I feel like we tried just about everything on the Basque menu -- sausage and beans, scallops, jamon iberico, rabbit, duck and of course, beignets.

The weekend was pretty low-key too, our building was holding the annual BBQ and Annie came over for it. So great to finally see her and catch up. Sunday we went to church -- and walked back into the nursery to find William fast asleep in the lady's arms, just where he likes to be. We got some brunch, then is was a win for the 49ers! My mom came over to give us a break that afternoon. Not as much action as the previous weekend, but I think the perfect amount for Dave :)

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