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This breakfast pic is from 2 months ago, they look so much bigger in their high chairs already!
Breakfast is a pretty easy meal to get going as it's a lot of variations on the same thing and all of it is really quick to prepare... though never seems to be quick enough as when 7:45 rolls around, the boys are whining to get their food.

My mom calls their spread 'the lumberjack special', which usually consists of:
  • 2-3 different cut fruits (berries, banana, peaches-currently from frozen, kiwi, clementine, honeydew, cantaloupe, mango-from frozen)
  • 1 Carb (toast, pancakes, French toast, homemade cereal bars, muffins, Cheerios, frozen waffle)
  • Whole milk plain yogurt (approx. half a cup), mixed with probiotics, baby oatmeal and 2 ice cubes of pureed fruit, often mango, pear or apple)
  •  Egg yolk, generally 4-5 days a week
I'm looking forward to all the summer fruits they'll get to have fresh to change it up! They've been loving the strawberries that are already at the farmers market.

So as this blog is really like an online journal for me, I've tried to take photos of the different meals I make them to keep track of what I've tried. Here are some of our typical breakfasts:

Note the smaller portion, this is from late January: yogurt/cereal/puree, waffle, raspberries & peaches

Another reasonable portion from late Jan: bananas, oranges, pancakes, scrambled egg yolks
Early Feb: cereal/yogurt/puree, pancake, cantaloupe, bananas

Early Feb: bananas, cantaloupe, French toast, cereal/yogurt/puree

Feb: bananas, egg yolk, cereal bar, yogurt/cereal/puree, Cheerios

Mar: cereal/yogurt/puree, peaches, blueberries, multi-grain mini waffles

Mar: Peaches, French toast, blueberries, banana, yogurt/cereal puree

Mar: cereal/yogurt/puree, blueberries, kiwi, honeydew, multi-grain mini waffles and egg yolk strips

Mar: yogurt/cereal/puree, bananas, kiwi, French toast

Mar: multi-grain mini waffles, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries (not pictured: yogurt/cereal/puree
The last three are pretty typical of what they're eating now. They always finish everything. George goes for the eggs and carbs first, whereas William will always go for the fruit. Surprisingly, they both like the yogurt, even though it needs to be spoon-fed.

I was getting the multi-grain waffles from Trader Joe's, then I tried the Earth's Best mini-waffles for kids, but after comparing labels, the Whole Foods 365 multi-grain organic waffles seem to be the best -- lowest in sugar and sodium, highest in fiber. That makes for an easy choice for all of us, as I'll usually make two waffles: one for them to share and one for me. I'm also the recipient of all the egg whites after I make their egg yolks, so that works out pretty well for me too.

After a year, they can start having egg whites, though they did have French toast when we were out last weekend (make with the whole egg) and they were fine, so hopefully that's a good sign. Anyway, I'll start making mini quiche and frittatas and load them with veggies. I have a few more muffin recipes bookmarked as well; I love have fresh muffins on hand, but they are messy with babies! I've also heard from other moms that smoothies can be really popular with kids and you can load all kinds of good stuff in them. They're getting pretty good with their straw cups for water, but not sure they're ready for smoothies.

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