Week 45

We had the best weekend weather-wise so tried to get out as much as possible to take advantage of it. Dave went down to Chip and Julie's on Friday after work and didn't get back until the early afternoon on Saturday, so it was almost like a typical day where the boys and I went down to the park and then to the Ferry Building for lunch. We had a great time, though the park is packed on Saturdays and it's definitely harder to manage both of them by myself. They really worked up an appetite though, and it's getting tougher to feed them both off my plate (I need to eat a lot too!) so I went ahead and ordered them their own salmon BLT from the stand Dave and I regularly go to.

Of course, they can't eat this whole sandwich themselves, but they basically eat the tomato, greens and salmon, plus the top bread from one HALF. I ate the extra bacon and saved the other half for Dave. Dave said we reeked of salmon when we got home, but oh well!

It was such a nice day that we headed out to another park when they woke up from their nap. They're able to do more and more at the park now: pushing kids on the merry-go-round, sitting on the rocker, oh, and I forgot to mention the big news, George took his first steps on Thursday!! 
Our new nanny had mentioned to me that she's seen his standing unassisted several times on Wednesday and then again on Thursday. I hadn't noticed this so after dinner, I held him in front of me and sure enough, he was able to take 2-3 steps before tumbling into my arms. I think the most he's done is about 6. But he really isn't walking. He'll only take steps when he's right in front of us and let go of his hands; he doesn't choose to do it otherwise. Probably like when he pulled up to standing, it took a while until he was comfortable doing it, whereas William took longer to start, but once he had it, he was pretty steady. We've tried with William but he'll fall to his knees if we let go of his hands.
Sunday, Dave wasn't feeling well, so while we were hoping to get out for a hike or something, we decided on just going to get food instead. We walking down Mission Bay to Mission Rock Resort and had a great brunch with a view of the water. There wasn't much on the menu that was baby-friendly and we oddly left the house rather unprepared -- no bibs, no water cups for them and only a string cheese (usually I'll bring some veggies or other stuff they can eat if they aren't eating our food). Luckily I always keep some baby food pouches in the bag, so they each downed one of those while we were waiting, plus a string cheese, before they got into their French toast with berries. George couldn't get it fast enough!

Pretty quiet week otherwise, with our typical outings. They got to try sausage and mustard greens pizza from my lunch at the Ferry Building on Tuesday.

And they're still loving music class on Thursdays -- though they're by far the most active ones in there, crawling in different directions, trying to get to the guitars in the corner, or the closed-off area where the teacher keeps the shakers and rhythm sticks. Long gone are the days they'll just sit in my lap.

Friday I got to get out on my own while my mom stayed with the boys. I met Ashley and Preston for an exciting trip to Ikea (so much better on a midweek morning!) where I picked up some stuff for their party. I think things are coming together!
Last week was a little off with the time change. The good news is that they are generally sleeping-in a little later (meaning closer to 7am), but because of that, they're going down for their morning nap later and later. Our new nanny, Jessica, started on Wednesday and so far is working out really well. She's great with the babies and clearly has a lot of experience. She can handle them alone even during bathtime and getting them dressed for bed, which is saying a lot!

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