Week 36 - Florida!

I can't believe we've already been in Florida a week. Dave is taking advantage of Yahoo's new 8-week paternity leave and since he only took 2 weeks when the babies were born, we decided that he'd take the rest all at once, when they were older (and a bit more fun). Since Dave's parents come down to Florida for the winter, we figured it would be great to get away for a month and also get some quality time with Ma and Grandpa. The first week or so was spent at home over the holidays, with Dave on full-time duty while I was feeling sick, but we're looking forward to the month of January in Florida. Then Dave will have a few more weeks off back in California.

Luckily, the flight went really well. A 9am flight was tough, required me to wake up even earlier (I think about 5am) to do the big pump to get most of William's milk for the day, but we made it through pretty smoothly. This time we decided to bring a double umbrella stroller instead of just carrying them in the ergo/bjorn and while it does require taking them out of the stroller at security, we both agreed it worked better. Plus, we just nodded when they said the stroller was probably too big to fold down to put through the conveyer and that way we were able to push it right through to be checked. And, it's just too hard to deal with getting their carseats packaged up to check when we have them in a front pack.

Neither napped well on the plane, George took one 40-min nap and I think William took 2 short naps, but we really can't complain. They were both so good the whole time, but it does require so much energy on our part. Our other lesson from Cincinnati was that Dave needed his own diaper bag. With two babies, there's still quite a bit of stuff to bring and cramming it all into an overflowing bag and trying to pass stuff back and forth wasn't great, so this time Dave was prepared with his own, plus it allowed us to bring a few more toys.

We used our miles to fly first class and it was so much better. I don't think the woman sitting next to me was thrilled, she never even said hello, but maybe it's because her husband was in my seat when I got on and I wouldn't switch seats with him as Dave and I wanted to be across the aisle from each other (which is why we booked that, sorry!). We had great flight attendants though.

We had so much stuff, but I think our system of Dave leaving me with the babies and the bags while he goes and picks up the rental car and brings it around to Arrivals works pretty well. I had booked a full-size car but I'm still amazed that all of our stuff -- 2 suitcases, 2 car seat bags with a decent-sized duffle each, one travel crib (second one was shipped direct), 2 diaper bags, a pump bag AND a double stroller, not to mention 2 babies in car seats -- fit, most of it in the trunk. After we were loaded up, we made the 1.5-hour drive from Ft Lauderdale to Naples and luckily the babies slept the whole time, which they definitely needed.

To grandmother's house we go! We stayed at Dave's parents' condo last week, which was great. Once again I was spoiled with extra hands and was able to pump away from the babies and get a little break. The boys have adjusted pretty well and after a week, they're about 2 hours off of California time, sleeping from about 8pm to 8am Florida time. This is working out pretty well, I'm in bed by 11pm after pumping and then wake up about 6:45am to pump again before they wake up. It's weird, despite the first few days where we were all pretty much still on California time, I was so exhausted; the time difference still hit me. I'm getting the same amount of sleep now, but am back to normal, meaning for the most part I don't need a nap.

We had a week full of adventures while staying at the condo, including several swims in the pool -- William is now kicking his legs when he does his 'submersion' when we let go of him, so cool!

A fun trip to the park on New Year's Eve...

We weren't big party animals this year and just celebrated with some Champagne and an amazing seafood dinner at home. Fine with me!

New Year's Day, we went to the conservancy which had a little aquarium, sea turtles, etc.

There was a cooler day, so we, along with many other visitors, headed to the Naples Zoo. We even got to feed the giraffes!

Dave and I got out for a movie after the boys went to sleep, saw Anchorman 2 (thumbs down from me, but Dave enjoyed it). Luckily the insane downpour slowed before we had to get out of the car, but unfortunately the rain continued the next day, so we headed to the mall just to get the babies out.

We checked into our beach house on Sunday just in time to watch the Niners game, phew, they just made it! As for the condo, I think we had higher expectations than we should have for it, but several days in (and several conversations with the manager), I think we'll do just fine here for the next few weeks. The main downside, which I knew about when I booked, is that it has tile floors (to be expected by the beach), but now that George is constantly pulling up (and William randomly falls over when sitting), we really need to be right next to them at all times.

Monday was spent running errands to Super Target and the grocery store to stock up on all the basics we'll need during our stay. I do all my shopping sans babies normally, or I pop in for a few things when pushing them in the stroller, so this was the first time they had been in shopping carts! It was actually a pretty fun family adventure.

Luckily we found an awesome children's consignment store and were able to pick up some additional toys, and most importantly, one of those foam mats -- alphabet and numbers in bright primary colors -- wouldn't be my first choice for my own living room, but it will work perfectly for when we're here. The new toys and walker have been a lifesaver too. Best of all, we'll be able to sell all the stuff back when we leave.

We haven't had the best luck with weather and the brutal cold front that's hit a lot of the country finally rolled down here and the high was just 59 yesterday. We were all able to layer; considering we really didn't bring anything more than a light jacket, we did okay. I'm so glad I threw in the little baby gap beanies for the boys as well. We were able to meet Ma at the park for a bit. It was nice to get them out and it actually ended up being a great day. The park is across the street from a great fish market so Dave picked up a grouper sandwich for me (so good!) and the boys even had their share of that and the fish tacos with black beans and rice that Dave got. Then we had stone crab and black grouper for dinner, yum! It turned out to be a good day.

The first few days in the condo were a bit rough -- there was next to nothing in here so we had to do a lot of shopping, then making it comfortable for the babies, etc. It's hard to be out of your element, especially adding in the challenge of the tile floor, but now that we're back on a good schedule and we're set up a bit more, I think we'll be able to enjoy ourselves. Now we're just hoping for nice beach weather the rest of the time!

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