Week 43

Week 43 sounds so odd. Past the typical 40 weeks of pregnancy, but I guess not quite to 52 weeks in a year. Dave just asked me if I'll continue to do weekly, or the monthly posts after their first birthday and I haven't decided. I think I'll continue with the monthly posts while they continue to grow by leaps and bounds in any given month, but I may change up the format of the weekly updates. We'll see :)

But for now, I'll keep it going as is. Last week we got some more rain but for the most part, it didn't put a damper on our outings, usually raining in the evenings or middle-of-the-night. Morgan came over on Monday and we had a nice dinner and caught up on The Bachelor (how bad is this season by the way??). I hadn't seen her in a while and it was fun to hear about her recent trip to Morocco. Oh how times have changed! Have to live vicariously through others' trips.

We hit up the park and the Ferry Building for lunch several days. The delicious porchetta sandwich which they boys got little tastes of and my new favorite place, Cane Rosso. This time I got roasted lamb with a yogurt sauce and spicy chickpeas. G&W got some lamb, and then I ordered a side of baked beans. They ate those okay, but weren't overly keen on them. The lamb was a hit though.

We tried going to the library on Wednesday when it was drizzling, but it wasn't open yet, so we instead walked the aisles of Safeway and Walgreens before heading home for lunch.

I was able to make it to bootcamp both days last week since music class was canceled, and luckily the rain held off. Then we met up with the Stroller Divas for lunch at Crossroads. It's nice to now run into a few people from the neighborhood that I know. The boys were definitely down with their grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!

Both babies came down with a cold, Dave and I got a bit of it too, so who knows where it came from. They were just snotty all week, but Thursday after he woke up from his nap, George coughed several different times that sounded pretty bad, almost like a wheezing. I called the doctor just before 5 and they told me to bring him into the after-hours clinic. They diagnosed him with a really mild case of croup, but gave me a prescription to fill, and give to him if it got worse. Apparently it gets bad at night and can keep them up. Sure enough, about 2:30am, he woke up sounding terrible. I gave him the first dose and though he was still stuffy, he went back to sleep. Luckily he and William both continued to sleep well despite being sick.

It was a really busy weekend though as Dave and I are in the process of becoming members of the church we've been attending for about 6 months. There was a dinner on Friday night at the church, which turned out to be really nice. There's a group of about 20-25 people in this 'class', which I think is a lot larger than normal, but we've at least had brief conversations with many of them after this past weekend so it's nice to 'know' more people there now. Saturday morning we were back at church to learn more about Calvary Presbyterian. Dave and I picked up lunch before heading home to take over the babies from my mom. Then that night we got to go out again, this time to celebrate Stacey's birthday. We had a fun dinner at Cafe des Amis and it was great to catch up with Megan too. Sunday morning, we put the boys down for their nap and then got ready for church, but decided since they both were still sick that they could probably use the sleep so let them wake up on their own and pretty much missed the whole service. But we had one final membership day immediately following the service and luckily the guys were in good spirits after their long nap. It was so funny to pack them a little lunch to have at the church nursery. I sent 2 baby food pouches, a string cheese, diced chicken and a clementine and all that was left was half a clementine.  Everything went well for Dave and I and our Statements of Faith so now we just wait until this coming Sunday when we're officially welcomed into the church with the rest of our 'class'.

One other thing I've been spending a lot of time on, is a search for a new nanny. Alieta never came back, still don't know what happened with her, but Lolina let me know several weeks ago that she's going full time with her day time family starting March 10. We'll be sad to see her go. So I put up a posting on UrbanSitter and Care.com, and while I got a lot of applicants, very few were even good enough for me to want to schedule a phone interview. I think I spoke to 5 people by phone, but several of them couldn't do one day or another and I'm really looking for Mon-Fri help. I was left with 2 candidates -- one a young college student who interviewed really well, and other a little older than me with 18 years of experience including running an in-home daycare, a preschool teacher, longterm nanny, etc. I gave both a working interview where I paid them for the normal 4-7:30 slot to see how they did with the kids, how I got along with them, etc. The college student was surprisingly good with them, seemed to have a handle on the two of them together, could handle mealtime and bathtime, though when she was getting squirmy George dressed on the bed while I was dressing William, the diaper pull broke and she left George on the bed and walked away to get a new diaper. I didn't notice immediately, but a few seconds later when I did, I firmly said, 'you can't leave him alone on the bed, he'll roll off'. She didn't say much, but I brought it up again at the end of the night when we sat down to chat. That pretty much turned me off of her. I was hopeful about the other woman who came over on Sunday but thought she might be more than we were looking for. She clearly is a professional, wants paid time off, sick days, etc, and a higher hourly rate, all which makes sense, but is quite different than how we've done things with our current nannies. Anyway, we've been lucky to have Winnie, Lolina's friend, help since Alieta didn't return so I'm not feeling too rushed to make a decision. Winnie is great with the kids but isn't quite as experienced as we need to be able to leave them alone with her on a regular basis. It's a lot of work to find the right fit, but I'm leaning towards giving this experienced nanny a shot.

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