One Year Old

1-year old. I really can't believe it. While I've been impressed with how they've grown and the new things they do each month, this is definitely the first month that they're feeling really grown up to me. It surprises me when Jessica says that George can go down the slide by himself -- I hadn't even considered that, he's still my baby! They ride on the little rocking animals at the park and can propel themselves and hold on. They can push the merry-go-round. I think especially since they're not only taking a few steps here and there, but actually walking (a few days before their birthday they really started walking over crawling full-time and haven't looked back since), they look more grown up too.  This is also the first month where I really feel like they understand what I'm saying a lot of the time. It's so cool when you tell them to do something and you see that they know what you're saying, AND decide to do it :) George especially is using signs more, especially to get what he wants -- 'more', 'milk' and 'food' are common.

Milestones from the first year & Highlights from the past month:
Jun 17: First real, big smile for W
Jun 23: First real, big smile for G
July 12: Slept through the night for 8 hours straight
July 27: First Giants game
Aug 10: First time in the swings
Sep 1: W rolled over
Sep 12: G rolled over
Sep 21: First night in your separate cribs
Sep 23: W sits unassisted (though not for long)
Oct 1: G sits unassisted (though not for long)
Oct 23: W's first tooth
Oct 24: G crawled
Nov 1: First food, avocado
Nov 6: W crawled
Nov 24: First flight
Dec 26: G pulls up to standing
Jan 17: W pulls up to standing
Jan 20: G claps, G's first tooth
Feb 1: No more purees, real food only
Feb 18: W claps
Mar 13: G's first steps
Mar 19: W points
Mar 20: G waves
Mar 21: G points
Mar 29: W's first steps
Mar 30: W's 7th tooth came in
Apr 5: W waves
Apr 13: W will 'play catch' with me, handing me the ball when I say, 'throw the ball to Mommy!'
Apr 15: G's 5th tooth came in
Apr 16: G's 6th tooth came in
Apr 17: G can sign 'more'
Apr 18: W's 8th tooth came in
Apr 19: First haircut


EAT: These two are still eating so well and I'm loving it; we'll see how long it lasts! I've started my post on their sample dinners, but they're eating everything that Dave and I eat, just the next night.

Their favorites haven't changed much -- both love cheese, William still eats his fruit first and George loves carbs. But really, they do well with everything, eating a lot of meat, vegetables, eggs and everything in between. We're still not sure if they like avocado -- they ate it as their first food and continued to eat it, but it's hit or miss now. Broccoli, well, broccolini, I'm also still testing out. It's not that they won't eat it, some pieces make it in and stay in, but I wouldn't say they like it. George has been eating around his honeydew melon lately too.

Most surprising thing they ate (and kept eating/seemed to like): arugula.

They're still not great with their bibs, but they're better than they were. Now taking the bibs off is usually an indicator that they're finished.

Although I swore I wouldn't pump a day past their birthday, I did pump about a week and a half past while I was wrapping up the pumping weaning. I continued to breastfeed George until we finished up this past weekend. I'm going to do a separate post on both how I tried to increase my supply, and then how I weaned. Luckily I didn't have any problems and it was surprisingly straight-forward.

As of this past weekend, they're both fully on cows' milk and this transition has been easy as well. Luckily there have been no negative reactions and while their overall milk intake has decreased a bit, they're still taking a good amount in (I'd estimate close to 20oz, slightly less for George). We're in the midst of testing out milk in straw cups and we'll slowly be weaning from the bottle. George has the concept down pretty well; William tends to let it all dribble back out (using the bib has been key when having him trying milk out of a straw cup).

Former Schedule:
(last month, up until their first birthday)

5:50am - mom pumps
6:30 - wake up, 6oz bottle for William
7:15 - G nurse
7:45 - breakfast
9am - nap (1hr for G, 1.5-1.75hr for W)
10am - G nurse, 3oz bottle for W
12pm - lunch
1:30 - G nurse, 5oz bottle for W
2pm - nap (2.25hr for W, 2.75hr for G)
4pm - G nurse, 3oz bottle for W
6pm - dinner
6:45pm - G nurse + 6oz bottle, 7oz bottle for W
7pm - bedtime
9pm - mom pumps

We'll see where the schedule ends up at 13 months depending on when they need milk. At least there's no pumping involved now!

SLEEP: They're still sleeping well, in fact, it's rare (not even once a week) that we need to go replace a paci in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, they've been consistently waking up earlier in the morning and most mornings need to be up and out of the crib by 6:30am. The last week or so has been tough with teething and congestion so I'm hoping that that's part of the problem, but I've also read that babies their age need 11.25 hours of sleep during the night, which they're getting. They're generally asleep by 7:30, sometimes earlier if they didn't have a great afternoon nap.

