Baptism (for Three)

Although my mom is religious, I was never baptized. Dave was, and it was important to him that our boys got baptized. But taking a step back, before the babies were born, we also decided we wanted to find a church and become more involved on a regular basis. I checked out a few on my own before I was pregnant, and didn't really find anywhere I thought would be a good fit for us. Then came the pregnancy, and bedrest, so those plans were put on hold.

It was largely my pregnancy (as well as my brother's accident), that propelled us to search for a church when the boys were about 6 months old. Things were finally settling down, at least a little bit, and we felt like we had SO much to be grateful for. After the recommendation of several like-minded friends/families, we started attending a Presbyterian church in the city, and though aspects of it have been an adjustment for me (I'm not used to singing from a hymn book!), Dave felt at home. I knew I'd be more adaptable as far as churches go, so I was flexible and willing to give it a try.

We've been attending pretty regularly since October and in March we became members of the church. Once we were officially members, we looked into having our boys baptized. Part of becoming members is getting baptized, if you aren't already. Though not required, everyone seems to do it and after thinking about it more, I knew I wanted to be baptized as well. The others in our membership class who weren't, got baptized on the morning we became members. I decided to hold off so that my mom could attend, and after discussing it with my mom, I decided to get baptized at the same time as the boys. It was a really special way to do it.

Mom's up first

Next is George
Then William

We love Pastor John, he's totally relateable and seems 'real', referencing things from his life that we do too, but you wouldn't expect a pastor to admit ;) The nursery is great and the boys (mostly) like going. We feel like we've found a perfect church home and look forward to our boys growing up learning about God.

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