When There Were Two...

One year ago today, there were just two of us. I didn't know it at the time, but it was my last day of work, conveniently, a Friday. It was a beautiful day, hot, especially for San Francisco. Although I was still on bedrest, I was almost 37 weeks pregnant so I while I wasn't doing anything crazy, I was allowing myself to be on my feet just a bit more. I decided to drive down the street to pick up a burrito from my favorite place and I brought it back to eat it by the pool. I even took a picture because I was going to do a blog post about 'my views for the past four months', including my work laptop balanced on my belly and the view from the apartment looking out onto the bay. I spent a lot of time laying on my bed working on that laptop, and most of my other time was spent relaxing on the couch and I definitely can't complain about that view.

Here was my view one year ago today:

One year ago today, I was feeling cautiously optimistic. That's how I had felt for the previous four months I spent on bedrest, but the difference was that I had 'made it' just about to full term for twins. We certainly weren't out of the woods yet, the babies weren't even here, but it was an odd feeling of a waiting game, waiting longer than you thought you'd ever make it, yet wanting to make it even longer.

That night we didn't go out to dinner like we normally did on Fridays. I hadn't made a reservation, but instead had decided to order BBQ delivery of all things. I remember that Dave got spicy sausage and warned me it would not sit well, but I wanted to taste it anyway, it was something I loved pre-pregnancy. With horrible reflux, it would not be the best choice, however I still took a tiny bite just to taste it. Disgusting. We watched a show, went to bed and slept most of the night, until I woke up and had a feeling that that day, April 20, 2013, would be the day we'd become four.

As I'm sure most parents experience the same feelings, I can't believe a year has passed. While this milestone is bittersweet, I'm only focusing on the 'sweet' at least for this next week. I'm so excited to celebrate their big day tomorrow and I think I'm even more excited for their birthday bash next weekend (hoping it won't rain as predicted!). Happy Birthday-Eve to my little guys!

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