What We Ate Wednesday

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a lot more into cooking lately, or at least meal prep. I feel like I'm constantly preparing or cleaning up from a meal, but it's important to me that W&G are exposed to lots of different flavors early on. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty that William in particularwill let slide back out his tongue and down into his bib, but try, try again.

We went to one of our favorite lunch spots, Fish, on Saturday and after having lunch, we decided to pick up some fish for dinner. They had a beautiful black cod and after searching for recipes, one kept coming up, one I had tasted, and loved, from Nobu. Though it required picking up some sake, I had everything else on hand so it was a really easy, and fast (minus marinading time -- I did one day instead of 2-3) dish. And oh so good.

Miso Black Cod with Garlic Noodles and Baby Bok Choy

Miso Black Cod, Nobu recipe
Baby Bok Choy:
trim bottoms, add to a wok over medium-high heat with several splashes of soy sauce.

Garlic Noodles:
Cook noodles of choice according to the package direction. Udon or an egg noodle are preferred. Heat some oil in a wok, add 3 cloves chopped garlic and noodles, stir for 2 minutes. Done!

There wasn't anything left so the babies didn't get any of this, but I was just at Whole Foods and they had black cod on sale, so I have it marinading for Friday's dinner. They'll get a taste then :)

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