We Eat | Rolled, Patted & STUFFED

I've still been looking for creative ways to serve W&G what we're eating, but in a form that's easy for them to feed themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to stuff the good stuff inside of a pita or tortilla.

I've been trying to give the guys fresh vegetables (eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, etc.) from the farmers market, and since they're not into purees, I've been roasting them up, and then chopping them. They didn't do too well eating it this way alone (though it has been at least a month since I've tried this) so I started filling whole wheat pitas with the roasted vegetables and maybe some hummus, in this case, a spicy hummus. I just cut it up into bite-size pieces and they ate it right up. Spicy hummus and all! Usually I'll make a whole pita, cut it up and then store it in several small containers. It's easy to bring along with us and just sprinkle on their trays at lunchtime. They're getting tons of nutrients and they're able to feed themselves. I find that hummus is a great binder to keep it all together when I cut it up into small pieces. I tried a white bean hummus from Trader Joe's but didn't like it too much. One other binder I've tried is some of the purees I still have in the freezer. These seem to work pretty well.

I've also used whole wheat tortillas or the handmade flour tortillas from Trader Joe's to make simple quesadillas, or quesadillas stuffed with roasted vegetables or asparagus.

Quesadilla with roasted vegetables
Pita with hummus and spaghetti squash - which alone turned out to be too hard for them to eat

Asparagus-stuffed quesadilla

And of course, burritos!
Although not homemade, I find that raviolis or similar stuffed pasta is great for G&W too. I always read the labels and look for those that are low in sodium and try to do more veggie-heavy ones. They did well with an eggplant ravioli from Whole Foods.

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