Week 48

Well, we're almost through this week and I still need to catch up on last week. It was a busy one; I was doing a lot of work for the project I'm working on with Travelzoo, but by Friday most of it (at least this first part of the project), was done. The hours have surprisingly added up, but it's still been pretty manageable to do while they're napping. I'm usually able to do 30 minutes of emails and stuff during their morning nap and then more in the afternoon. I'm worried they're starting to transition out of their morning nap, but I'm hoping they'll at least make it to their first birthday.

Monday, we had fun checking out Emerald Park which is in an apartment complex a few blocks from our place. The best part of that day was George enjoying his Sisig burrito. I had a Junior League training that night on entrepreneurship, very interesting.

On Tuesday, we lucked out and made it through bootcamp without it raining, and the boys even napped. I knew it was going to rain any time, but I wanted to get them out a bit, so we rushed home to quickly eat, then headed out to the park by the Ferry Building. Of course it started raining right when we got there. I put their hoods up and let them play for 15 minutes, mostly under the coverage of the boat play structure, but it was just getting too wet so I loaded them up and we hurried across to the Ferry Building. I picked up an asparagus focaccia for them and a ramen bowl for me. I let them have some of the noodles and they surprisingly loved them. Luckily it stopped raining in time for us to walk home.

I was worried about the rain again on Wednesday, and though it just drizzled a little, we still headed over to Sports Basement to meet my friend and her son for Breakfast with Enzo. I thought it was a music class but Enzo clarified it's more of a 'performance'. He's got a pretty serious set up (George loved all the plugs though I didn't like keeping him away from that), plays different instruments and involves the children. But this definitely isn't like our current music class where the boys can touch the piano and put their hands all over the guitar. It was a nice change of pace (and only $6 per kid!) but it was hard for me to keep up with them/keep them away from the equipment. At least for going with two kids, I think it would be easier when they're a little older.

Thursday was back to our music class where they could get all over everything. They're still loving the piano, William likes to cruise all around the room and George likes to crawl, oddly, towards the door. That night both Dave and I got out, but we had separate events. I got to go to dinner with a bunch of my girl friends, many who I haven't seen in a while so it was a lot of fun. 

Friday was a super-busy morning catching up on Travelzoo stuff and George didn't really nap. I even had to stop to pick up a quick breakfast for myself before heading to the park to meet a friend and her son. There was the sweetest yellow lab there and the boys loved petting him.

It was a strange weekend, Dave was dealing with a lot of work stuff so was preoccupied with that, and the weather wasn't good. Luckily some twin parents were meeting up at Crossroads literally around the corner from us, so we braved the weather and met them there for lunch. It cleared up enough that I could take them out for a walk after their nap.

Sunday, we went to church, this time with a new strategy. Since they usually nap 9-10am, but sometimes don't fall right asleep, and we have to leave for church around 9:30 or so, it just throws everything off. We decided we'd leave for church at 9, they could (hopefully) fall asleep in the car on the 15-minute drive over and then we'd park and let them sleep until just before 10. I also brought bottles for both of them since George is too distracted to nurse in the car or in the church nursery. It sort of worked -- William did great, slept the whole time and we handed him, and his bottle, off to the teacher. George didn't really sleep but seemed to be okay.

William was pretty fussy that day, despite his good nap, and sure enough, we saw his 7th tooth coming through (bottom left). We got out to the park that afternoon, though he was still pretty cranky (but still enjoyed cruising all around the park).

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