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One of Dave and my favorite things to get in the city is a California Sisig burrito from the Senor Sisig food truck. Basically it's a Filipino burrito with French fries INSIDE the burrito (see here). I know it sounds totally indulgent, and it is, but it is so so good. I felt like changing it up today and there's a new park that is on the way to where Sisig was going to be parked so I figured it would be fun to have the boys try their first burrito. No, not the California Sisig, a more basic version.

Well, to say it was a hit would be an understatement. I ordered one burrito for myself and one for them to share, figuring there would be plenty leftover for another meal. Theirs came with chicken, Adobo garlic rice, pinto beans, lettuce pico de gallo and cilantro cream sauce. I unwrapped the foil from the top of it and let George take it. He bit right in and kept going for it. I wrestled it away, which he didn't like, to give William a try, but he didn't really get it, didn't seem too interested, so I just pulled out a few pieces of chicken and beans to put on his tray and let George have back at it.

Well, he devoured that thing. Kept gnawing away. And yes, I must admit, not nearly all of it made it in his mouth. In fact, Mom made the mistake of forgetting the bibs, so I tucked a few napkins in his shirt. Like that did anything. There was rice EVERYWHERE. But nothing a quick vacuum can't take care of (make sure to empty the bag/container!).

He had finished about 3/4 of the burrito (minus all the rice that had fallen into the stroller seat) when I finally pried it out of his hands and took him out to go play at the park with William. He seemed content. That is until I put them both back into the stroller to go home 30 minutes later, George picked up right where he left off, scrounging around on his tray and in his seat. By this time William decided he liked the food too so I put more on his tray.

When we got home, I shook them both off over the stroller seats, though plenty of pieces fell to the floor. I got out the vacuum to clean up and they both go to town picking up the leftover food from the floor and eating it. Not even 30 minutes later, George nursed just as long as he always does before going down for his nap. If that doesn't put him into a food coma, I don't know what would!

The remains

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