9-month/Travel Favorites

Month 9 was a month on the road for us. It was our second time flying with the babies and our first trip was a good test run for what was worth lugging along. Here are the top hits from the trip.

Lotus travel crib - We purchased a second travel crib after we tested the first one out around the house. This is a great crib, especially for flying. It folds up sooo small, can even be carried on a plane. It's lightweight and sets up/folds up in about one minute (IF you watch the quick utube ;)
Dreft stain remover - This is a must-have now that they're eating solids. I would love to be able to strip them down for every meal, but that's just not possible. This stain remover gets out EVERYTHING. George managed to crawl over the opening of a freshly-greased open sliding glass door and even the grease came out.
Mesh feeders -  I had to come up with some new activities while in Florida, especially for the period between waking up from the last nap and bedtime. My mom had gotten these for me and I finally broke them out to put watermelon and cantaloupe. Such a hit! William can really chow down with all those teeth, but George does just fine sucking away.
Skip Hop bibs - We love the bjorn bibs for at home, but having something more portable is great to throw in the diaper bag each day as we usually eat lunch on the go. These do a good job of catching food, fold up into a small pocket and dry super fast so that I can use the same bibs every day for lunch.
JL Childress car seat travel backpack -  Another mom had given me the tip that if you pack your car seat in your own car seat bag, you can stuff all the baby stuff inside - diapers, baby clothes, etc. Car seats are checked for free, which means all your baby stuff will be too.
Baby food pouches - I still like making my own baby food -- it's so easy to do -- but there definitely is a convenience to the pouches and especially on the airplane, it's much easier to just have them suck out of a pouch instead of trying to feeding them. It's much cleaner.
Maclaren Twin Techno - After much research, I finally decided on this stroller for our travel stroller. Finding a lightweight, but good quality double umbrella-type stroller is not easy and knowing we would likely use it outside of just airport travel, we wanted something decent. I lucked out and found one on Craigslist that had been used (supposedly) three times for travel, looked brand new and came with a travel bag for flying; all at a steal of a price. Although we love our City Select for its smooth ride and ease of folding, the Maclaren is a great option for travel.
Duffel bags - Again, after much research on Amazon, I finally settled on this duffel bag and it's been perfect. It's just the right size to stuff in their car seat, and then in the car seat bag and it fit everything we needed to bring for each of them (well, we had two bags). The quality seems good enough that it could be check on its own as well.
Dr. Brown microwave sterilizer bags - I'm notorious for only running the dishwasher when it's totally full, which means it's only run about twice a week. My pump stuff should be sterilized on a daily basis so these bags are great to use on non-dishwasher nights. Each bag is good for 20 uses, so one bag was enough for the whole trip.
Beach/swim bag - Dave already made me clear out so many bags that have a specific use. He's actually a fan of things having their own bag, but when we have 20 random bags saved for 20 different uses, he's not such a fan. Ashley got me this bag for my birthday after we started taking the babies to swim lessons and I packed it on the trip to Florida and it was perfect for the beach too. It can be (somewhat) folded down, but retains it's shape well when unfolded. But best of all, it can get wet, get sand in it, etc, and is super easy to clean/dry.

UPDATE: How could I possibly forget the booginheads paci holder? I was against pacis from the start and definitely not into attaching one to my kid 24/7, but I will swear by this for travel. On a plane is the ultimate area where you want your baby to be calm and happy, which for ours, option requires the paci. I couldn't imagine having to dig under airplane seats, and though usually I don't bother washing pacis when they fall on the ground, I'd have to here. So we originally got these for our trip to Cincinnati, but now keep them one the 'travel pacis' -- one for each -- that stay attached to either the car seat or the stroller seat. No more digging around, wondering if we brought a paci, wondering if we lost a paci, etc. Yes, the downside is they probably use it more when we're out than they should, but it's worth it.

We definitely don't travel carry-on only anymore!

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