6 Months Old

It was just about one year ago that we found out you meant two. And I can't believe you've been with us 6 months.

This month George and William grew by leaps and bounds as far as what they're doing. I write down one highlight of each day for each of them and in the beginning while it was mostly something simple like 'we walked to the Ferry Building', now every day has something exciting to report. They also grew in size. I was at a twin meeting a week ago and held 8-week old babies (who were born 5 weeks early) and were probably the size of William and George when they were born. They feel SO much bigger now, and really, they are. It's fun dressing them more in outfits than just the sleepers I used in the beginning, though when I have them fully dressed in shoes and hats, which actually is most days, they really do look like little boys.

I'm happy to admit that people were right -- it just keeps getting better and better. They're becoming more and more fun each day and the absolute highlight of the month was all their interactions with each other. While they were noticing each other last month, this month they're 'talking' to each other, grabbing each other and best of all, laughing with each other. So.much.fun.

EAT: William really took a turn for the best in month 5 and this past month, he's continued to do well. There are days he doesn't each as much as normal, last over the past few days, but he purses his lips when he's done and I'm much more comfortable reading these signs and respecting that he's had enough. Best feeding trick of this month is that William is now holding his bottle pretty well, and can take it out of his mouth if he wants to take a break, and then find it back to his mouth. I wouldn't say he's exclusively feeding himself, but many times I can set him up with his bottle and just focus on George. What's really funny is when I've fed them at the 10pm 'dreamfeed' by myself (usually Dave feeds William, and holds him in the rocker). When I've done it, I've set William up on the boppy next to me on the bed, set him up with his hands on the bottle and he proceeds to feed himself the whole bottle, while fully asleep. So cute!
There's not much to report for George, he's still been eating really well which I'm grateful for.

Unfortunately I don't think the prescription medicine has helped my supply much, if at all, and it's definitely been past the maximum amount of time they say you should see results. But I continue to take it, I guess in fear of my supply going down. It's fine though, it's still pretty steady that between the approximately 70 ounces they take between the two of them (totally an estimate for George though, basing it more on Williams 34oz), I'm using about 8-12oz of formula a day, although there are the random days I don't need to use any. I'm fine with this and having now made it 6 months, I just hope I can maintain what I have been producing until they're more fully on solids.

Another big milestone, though they didn't officially start until today -- solids! More to come on that, but despite all the mess, I'm so looking forward to this phase.

SLEEP: I feel so blessed that they're doing so well. They're still going to be around 7:15/7:30pm and sleeping through the night. We're still waking them at 10pm for another feed, though I think once we survive the time change this week, we'll drop that completely. They've been fully asleep for this feed for the past 2 weeks so I think they're ready. It will be nice to be 'done' after the 7pm feed and just need to pump at 10pm instead.

They've been great about sleeping all the way through, although their wake up time varies. I would say once- to maybe twice-a-week, they'll sleep all the way through, without a peep, until 7am or maybe even slightly later. Then another two times a week, they're rolling around when i wake up to pump at 5:50am, and the remaining days they wake up and are moving around sometime between 6:15 and 6:45. The good news is, they can roll around and play in their bed for a while before they actually start crying to get up. If I hear them moving around when I'm up to pump, I go in and give them their paci as many time that will help them fall back to sleep for another hour (sometimes 2.5 -- William finally woke up at 8am the other morning!). Since I'm up pumping already, I don't mind that they get the paci at this time which possibly buys me another 30 minutes to an hour of sleep (I go back to bed around 6:40am, until they wake up, or if Dave doesn't have to leave early, many morning he gets up with them and let's me sleep until about 7:45 when I have to wake up to feed George). Overall, it's a good system and I'm thrilled they're not having any middle-of-the-night wake ups.

With that said, you're never done with the sleep thing. Next up, the time change, which we've been preparing them for all week by keeping them up 10 minutes later each night so that they're up until 7:50pm tonight so they'll be back on track tomorrow. We'll see if it works...

 As for naps, William is still the champion napper. I keep thinking we'll need to consolidate their naps from 3 to 2 as they have been getting shorter, but the truth is, William still needs three naps, George can get by with two. William mostly sleeps longer, but a big change for George is that he now goes down much better for naps. Not as good as William, whom I put down in the crib, he rolls over and goes to sleep. George likes to play and roll around, but I don't think he needs as much sleep as George, but I need to keep them on the same schedule. The good news is, now George can play around until he's ready to nap, instead of crying like his did before.

