Week 30

We're getting into a new routine and I'm trying to come up with fun things to do on the days we don't have music or swim class (which is a big enough event for the day). On the one hand, I don't want to add anything else in as I think two set activities that are each week is enough, but I also miss meeting up with other moms on the days I don't have classes. As I've mentioned, a lot of the moms I've met have either gone back to work, or their baby's schedule doesn't match up with mine. It seems like many are available to meet up after the afternoon nap, but that's when I have the help and try to get some stuff for myself taken care of.

We've been visiting the park with the swings a lot. It's a good walk, plus with the babies moving, laying out a blanket at the other park just isn't as easy as it used to be. The babies like the swings and now I let them crawl around a bit too. George is obsessed with leaves. I let him explore but a few have slipped in the mouth. I think they're pretty clean... They're boys though, I'm prepared for them to get dirty.

On Monday, an old colleague of mine who is pregnant with twins came over to see how I do things. I worked with her years ago so it was fun to catch up and I love sharing any tips I can to potentially help twin moms-to-be. That evening Morgan came over for dinner. This is such a great way to see people since the boys are now eating at 6:45 and going to bed around 7. My evenings are a lot less rushed and I'm able to pump and get dinner started all before the guest(s) arrive. Dave and I have been eating dinner at the table every night for the past week or so as I don't feel so much pressure to pump before dinner. Now I'm able to feed George at 6:45pm and then I usually don't pump until we sit down to watch TV around 8pm, then pump again at 10pm since the babies aren't waking up for that feed anymore. This is so much better as I really didn't like the habit of eating in front of the TV but was usually too starving to wait.

Tuesday was the New and Expectant Moms Group and this time we had a great turnout. We actually ended up chatting almost 2 hours, with 3 new moms there with their babies (all between 5-8 weeks old), a mom of 7-month old twins just a week or so older than mine, and 3 pregnant moms. We had a great discussion and I was happy to hear that some of my tips have already helped one of the moms. Seems like the schedule is a saving grace for others just like it was for me. I know I regret not feeding more on demand, but for the other moms who have done this, and I've shared that I did the 3-hour schedule, once they've switched, they said their life got so much better, so maybe I did have it right despite my doubts. What really amazed me was that the 7-month-old twins who were there, were able to sit in their car seats and play with their toys the entire time. Like for 2 hours. No crying. This would *never* happen with mine. I kept commenting to the mom and it sounds like she knows she has 'easy' babies. Not even that mine would cry the whole time, there's just no way they would sit in their car seats and be content for that long. But, those babies weren't crawling yet, so maybe that makes a difference.

Dave and I got out for a quick happy hour on Wednesday night to check out a new company right next door to our building who had an open house 'thank you' party for our building since there had been a lot of construction. Really cool space and it was fun to be able to see the inside after months of work. The next night Dave and I had our date night and it was the first time we went to a pop-up. So trendy of us, I know. A pop-up is basically a temporary restaurant, sometimes they evolve into actual restaurants, but they operate out of spaces that aren't used for dinner. So this one was at the brunch spot Kate's Kitchen. We were almost scared off by the 'cash only' and BYOB policies, but I'm so glad we went, the food turned out to be great at Chaparrel. We split a gnocchi/arugula/quail egg app that was so unique and delicious. I went for the braised beef for my main and Dave had the Dakota Quail, which we were informed, 'the guy sitting at the bar was actually the one to shoot it in one of the Dakotas'. He couldn't pass that up.

Friday we had our swim lessons and the boys did so well! Some classes are better than others, but they're getting so comfortable in the water. I almost let go of William doing the back float as he totally had it! My mom is really enjoying coming to these classes with us.

Dave was on duty Saturday morning again while I was at my Junior League 101 Training at SFCAPC. I had worked really hard to put the training together, on the topic of 'Tips for a Successful School Year' (thanks for my expert guest speaker Annie!) as well as 'How to Keep Kids Active Over Thanksgiving Break' (thanks to all I asked for tips, especially Lori!).  It was great to put my training and facilitating skills to use and hopefully we gave some of these parents some ideas they'll use.

Sunday we headed to church... and got paged not even 10 minutes in as William was not happy in the nursery. But he managed okay the rest of the time, then we picked up food in the Mission and went to Dolores Park for an improptu picnic. So much fun! We had never been to the playground there, but it's a great one. The boys were introduced to sand for the first time. Now I'm a bit nervous for Florida as they seemed to like the taste. For the first time, there was no line at Bi-rite creamery so I finally got to try their ice cream; I went with snickerdoole and then a scoop of honey graham cracker. Delish! It would have been a great week if it didn't end with that terrible Niner loss :(

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