7- & 8-Month Favorites

LeapFrog activity table - #1 favorite toy right now and was what got George to pull himself up. I got this one for $10 at a consignment store. Great item to buy secondhand.
Earth's Best Oatmeal - I actually wasn't too excited to start solids with rice cereal so I opted instead for things like avocado and banana. Our pediatrician still said it's important to incorporate in a cereal, for the iron, so now I usually do several cube of fruit with a little oatmeal and water or breastmilk. They finish it every time!
Fisher Price Space Saver high chairs - I did a bunch of research on high chairs and looked at a lot of standard-size high chairs, but kept coming back to these. It seems like they're a favorite of just about every twin mom so finally I decided to go with them. SO glad I did. They take up so little space and they get the job done. Highly recommended and so affordable.
Bjorn bibs - This is another item that is a parent favorite and now I know why. Super-easy to clean and a good lip to catch spills, loose pacis and spoons, etc. They don't fold or roll up so they're best for at home.
Rattle - My mom picked this up at the Academy of Sciences gift shop and it's been one of their all-time favorite toys since. It's the perfect size for small hands -- and small mouths -- the handle is the perfect size for chew on.
Curious George Pat-a-Cake book - My boss sent a big box of books when the babies arrived, which was such a great gift to get. This book was included and it's for sure their favorite book. Every time we take it out, they get a big smile on their face; they love the little puppet George. This even made the trip to Cincinnati with us.
Boon spoons - I didn't try out a range of spoons or anything, but what made me love these, is pretty much from day one of eating solids the boys have been able to grab these and feed themselves.
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy - this is another favorite, though Dave's mom actually sent this a while ago. They've always liked it, but it's within the last month that they love it. Their face lights up when they touch the dog and it starts talking to them. William even does this funny head bounce back and forth while watching the dog.
Cuisinart hand immersion blender - I went back and forth on how I wanted to prepare baby food, but I've always wanted an immersion blender so I finally bit the bullet. This has worked out great, especially since I've mostly roasted food to puree instead of steaming, which can be done in a combo puree in some of the baby-specific blenders.

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