Week 41

Last week was Dave's last week on paternity leave, he went back on Friday. I think he was sad to leave them, but we feel so lucky that we were able to spend so much time with him over the past few months.

Monday was a bit overcast and cold, plus I needed to pick up a library book, so we headed to Mission Bay Library. They have a few areas for the babies to play, so it was a perfect indoor activity for a good 30 minutes. And I had my first (or my first super-duh!) mommy-brain moment... I needed to pick up a book they had transferred from another library and had on hold. I got the book, proceeded to check it out using self-checkout and then apparently left the book sitting there. So annoying!

Tuesday we did our standard park-and-Ferry Building day but instead of eating something from one of the stands at the farmers market, we went inside and had the most amazing braised lamb and white bean stew. The babies loved it as much as I did!

Though Dave was busy the beginning of the week, we made the most of having him around and met him for lunch at HRD Cafe, a place we've been wanting to try for a while. It's a Korean cafe that's even been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The place is tiny, so we just did take-out and walked to Buena Vista to eat and then play with the babies. George tried my massive Korean burrito and liked it okay.

Thursday was music class; we got the cutest video of William dancing and playing the piano along with the teacher. It's been so nice to have an extra set of hands at class, though I can do it by myself.

We still can't get in a swim class, but my mom came to family swim with us since Dave was back to work. Megan and I got to go visit Ashley and see baby Preston again, so precious!

What a way for Dave to go back to work -- just one day, and then he had 3 days off! We had a great long weekend, heading to Fish for lunch on Saturday. We even ordered from the kids' menu for the babies -- fish sticks. They liked them, though weren't too into the breading so it involved picking out the fish. Next, we headed to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. The lilypads (like big, padded waterbeds), are so much fun!

Sunday we went to church and the babies loved pushing around the walker toys they had there. Then we headed to Colbri for brunch. We love their dinner, but brunch was just okay. William was not a fan of the mango salsa, or any salsa for that matter, but George handled the medium just fine.

Monday we rode the steam trains in Tilden Park. The boys were just in awe -- not necessarily excited, just taking it all in. We did a short hike afterward, and got great views of the bay and the city, then headed to one of our favorite brunch spots in Berkeley, 900Grayson. Chicken and Waffles for me -- and the babies, they couldn't get enough!

To cap off the weekend, my brother and his family came over and we went swimming and in the hot tub. Such a great weekend!

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