PLAY: So much to report in this category! Rolling over is mostly old news, although it's still the mode of transportation William is stuck with, not that he's happy about it. George is crawling, well, creeping, but he's able to get where he needs to go and pretty quickly. George is into everything, loves exploring and studying everything. William is sitting up pretty well, though I still always have my hand near him as he'll eventually fall over. George pretty much falls backwards immediately; why sit when you can crawl? William wants to crawl, and is so much better on his tummy, but he more does a superman thing where he lifts his arms and legs off and then starts squirming, but the only place he's made it is backwards. William is playing more with toys this month too and doesn't necessarily instantly cry every time you put him down.

We've gotten rid of the mamaroo and the other bouncer seats and replaced them with massive jumpers, which they love. Both of them have always loved standing and jumping just when anyone's holding them on their lap for example so we knew these would be a hit. Now that George is mobile, it's nice to have somewhere to have him contained for a few minutes. We keep bringing in more toys, and they like everything, but their favorite has to be the tubing from my pump. Go figure. My mom brought out a bunch of measuring spoons, the salad spinner, a whisk, etc, and those have all been big hits. Their coordination is much better, they're doing happy baby, love grabbing their feet, can put everything in their mouth and a sad trick of George's, at least as far as William is concerned, is George will crawl across the room, take William's paci from his mouth and put it in his own. Dave got the funniest video of this.

So update on the paci. I finally gave in and bought some 6+ month pacis. I still want to get rid of them, but what I realized is that I okay with them if they really help and not just used every time one fusses. So William still gets his a fair amount, George really only has it at the end of the day when everyone is fussy. William was just in such a bad mood most of the time that I didn't feel like it was worth it to try to get through the day without it. Though once he is soothed, I try to take it away as soon as i can.

Both boys are enjoying swim lessons and they've actually just outgrown the puj sink tub we were using and have now moved to the big bath. They're not sitting up steadily enough that we can bath them together so right now they're bathed separately in this cute inflatable duck tub.

To my boys...

There is nothing sweeter than witnessing you two interacting. I took you out of the stroller the other day and after I was done changing you, I went to get William's bottle ready so I put the two of you in the same crib. As I came down the hallway, I heard you both laughing and laughing. I grabbed my phone and got the cutest video of you grabbing each other, rolling around, 'talking' and giggling. It makes my heart melt and I hope you always will be best friends.

Wilhelm. My favorite photo of you this month, which ironically came after an especially tough morning where we drove around trying to find parking at Golden Gate Park for about 40 minutes, with you making a terrible screeching noise until I finally, finally gave in and gave you the paci. You're more vocal than ever, but you're finding many more pleasant sounds as well. Come to think of it, I don't think I've used the white noise app for the blowdryer to calm you once this month. No absolute meltdowns. That's a big improvement! As they say happens around this age, you're making more recognizable syllables like daaaaa (sorry Daddy, I don't think he's saying 'Daddy' yet). All your sleep is putting you in a better mood in general, though you do not like to be woken up. You used to fuss at the dreamfeed, now you just sleep through it. Anytime you're really tired, we put you in your crib, you pull you arms in to your chest and roll on your left side. You're mostly a side-sleeper. You're still eating great and it is such a huge relief; I still can't believe you're the same baby that gave me all that trouble eating for the first few months. It's so cute when you latch on to your bottle and your eyes start rolling around in bliss, your long lashes flickering back and forth as you gulp down your milk. So calm and satisfied, it's a miracle! Despite some grumpiness, we still get plenty of smiles and lots of belly laughs from you, almost always when you have one-on-one attention. You are playing a bit more on your own with toys, but for the most part, you're happiest sitting on my lap on the floor while your brother is roaming the rest of the room. Though you are a fan of the new jumper. You are the roll-master. I can tell you really want to crawl like your brother and you're doing a rocking motion, but you either end up moving backwards, or your momentum leads you to roll over. You'll get there. Your brother was a bit of a bully to you this month and I keep encouraging you to stick up for yourself, but I think you'll get the hang of it once you master forward motion. You're so strong and sturdy, I was blown away to see that you and your brother weigh exactly the same. You are doing so well with sitting up but I know once you can stand up on your own, that will really make you happy.

