April 20, 2014: Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!

 Dave's birthday is in early April and every once in a while, it falls on Easter. Earlier this year, I checked to see when Easter was and had a feeling it would be on the boys' birthday, and it was. It turned out to be a great day to celebrate both as we got to be with family for their actual birthday and for their birthday party the next weekend.

The boys woke up in a great mood and were even happier when I filled up one of the cribs with balloons. The photo shoot wasn't nearly as successful as the photo from pinterest, but it rarely is, especially with two babies. They LOVED it though.

Next was breakfast. We had leftover banana pancakes from brunch the day before so each got a candle in theirs and went to town. (Note, they definitely did not each finish the pancakes, that was breakfast for at least a few days).

Then we opened some gifts and lots of cards.

And got a few treats in our Easter baskets, including a slinky (and holding a diaper, George's favorite thing to carry around).

Next, we got ready for church. They did pretty well in the nursery considering they only napped for a few minutes on the ride over. Luckily we had a 45-minute drive out to Danville right after church so they got a good nap then.

They were in such a great mood at Elizabeth's parents' house and though they didn't really get the concept of egg-hunting, they were able to pick up a few and were definitely interested in the snacks inside (cheddar bunnies, which they hadn't tried before).

My mom made strawberry shortcake for them to have as their first dessert and their 'birthday cake'.  They didn't go as crazy as they did at their birthday party, but were definitely fans.

It truly was a great day. So much better than even my best birthdays. I can't wait to see how much fun birthdays and Christmases are when they are excited as I am!

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