10- & 11-Month Favorites

1. Trend lab crip wraps - About a month or so ago, William started spitting out his paci and going woodchuck on his crib. These wraps aren't cheap, about $50 to wrap all four sides of the crib. Definitely worth it if you plan on reusing the crib, which we don't, but I don't really want the guys chewing on the painted crib so this was a decent solution. I got one for George's as well when he started chewing several weeks ago. He only seems to do it on the edge that faces the rest of the room/William's crib. They're really soft, wash/dry easily and best of all, blend perfectly with the grey edges of the crib. They boys will still chew on the crib, but this protects it, and them.
2. Duralex glass bowls - Who knows what the deal is with heating plastic, even if it's bpa-free so I still avoid putting all plastic, tupperware, baby food storage, etc, through the microwave or dishwasher. It's kind of a pain, but I transfer everything to these glass bowls for heating and serving -- once the babies are eating out of a bowl, I'll just transfer the food back to a plastic bowl. I get the bowls at Sur la Table. There's a great selection of different sizes that are perfect for their 'main course' and 'dessert' (fruit).
3. Ore Originals baby brush set - I remember doing so much research on what brush to buy -- oh the joys of bed rest and having endless time on your hands. Anyway, William's hair is pretty out of control and we've had to brush it down after bathtime for months now, so that he wakes up with it looking somewhat reasonable. This brush is perfect; great quality, soft, but firm enough to actually shape the hair.
4. Wheels on the Bus song book - Out of nowhere, probably a month ago now, this became George's favorite book. He learned how to press the button to play the song and to this day, he can still find that single book on the shelf, pull it down, and play with it. He'll sit there on his own for a while, pressing the button over and over (but only once the music stops will he press it again). William likes it too and just learned how to press the button a week or so ago.
5. Crane Humidifier - We had this while I was pregnant but as there's not much you can do for a stuffed up baby beyond a humidifier, that has had a permanent home in their room. We usually use it when they're sick, but now we've started keeping it on every night. We're ordering another one for our room. I know Crane makes really cute animal-shaped ones for kids as well.
6. Wood Activity Cart - This is old school, a hand-me-down from my brother and I'm sure it had been through many kids before. While they're not quite as into the cart as they were in Feb. when we got it, this is still a big hit. It's such a great cart as it's made of wood and opposed to many push toys, this one is a sturdy box-shape, not on a slant like many which is definitely harder for a new cruiser/walker to use.
7. Vital Baby Straw Cup - I got plenty of recommendations from people before I bought their first straw cups. I had read about moms who have a drawer that's a bottomless pit of sippy cups as they can't find one that doesn't leak. Many moms recommended this one and they were right, these cups are awesome. W&G caught on pretty easily to them - we used a basic sippy cup briefly in the beginning but both knew how to drink out of my straw water bottle so we figured we'd just go to this. We haven't used it for milk yet, but it's awesome for water.
8. White Noise Baby app - Best $.99 I've spent. Dave has it on his phone and I also downloaded it on my mom's phone for when she's here while the babies are napping. William has been waking up from his nap at 3:30 each day (earlier than he should), screaming. I can't figure out why. I know he's not ready to wake up, but going in there, picking him up, etc., doesn't help at all. The only this that works is turning on the blow dryer on this white noise app. He'll cry for another 10 seconds or so after I leave my phone on the bed and leave the room, but then he'll go back to sleep. I'd say this works 95% of the time. It even worked for my mom last time she was here.
9. Baby Jogger City Select tray - This has saved me! The boys are so good at feeding themselves -- well, I should say they enjoy feeding themselves, as they still spill quite a bit. But the point is that they've done a lot better with food once they've been in charge. Now when I'm out on my own with them, I just keep them in the stroller and put their food on the tray and they go to town. It's a mess to clean when I get home, but we have a cordless vac that does the trick pretty easily, and I think it's still less work than prepping, serving, and cleaning up after lunch at home.
10. Boogie Wipes - This is one of those bonus items - no, you don't need to buy a separate type of wipe for their faces, but I think I got a pack of these at my baby shower and have been so happy with them. They really do work well for cleaning off the face and nose and they're the perfect texture and moisture for the face.

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