Georgie. Curious George, though I don't call you that, that's exactly what you are. I always assumed William would be the trouble-maker based on the tough start, but now I see you're the one I'm going to have to keep my eye one. I can't believe you're moving already. You really didn't want to give me a break, did you? You're our little engineer already. You've been so focused on people and things right from the start, but now more than ever, you're trying to figure it all out. You grab onto the buckle on your seat and pull at it, you go straight for the screws on the base of the jumper, love the clips that connect the gym to the activity mat. Forget toys, you go for corners, knobs, buttons and the like. I had you on the floor in front of the washer as I was loading it one night and as I broke off the knob to start it, I got out Daddy's leatherman tool. I set it on the floor maybe a foot away from you and that was all it took to get you to crawl... You're already getting into things you shouldn't, finding my stack of cards that I write to you and your brother daily. You've drooled on a few. I'm glad we had the childproofer come, you've already gone straight for some of their work. You have started to bulldoze your brother, which I'm not really a fan of; you come along like Jaws and snatch away his paci, acting like nothing happened as he's screaming next to you. Daddy even got a video of it to prove it to you. I have no doubt William will find a way to pay you back at some point. You've become more vocal over the last month and you're smiling and laughing a lot more. I absolutely love your belly laughs. Your hair really has come in lately too, unfortunately for you, your brother has so much dark hair that it overshadows any growth of your lighter, finer hair, but that's okay. Your eyes aren't quite blue anymore but we're still not sure where they're going to settle. In some light they look greenish, other times grey so maybe a hazel. I'm so proud that you've figured out your naps, though you'd still like to be up exploring the world. If you're not ready to sleep, you just roll around, playing with the railing or the shade. Although I think you still prefer the paci, you can soothe yourself with your fingers, your left pointer and middle fingers together help you calm down. You're a tummy sleeper, mostly hunched up with your knees under your tummy, butt up in the air. Dad and my favorite time of day is first thing in the morning when you're both so smiley and happy, but almost better is during the dreamfeed when you just collasp into our shoulder as we lift you out of bed. There's nothing like that feeling. I absolutely love the way you look up at me when you're nursing, and now you love to grab my face and my nose. I can already tell you're going to love eating solids and can't wait to whip up different concoctions for you.

6-month stats
weight:  17lbs 5oz (15lbs 6oz 2 months ago), 50th percentile
height: 25.75 inches, 25th percentile
head: 43.5cm, 50th percentile

weight: 17lbs 5 oz (15lbs 3oz 2 months ago), 50th percentile
height: 26.5 inches, 50th percentile
head: 43cm, 50th percentile

Can't believe you weighed exactly the same! You still fit in some 3-6 month stuff, but I've moved in a lot of 6-12 as well, though the pants definitely have to be rolled up a bit. You just moved into size 3 diapers.

Compared to Daddy at 6 months -- He was exactly 2 lbs bigger at 19lbs 5oz and definitely longer at 28 inches. Looking back in his baby book, he was eating solids at 3 months and regular milk and table food at 6 months though so that probably made a difference. I figure that if either of you were single babies instead of twins, you probably would have been bigger at birth too. Daddy crawled/creeped at about 7.5 months so George is ahead there and he sat about the same time that William did. Dave walked at 10 months so we'll see...

Mom update:  I feel like I've established a good routine, but just like with babies, once you figure something out, everything changes again. I was meeting with several moms on Mondays but one went back to work (that keeps happening...) and the other's girls' nap schedule changed. I've taken the lead on the twins playgroup for their age range but have only managed to meet up with one other mom twice, and she goes back to work in January. The neighborhood playgroup doesn't seem to be taking off either due to conflicting schedules. I also just started baby sign language playgroup on Monday, more because I was interested in meeting more moms and babies in the neighborhood than the sign language part. I feel like I was getting involved in so many different things, knowing that the dust would settle on a few that were the right fit so hopefully that will still happen. I feel like the babies have been more social, it's funny that exchanging phone numbers becomes common when I couldn't imagine asking a girl I just met for her number so we could meet up :) It's really been nice though and I think it's brought me out of my shell a bit more to have the babies as a buffer (and with twins, I always attract attention). I do feel like I'm getting out plenty, at least once a day with the babies, almost always meeting up with other moms and several times a week on my own/with Dave so I feel like I have a nice balance. Getting more involved in Junior League has definitely helped. One thing that I shared with Dave that has been a true change is how much more connected I feel to our neighborhood. Now I walk around and actually run into people I know. I love that feeling when living in a city.

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