Mom's Weekend Away

I just got back from four days away from the babies and everyone survived. In fact, it sounds like everyone thrived!

My friends proposed a girls trip to Mexico sometime back in January. Ironically, it all started when I reached out to everyone to see who was interested in renting a house in Hawaii: kids, spouses, boyfriends, etc., invited. With so many single/unmarried friends, that quickly turned into a girls trip and Megan generously offered up her parents' place in Puerto Vallarta. When deciding dates, I knew I'd only be able to go once I was done breastfeeding so giving a few weeks as a buffer between weaning, luckily it worked out for us to go this past weekend.

I won't lie, I was definitely a little nervous to go, but oddly, not for the reason you would think. I was actually a lot more anxious about going with my (mostly) single friends who still go out a fair amount, and being able to keep up and enjoy myself. I obviously didn't drink during my pregnancy and even while breastfeeding, I've had maybe a glass of champagne per week when we go out to dinner. I just didn't miss alcohol. So while this wasn't going to be a 'rager', I was worried about even having several drinks in a row. Luckily, everything worked out fine; actually, it worked out great. While I was definitely not the biggest partier in the group, I enjoyed the margaritas and had so much fun hanging out with the other girls.

Megan's parents' place is unbelievable. Perched on a hillside, it's multiple levels with something like 8 bedrooms (not counting the maids' quarters!). The house is totally open-air, so while most of the rooms have shutters you can close off it's never really completely closed. I had my own room and slept with the shutters open each night. Besides the first night when I had to leap out of bed to toss a huge bug from my pillow off the balcony, sleeping with the room open and the sound of the ocean in the background was awesome.
Room with a view
I traveled with several other girls from SF on Thursday morning and we met up with our friends from Dallas at the PV airport when we arrived around 3pm. We headed to the house and joined the other girls who were already there in the pool. Veronica, on the house staff, made fresh salsa and margaritas. That is the life! We stayed in for dinner that night (Veronica served up some coconut shrimp with asparagus, yum!).

The next day we headed out on Megan's family's boat and did a trip I've been lucky enough to do several times now, heading down the coast to a beach only reachable by boat for a lobster lunch. We stopped for a swim in the ocean on the way back.

It was hot -- getting ready for dinner that night was brutal when blow-drying my hair -- but I feel like we were lucky it wasn't hotter as mid-May is already pushing it weather-wise down there. We went to dinner and then out the clubs -- yes, we actually went to a handful of clubs, including bottle service at the first one. It's off-season there so we were easily outnumbered by Mexicans and the music was often not our taste. By the end of the night (about 4am...yes, I made it that late!), the music had improved to hip hop but the last of us finally decided to head home.

Some late-night quesadillas and catch-up sesh with Megan and Nicole rounded out the night. I slept well, finally going to bed at 4:30am... waking up at 12:37pm! I couldn't believe it when I saw the time (PV is 2 hours ahead of SF, but still, sleeping in that late... it's been a loooong time!). Even better, I wasn't even hungover (age has made me smarter and switching off with a bottle of water between drinks is definitely the key!). I missed breakfast but not much else, some of the girls where getting mani/pedis or massages by the pool but as I had just woken up, I wasn't in the mood for a massage. First world problems, I know!

Veronica hooked us up with fresh ceviche and more margaritas and we spent the whole day poolside, well, actually, mostly in the pool. It was hot. We had dinner at home that night but rallied to go out for a low-key night at a bar for 'just a drink'. We ended up having a blast though and while it wasn't as late as it was the night before, we danced at the bar until maybe 1 or so. Another night of quesadillas and then to bed. I slept well again, but was worried I'd be lying in all day on my last day so made myself get up when I looked at my clock at 10 -- and I was one of the first ones up. The 'staff' were off on Sunday so some of the girls and I made breakfast for everyone. I only had a few hours before I had to head to the airport so we just hung by the pool until it was time for me to go.

Despite my worries, everything worked out really well. I was excited for the trip, but ended up having even more fun than I thought I would. It was relaxing, fun to catch up with some friends I don't see often and a blast to go out and dance with everyone.

So was I missing Dave and the boys? Of course, but to be honest, I found it really easy to just be in the moment in Mexico and enjoy myself. I knew the boys were in good hands and was comfortable that while I hadn't left them overnight before, they're familiar enough with my mom, Jessica, and obviously Dave, that they would do just fine, and they did. Dave and I exchanged a few emails throughout the weekend and we were able to facetime for a couple minutes on Saturday.

Four days was a good amount of time to be away, especially since I saw them Thursday morning and Sunday night. I was definitely excited to see them Sunday night and when I did, it felt like they had changed while I was gone! William came over for cuddles when I got home, but George was pretty uninterested. He wanted to read a book. That doesn't surprise me much, and honestly, didn't hurt my feelings. I just picked him up for a hug. Jessica did tell me they seemed sad when she came in to get them after their nap on Friday, kind of like, 'it's still you and not mom??'

I am so glad I went on the trip and am grateful that I had the help I did to feel comfortable enough to leave them. It was the oddest feeling while I was down there, though I didn't dwell on the boys much, I did think about how different every single day of my life for the last 13 months has been. I'm not complaining but it's been all about babies -- even on days where I get away for a few hours, it's still prepping to be away for that time, and when I'm home, it caring for, prepping for, cleaning up after and feeding babies. It's hanging around the house, reading books, going to the park, swim lessons. I'm not complaining about this somewhat mundane life, but it did feel like a 180 from my days in Mexico with no schedule, nobody needing anything from me and not needing to lift a finger.

It's nice to be back but I'm also feeling confident that Dave and I can get away on our own now!

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