Coming Down

What a week, or really month, it's been. It's been a whirlwind with Dave's new job and I've been busy running after two full-on WALKERS, party-planning and finishing up the project for Travelzoo. It was a great weekend with their first birthday party on Saturday and their (and my) baptism on Sunday. But I'm exhausted. I don't think I've been this drained since the newborn months... and I've gotten more sleep than I normally do since as of today, I'm no longer pumping.

So tomorrow I'll still be running around after W&G, and while I'm looking forward to putting up my feet and doing NOTHING in the down time, I do feel a bit anxious about everything culminating at once. They're already a year old. I've spent a lot of my 'free time' of the past few months planning their birthday party (which I thoroughly enjoyed doing). My project with Travelzoo wrapped up on Friday. And I'm done pumping, and will continue to wean the last few breastfeedings with George within the next few days.

There's been so much anticipation for so many of these moving pieces, and while I'm not necessarily sad that it's over, it's definitely a feeling of coming down. Sort of, 'what's next?'. I have no doubt I'll quickly find something to fill my new-found free time, but for the moment, I guess I just need to let the dust settle.

I'm excited to post about their Birthday/Easter, their First Birthday Party, Weaning, and more of what they've been eating. Some of that I'm waiting on photos for (either from the photographer or for
Dave to edit, but he's so busy too!). But regardless, that should keep me busy for a while!

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