We Eat | Breakfast

The boys have been getting more and more into table food as opposed to purees. They really want whatever we're having and George especially is not as fond of being fed from a spoon. I never did really smooth purees so they've been fine with texture from the start, but after them constantly begging me for tastes of whatever I'm eating, which usually includes some sort of muffin, bar or waffle in the morning, before I have my real breakfast, I finally decided to expand theirs a bit.

Since their 8th month, they've been having yogurt with fruit purees mixed in and a few shakes of oatmeal cereal. That has always gone over really well. I use a whole milk plain yogurt and usually add 3-4 ice cubes of fruit puree -- peaches, mango, pear, apple, plum, etc. Lately I've been using 3 cubes and then adding half a banana. It's definitely a lot of food, but they generally finish it without a fuss.

Today's breakfast consisted of the yogurt/oatmeal mix, half a banana, mangoes and pears. Then we had diced cantaloupe, half a whole-grain waffle and one egg yolk. Yes, they finished it all. And were a complete mess. I should have taken a photo but was trying to get George cleaned up before he touched anything else with his yogurt hands as he had started 'finger painting' with the spilled yogurt on his bib.

They finally are starting to get how to feed themselves, which will be so much more fun/easier (at least in some ways!). They, especially George, have always been really messy eaters even when we spoon-feed them so I guess we'll see how much worse it can get when they're feeding themselves. They don't quite have the pincer grip down yet, but they are able to get a piece of food in their hand, sort of fist it up into their mouth. I'm sure they'll get the hang of it in no time.

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