Week 29

The boys are on the move. Now both William and George are 'creeping' around. George can move pretty fast, and far (so now he's 'trouble'), William moves just far enough to get what he wants. I'm glad we did some child-proofing about a month ago. We definitely need it! Next up is getting rid of our coffee table; our ottoman should be arriving in the next few weeks. I wanted to keep the coffee table around long enough for the book club meeting I hosted last week. This time we read How Children Succeed. It was interesting, but we all agreed that we'd like to read something that is more relevant to our children and offers idea on implementation, which this did not.

The boys are still enjoying music class, although George is pretty independent and crawls away. William is becoming much steadier when sitting so that's nice to free up my hands a bit. I can't wait for Dave to come to one of the music classes! We had swim lessons and earlier in the week we had a fun visit with Ashley and London, including a visit to the Exploratorium.

         I had a great weekend. Megan came up to the city on Friday and we got to go out to dinner that night. Then the next day we had a spa day with Ashley. Trying to get in some good girl time before the new baby arrives. We were gone for a couple of hours; first with lunch at American Grilled Cheese, then a massage and mani-pedi. I walked in the door as Dave was dealing with a massive blowout from William that required a bath. I guess George had stored up for Dad too and saved two poops for him in that span of time... That evening I met Annie to work on some Junior League stuff, then stayed out in Walnut Creek for a movie. I actually hadn't seen a movie in about a year-and-a-half. Annie is my old movie partner so it was nice to see something together, and luckily we picked a winner: Almost Time with Rachel McAdams... so good!

We took it easy on Sunday and hung out as a family. Dave took the babies out in the afternoon so I could get some cooking done: tri-tip chili, pumpkin oatmeal protein muffins (great for me to grab in the mornings) and some pumpkin molasses sandwich cookies, already featured on the blog. I'm loving the fall cooking! We were definitely still cheering on the Niners though. Tough loss.

Hats are already too small! (makes George look tough;))
The biggest update of the week is solids! We started with avocado a little over a week ago, did the 3-day thing, then onto banana, and now they've had butternut squash and sweet potato. I was a little concerned about William as he really wasn't eating anything (though wasn't upset/crying) which was a relief), but whenever anything did go down, he'd gag it up. Apparently by 6 months, their gag reflex should be relaxed enough to be eating solids. This was my concern as opposed to him not eating as I know he's still getting all his nutrients from milk right now, and will continue to for a while. Of course, I called the doctor on Monday and she said to give it a few weeks, offering food only if he seems interested (and always set him up to eat with George) and if by Thanksgiving, he still wasn't eating, then we'd go back to the feeding clinic. Here we go again... But luckily he ate better last night and then did great this morning. I think it may be that he needs it really pureed, whereas George can have some texture to it. It's so fun now that they're eating different things, though I'm more excited for the stage where I can start mixing different things together and making 'meals'. Right now I'm really just giving them one thing at a time, or combining two foods that they've already had, though I am adding some spices like cinnamon here and there.

Oh, and I almost forgot, we dropped their dreamfeed! And without a hitch! I was a bit hesitant to do it, but the doctor seemed surprised we hadn't yet based on how they were sleeping so we just didn't get them up at 10pm one night to feed them and that was it. They still didn't wake up until morning. The very next day William adjusted how much he ate naturally; he was able to take a bigger bottle at the first feeding. So now he eats 6.5oz, 6, 6, 6, 8oz for a total of just over 32oz. So nice to drop a feed, now I just pump at 10pm and can be asleep by 10:30. I'll take another half hour gladly!

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