Week 44

Much of the same last week, some trips to the park and the Ferry Building, music class, but the highlight was meeting up with Ashley, London and Preston last Friday. We went to the Exploratorium for a bit, but it was so busy with school groups and a bit too chaotic for little ones so we didn't stay too long. It was so fun watching the three kids together. Preston was a little angel and slept the whole time.

I was lucky that my mom was with us; the Exploratorium is definitely better one on one, at least with them at this age.

 Then we got to play at the park for a bit. The boys' new favorite is the see-saw. Two days in a row for William, as we headed to the park with Dave on Saturday.

I also hosted book club last week and we read a great book, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. It was similar to the parenting speaker I heard back in January, but this was a more relevant and gave great examples of how to help your child emotionally, for example, through empathy, helping them label their feelings, setting limits and problem-solving. While much of it can't fully be put to use yet as they're not talking, I think a lot of it can be implemented immediately to at least build a nice foundation. I'm really enjoying the book club even though it's dwindled down to just a few of us. We're actually going to meet up with our husbands and kids in a few weekends.

For date night, Dave and I went to PPQ Dungeness for our annual crab dinner. It's now become a tradition!

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