Week 32

Since getting back from Cincinnati, we've just been settling back into our routine at home. We met some other twin moms for a walk around the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park on Wednesday. We came back to 70 degree weather when we got home from Cincinnati, but it quickly dropped off to highs in the low 50s, brrrrr. It was still nice to get outside and chat with the other moms.

On Thursday, Dave took the day off so he could come to music class with us. We had a great time and got a few photos of them with their rhythm sticks, shakers and the big drum. That night we had a pretty good dinner out at our date night.

Friday, we had another fun swim lesson. The boys are really doing well with it and are loving the water. It's fun to let them 'swim' for just a second on their own.

That night I got to go to to dinner with Megan and Nicole, who was in town for the weekend. So much fun to catch up with the old SB roommates, though had to brave a torrential downpour and freezing temps. On Saturday, Dave hung out with the babies while I went to Ashley's baby shower. We had a great time celebrating Ashley's baby boy. I am so excited to meet the little guy and hold a tiny baby again. They really do grow so fast! That evening, Dave and I went to the Yahoo! holiday party which was right near our place.

On Sunday, we headed to church and William made it through in the nursery -- we didn't get a call this time! Definitely making some progress. After church, we met up with my brother and his family at Dolores Park for some lunch and playtime -- it was still freezing but the kids didn't seem to notice. We finished up the weekend with an exciting win for the 49ers over the Seahawks. Yay!!

It's been so fun to have the house all decked out for Christmas but it does make it feel smaller, especially since we've gotten a few larger toys for the boys. It will be nice to get everything organized and put away before we leave for Florida. Countdown is on, only 6 more days of work for Dave!

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