Weeks 39 & 40

It's been such a treat to be home getting back in our routine, but to also have Dave here with us. He's been getting out to do some stuff for himself, but he's had plenty of family time too.

We lucked out and they adjusted back to California time pretty well, although naps haven't been great which leads me to think it's time to drop a nap. We're playing around with that now.

It was definitely nice to get home to some help. My mom came over on Sunday and Monday, unfortunately they were still getting back on schedule and weren't in the best mood, but grandmas never seem to mind :) They had fun at the park with Dedee, though George seemed to bring half the sandbox back in his pants and shoes. One of our nannies needed some more time off and luckily we were able to get a replacement from the 'Polynesian Mafia' (as Dave calls it), but we're hoping everything will get back to normal next week.

We met up with some of my twin moms for lunch at Crossroads last Tuesday -- 3 sets of twins, we were quite the sight! -- and the boys enjoyed eating my rotisserie chicken and roasted potatoes. Wednesday Daddy joined us for a trip to the Exploratorium. It was so much more fun having an extra set of hands. I've said it before, but even though it's a museum for older kids, we really find a lot to do there. So much fun. Afterwards, I got to meet Ashley for her birthday lunch. So great to catch up just a few days before her baby was born!

Thursday we were back at music class. Last session we were some of the youngest in the class; it's weird that now they're on the older side. They still really enjoy it, but I think I'll be ready for a change after this session. We also had their 9-month appointment last Thursday. Everything looks good; they seem to be right on track.

Friday and Saturday were park days -- they loved the salmon blt from the farmer's market, which is also one of my and Dave's favorites.

Sunday we got back to church and were thrilled that they boys were so good -- no pages to the nursery for us. They both seem to be a bit clingy since we've gotten home so we were a bit worried. But it was so cute, when we came in to get them, I came in and saw William and he smiled, but when he saw Daddy, he got really excited. Such a daddy's boy! We went out to brunch afterward and the boys did so well with breakfast. I got a massive breakfast burrito and fed them from it -- beans, avocado (yes, I get stuff with avocado now just to give it to them), sausage, cheese, potatoes. It really is so much more fun now that they eat well. My brother and his family came over that afternoon for the Superbowl, which was fun, but not thrilled with the results of the game. They brought over a push-walker thing and the boys took to it immediately. It is hilarious to see them 'walking' around pushing it. They love it! I'm just worried that they're going to be walking so soon. They're pulling up on everything and now doing a lot of cruising as well.

We got out earlier in the week, just the normal park visits and farmer's market, but it was nice to get out before the rain came. Dave took care of the babies on Wednesday while I got out for a much-needed facial, and that afternoon I got to meet Ashley's new baby, Preston! So precious and definitely crazy to hold a 3-day-old baby again. Makes William and George feel SO big.

We've been getting some much-needed rain the past few days and it looks like it will continue, but we took advantage of the bad weather and attempted to go to Mama's after music class yesterday. Mama's is supposedly the best breakfast in SF and Dave and I have tried to go several times over the past 9 years, but have never been up for waiting in the upwards of 2-hour-long line. Yesterday was perfect; got there just before noon, it was drizzling out and we waited maybe 15 minutes. And yes, amazingly, the food really was that good. Dave had the Dungeness crab omelet, I had the Dungeness crab breakfast sandwich and then we ordered the pancakes and cinnamon French toast... yes, that's 4 entrees, but technically there were 4 of us. The boys had potatoes, pancake, fruit and avocado and tomatoes from Dave's omelet. It was a really fun lunch; so glad we got to do it.

Although we weren't able to get our swim lesson time back, we were able to go to family swim today, a perfect activity for a rainy day (the pool is indoors).

I've had a busy two weeks back as well, with several Junior League meetings and events, my parenting book club -- we read a quick, fun read, French Twist (I'm on board with so many aspects of French parenting) -- and a parenting seminar I attended with a friend from book club. Biggest takeaway from the seminar was to maybe back off saying, 'you're fine' every time they're upset; especially with boys, you don't want them to suppress their emotions. I'll have to figure out the fine line between that and babying them though.

One more week with Dave on paternity leave. I'm not sure what we're going to do without him!

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