Week 33

Not too many photos for this week, I have some great ones to share but am waiting til our Christmas cards start arriving before I share them on the blog :)

The babies came to baby sign language class with me last Monday. Usually I leave them with Lolina but figured we could all go and she can take care of William, which he inevitably got fussy and she was able to go outside with him. Later that night, I met up with the ladies in my parenting book club to discuss Positive Discipline. A bit ahead of the babies for now, but was interesting to start thinking about how I want to approach this. I definitely didn't agree with everything in the book (something to the effect of (and definitely not direct quoting) 'if your child hits, instead of telling them not to hit, be present and physically stop them before it happens'. Hmm, I don't see myself doing this. But the book does offer good suggestions of redirecting, teaching and overall being positive instead of 'no! no! no!'.

Tuesday was a busy day with the New and Expectant Moms group. We had another full house, but it was great to see several of the moms approaching 35 weeks. That evening I headed to our Junior League Tuesday night dinner at SFCAPC. Sort of a mini-disaster. The girl in charge of bringing dinner didn't realize that frozen lasagna takes over an hour to bake, so a bunch of us were slicing and microwaving smaller portions to try to get the families fed. Luckily it still worked out.

Wednesday we went to a play date at a friend from baby sign language class' house. It was fun to meet several other moms who are mostly home and their babies were just slightly older. It was sort of tough timing as their babies are on 2 naps a day whereas W&G are still on 3 so they were definitely cranky by the end of it. Thursday was our last music class for the year, I've really enjoying this weekly outing with the babies and am so thankful I was able to manage it on my own with both of them. That evening, Dave and I ate at Stones Throw, a new restaurant over in Russian Hill and it was so good! Mustard and Duck Liver Pate with Pretzel bread (a play on mustard and pretzels), squid ink pasta with seafood, the duck for me and steak for Dave. Everything, including the service, was excellent. Highly recommended! Only complaint is that there is no chocolate on the dessert menu, epic fail. We headed to Swensen's for ice cream after instead.

My favorite part of Saturday was dropping off all of the gifts for our adopt-a-family. Our Christmas tree is now pretty bare of gifts, but that's okay. We don't get to meet the family, but it always feels so good to drop it off, both in the sense that it's a big project to get everything, wrap it, then it takes over your house and it's nice to get it out, but obviously also because you just hope the family has an awesome Christmas.

Sunday we went to the Yahoo! holiday party for kids and the boys got to meet Santa! Photos to come :) But it went surprisingly well! Then we ended the weekend with a little holiday celebration with my dad's side of the family. Oh and of course the Niners' win that morning!

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