Happy Mother's Day!

(Somewhat) Success!
 My second Mother's Day already, wow. It was another good one, but this year I got a lot more sleep, sleeping in until 7:30 when even the earplugs weren't keeping out William's whining. They went down for an early nap so it was actually a relaxing morning compared to most Sunday mornings when we're rushing around to make it to church on time. We went to church, then to a nice brunch, and I stayed at the hotel for a 90-minute hot stone massage while Dave took the guys home. Heaven. It was just so nice not to be rushing... rushing to get home so I wouldn't miss a feeding, worrying about pumping, etc. I got home before they woke up and then spent a little time with them before my mom came over to take them out so I could relax, and cook dinner for us (which I said is how I wanted to spend my time). Even though my mom came to watch the kids, we convinced her to stay for dinner so we could celebrate her as well. I tried a new recipe, which was delicious and it was fun to make. Recipe for the barley risotto here.

Salmon with Toasted Barley Risotto with Spinach and Herb Puree, and Asparagus
I feel so blessed that my mom gets to spend so much time with my family. Especially in the early months, I couldn't survive the days without her and now that the boys are a bit older, I just love how they recognize her and love being with her.

Dedee with her SF grandkids
Dave and I, and William and George, are so lucky because we don't only have my mom, but we also have Dave's mom, 'Ma', who loves the boys to pieces. She visits every chance she gets and it's fun to see the boys interacting with her on facetime now too.

I know not everyone is so lucky, but having two grandmas who are so involved and love our family so dearly means the world to us.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmas!

How 99% of the photos turn out

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