Week 49

It's been a great week, we've been lucky to have Dave home all week, and he'll be home another week with us before he starts his new job next Monday.

I had a lot of plans already made since I wasn't planning on having him home, so we went to a playdate with other twins who live in the neighborhood on Monday, but Dave met up with us at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen for lunch. We had to change our order to to-go as it started raining, but we made it home just before the lightening and thunder started -- so crazy for SF! The boys has their first grilled cheese from this awesome spot -- I went all out and ordered them the Mac and Cheese grilled cheese. They seemed to like it, but they've been a little off all week with their eating. Both are getting teeth in so I'm assuming that's affecting things.

It was great to have Dave at home so I could do some stuff on my own. I was meeting up with Jenn in Walnut Creek for an early dinner so I got to stop by Ashley's on my way there. It's always nice to catch up in person and with four kids between us, that's harder and harder to do. I totally blew it and drove all the way out to Walnut Creek only to realize I had the day wrong and it's actually tomorrow that I'm getting together with Jenn, so I took advantage of the free time on my own to run some errands and do some shopping.

Tuesday Dave had his own plans for lunch, but stayed with the babies so I could go to bootcamp -- it started raining right when I was to leave but the instructor had emailed that class was still on. I ran in the rain only to find no one there, not even the instructor. So weird, I felt like things were off all week. I debated going out with they babies several times, but the weather kept changing. Finally around 11:45am I decided to risk it and we were able to make it to the farmers market for lunch, but just came straight home. I had a meatball sandwich from my favorite spot and the babies mostly ate stuff I brought but also got some of the meatballs.

Wednesday I headed over to the Botanical Gardens to meet with two other twin moms, though their twins are closer to 2 years old. I've been trying to connect with more twin moms and a friend had put me in touch with these two. They were really nice so hopefully we meet up again, especially as mine start walking, they should be into more of the same stuff.

Thursday was music class again, then we headed to Squat and Gobble for lunch. It was a nice day to sit outside, though still on the colder side. Dave and I went out to Spruce that night for the first of his birthday dinners and as usual, Spruce didn't disappoint. My asparagus starter, over a grain salad with an egg, was delicious.

Friday I finally got to see Jenn, meet Lucas and see the rest of her family. Again, we were worried about the weather, but luckily it just rained in the early morning and we were still able to meet up at Fairyland. I can't believe I forgot to get a photo of all our boys together! I'm so looking forward to catching up just the two of us tomorrow night. It's such a treat to not only see each other in person, but without the kids.

Saturday, we headed over to one of our favorite parks to meet up with my friend from book club and her daughter and husband, and I had also set up a meetup for some twin moms, though only a couple showed up. Still, it was such a nice day to be out and the boys were in a good mood, which hasn't been the case a lot of this week with all the teething. They ate their lunch on the picnic blanket as we didn't bring the stroller, and it actually worked out pretty well. Then Dave and I stopped by our new favorite sandwich place, Deli Board, to pick up some sandwiches to take home. My mom came over that afternoon -- we hadn't seen her in two weeks since she had been in Chicago -- so it was so nice to catch up. Dave was able to go see Captain America, which he loved.

Today was low-key, we decided to skip church so Dave could go to boxing. We went out for a casual brunch on the water, then to the park for a bit, but George is constantly eating sand so it's really a pain. At our local park, the sand is usually just near the sandbox area, but I don't know if it's from the wind, or from kids dumping it, but sand is EVERYWHERE now. George just presses his hand down so bits up sand are on it, then he licks it. It's awful, and with two, it's nearly impossible to keep him from eating it while also keeping up with William. We got them out for a walk after their nap, but no stopping at the park...

Dave and I have finished Homeland, so we caught up on a few Modern Family episodes, but are now debating what to start next. He's going to be traveling a bit more with his new job, but we're looking forward to having him home all week and celebrating his birthday, plus it's supposed to be great weather!

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