Week 50

Last week was a great week, for Dave especially :) We had fun celebrating his birthday all week long and it was so nice that he had the whole week off before starting his new job yesterday.

Warm enough for shorts!
We had such great weather last week, so Monday we went to the park, picked up some Sisig, then came back to swim in the pool with the boys. They LOVED it, had so much fun splashing around. It's been a couple of months since they've been in the pool since we haven't been able to get them back into swim lessons so I'm glad to see they still like it. That afternoon, I took advantage of having Dave home while the boys were napping and got to go see Ashley, Preston and London before heading out to meet Jenn for dinner in Walnut Creek. What a great day!! It's so nice to be able to catch up with friends in person, and Jenn just had her third baby and Ashley her second, so these face-to-face meet ups, especially without kids, are few and far between. I really had so much fun getting to catch up with both of them. The only bad part of that day was that someone hit me on the freeway, but luckily it was minor, no one was hurt and it was her fault so her insurance is covering it. Still, I was definitely a little shaken up.

Tuesday I was able to go to bootcamp without the babies, then came home, fed them, and we headed straight out to the park, then picked up lunch at the ferry building before rushing back so Dave and I could go to the baseball game. There was such an energy in the city, especially since we live right by the ballpark -- so many people were out, even at 9am, with their Giants gear, ready for opening day. We had a great time at the game with Megan, Morgan and Greg, though it was so HOT! Yes, in SF! We had to get up several times to stand in the shade. Just as we were leaving the shade was going over our section. Figures. At least the Giants won! We were pretty low-key that night, I made pork chops for Dave and we had ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe. Then we watched a documentary we've been talking about, The Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Wednesday was the monthly free day at the zoo, but William has been taking really long naps in the morning so we didn't get out there until almost 11:30. We rode the train around the park, which is definitely something that I wouldn't be able to do alone with them at this point. They weren't in the best mood, and it was foggy and cold out there (typical), but it was still fun. Especially since we picked up In n Out on the way home :)

Thursday was our last music class of the session and I think we're going to change it up and try a different one for the next few months, ideally one in our neighborhood so we don't have to drive. We had lunch at Squat and Gobble -- the boys got a massive grilled cheese but at least there's two of them to eat it :) Dave and I celebrated his birthday some more when we ate at Sons and Daughters for date night. Highly recommended, an affordable 7-course tasting menu (not including the 3 bread courses!), great food and amazing service.

On Friday, Dave took care of the boys in the morning and then flew to Vegas for the weekend with his friends. He got to see the big boxing match and had a great time. I took the boys to the park by our house, but George is officially a sand-eater now so I actually had to put him in the stroller while William and I played. It's so terrible, he'll pick up even the tiniest bits of sand, far from the sandbox and trying to deal with that while keeping up with William is definitely a challenge.

G banished to the stroller for eating sand
They were nice to me on Saturday and didn't wake up until 6:45. They were actually in a great mood all day. We headed to the park by the ferry building, though just as predicted of 11 months, which has been so great, it's the calm before the storm. And the storm is starting to brew.

They now will crawl up the play structure, which they've both done as far back as in Florida, but now they do it every time, on their own and they're fast. It definitely makes me a bit nervous, especially if one gets ahead of the other. I want to stand behind them on the steps in case one decides to go from crawling to sitting and falls back, but if one makes it to the top, there are unprotected sides, as well as the slide down. I'm still figuring it all out but can see that it's getting a lot tougher now that they're even more mobile.

We got our salmon BLT like we usually do on Saturdays,
they love it as much as I do!

My mom came over that afternoon to play with them while I went and got a mani-pedi, and they had a great time together going to the park. They really enjoyed their penne with red sauce and meatballs, which they ate several nights last week.

Sunday morning I took them to a different park and then headed over to Red's Java House for lunch, but there were tons of people out for the Giants game, so it was a long wait and then they were out of the corned beef breakfast sandwich that is sooo good. So the boys and I had fish and chips, which doesn't really work out because I end up picking out all the big chunks of fish for them and I'm left with the fried bits. yuk. By the time we got home, Dave was back and got to spend some time with them before they took their nap. He took them out that evening so I could go for a swim. Then I made seared ahi for dinner. Then Dave was off to NYC to start his new job on Monday morning. We're missing him this week!

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