Week 27

The weather is changing! There were several really nice days but we actually had to turn on the heat towards the end of the week. We had such a nice summer, and trust me, it's hard to give up the sunny, warm days, but it's time for a change so the crisp days feel nice. We got a couple of nice walks in with friends, down to the Ferry Building, to the new park and also had a great visit with my brother. He's doing so well! It was nice to take a walk with him, then he and I enjoyed lunch on a bench in Golden Gate Park while the babies slept in the car within eyesight.

Tuesday was a busy day. I led the New and Expecting Moms Twins Group and luckily this time Alieta could come early so I didn't need to bring the babies. I met a new twin mom who lives just a few streets a way and has 8-week old babies. I came home for a feeding, then headed back out to a dentist appointment, met a friend for drinks and then we headed to a special Junior League meeting where Sandra Day O'Connor spoke -- she's quite a spit-fire and was so much fun to listen to. I was telling Dave, I haven't been in a room in so long where everyone was so focused on the speaker... and not their cell phones. Very cool.

We had music class again on Thursday and went to lunch with several of the moms after, then Friday was swim class, the first time with my mom joining. I know it will still be a long time, but I can't wait until they're able to push off on their own! Dave had his big Battle of the Bands at Yahoo and William was dressed to show his support.

It was a pretty low-key weekend. I was volunteering at the SFCAPC Halloween party on Saturday, so Dave was in charge of the babies. Luckily they stuck to their schedule so I think it was pretty straight-forward. Not to mention that we did what I always said we wouldn't -- brought not one, but TWO jumperoos into our home. They love them, which I knew they would. And yes, they are massive, but oh well. But really, we now need to be able to contain them. That's right, they're moving. Well, as of last Thursday, George is crawling. He's doing a worm sort of thing, but it's getting him where he wants to go. Mom isn't exactly thrilled he's reached this milestone so early. That wasn't the only milestone of the week, William got his first tooth! Surprisingly, he hasn't been any crankier than usual though it sounds like the second one on the bottom comes around the same time as the first, so we'll see how he does in coming weeks.

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