Naps. Surprisingly, their naps have been SO much better this month. I was thinking they were ready to drop down to one nap, but now they're sleeping more than ever. William sleeps pretty regularly for an hour-and-forty minutes in the morning (while George sleeps for a solid hour), and in the afternoon it's the reverse, with George sleeping for about 2 hours and forty minutes to William's 2 hours and 15 minutes. Even though they're opposite, I'm not complaining. Last month was tough with very short morning naps and then William having a lot of wake-ups during the afternoon nap. He still occasionally does that and needs the blowdryer white noise, but he's sleeping much better.

The thing that I've learned with all of these categories is that things are constantly changing. I wrote a lot of this post right after their first birthday but was waiting to go to the doctor for their stats, and then have been recovering from the crazy last few weeks. And looking at what I wrote, things have even changed since then. Their naps aren't quite as long, but they also have each gotten 1-2 more teeth in in the last 2 weeks. I think their long naps were also in preparation for, or the beginning of, walking so much. Now it feels like they've been walking forever (though they still do a lot of the arms-up-in-the air for balance thing). The good news is that they're still solidly on two naps and generally do well at night. George had a few nights last week when he cried a lot going down, but then Saturday he had a new tooth come through, so it seems like most of it can be explained away.

PLAY: They really are all over the place now, though they're not walking too fast so I can usually keep up with the two of them. It's been totally different taking them to the park now though. At the Ferry Building park, it used to be that we'd go under the play structure, play on the little swing, play peek-a-boo through the holes and they'd sort of just cruise around. Now they're walking everywhere and not really interested in that contained area anymore. Their new thing is to climb up to the top of the play structure. Usually one starts going up, I grab the other and put them on the steps, and we all go up together. It does make me nervous to be up there with them as there are holes for kids to climb back down, but obviously these two don't get that yet. I basically hold on to both of them while we're up there.

What's also been so much fun is to see them interact with other kids. William especially likes to make friends at the park, but even seeing them at their birthday party and various play dates, they really are 'playing' or at least checking out the other kids. The most fun has been to see them play with London. You always want your kids to be friends with your friends' kids and they're finally getting to the age where they're at least a little fun for an older kid.

At home, they can entertain themselves for a while now and are often found together. They still love playing with doors and exploring their closet in the bedroom. They also like looking out the window, especially when we have the big sliding windows open in the kitchen and they can feel the fresh air. They play with various toys we have now, though at the moment, I wouldn't say they have a favorite. Up until a week or so ago, they (George especially), loved pushing the diaper pail around, but even that has tapered off in the last week. My mom gave them a musical baby guitar and that's been a hit.

They enjoy reading books and will actually sit and listen. They especially love books where they can touch different textures. I would say the updated list of favorite books includes: B is for Bear, Pat the Zoo, Little Hands Love, 8 Silly Monkeys and Tails.
Bathtime is always a minimum of a 20-minute affair, and they still love being in the pool too (we're finally getting back in swim lessons starting on Friday!).

Neither one has made much progress with any actually words (still no solid Mama or Dada that's clearly used in reference to us), but both are constantly making sounds and talking to each other. William especially seems like he's at the verge of talking.

Paci update: Yes, we're at the year-mark and they're still using pacis. BUT, it is somewhat under control. They always have them to sleep and only bring them out into the other room if they wake up sad (partly to try to sneak the sad one out with a muffled cry so the other can hopefully keep sleeping). They mostly don't have them when just playing in the house, but with the crazy teething and cold they've gone through the last motn, there has been a bit of this. The big improvement is that they rarely have them when we leave the house now. They're always in the diaper bag just in case, and sometimes they do need them, but it's not like before when it was just readily offered. I won't lie though, they both really like them. George likes to have a spare when he goes to sleep. One in his mouth and one to hold.

The pediatrician recommended that by 15 months, we start trimming the ends of the pacis, just a tiny bit each week, until they don't really want them anymore. We'll see!


weight:  20lbs 4.5oz (18lbs 11.5oz 3 months ago) -- 50th percentile
height: 29 inches (27.5 inches 3 months ago) -- 25th percentile
head: 46cm (45cm 3 months ago)
teeth: 8
eye color: brown
hair color: has definitely lightened up, still brown, and darker than George's, but looked much darker when it was shorter

weight: 23lbs 5oz (19lbs 15.5oz 3 months ago) -- 75-90th percentile, not sure what that means
height: 31.5 inches (29 inches 3 months ago) -- 95th percentile!
head: 47cm (45cm 3 months ago)
teeth: 7
eye color: Still changing! Definitely not blue or grey anymore, but ranges between green and brown so maybe hazel?
hair color: blonde. This has also changed, it would sometimes look reddish or brown in different light, now it's blonde all the time.

Compared to Daddy at 1-year:
weight: 23lbs 12oz
height: 30 inches

Tried to capture the difference in their feet - the flip flops were basically cutting off G's circulation --there were marks on his feet hours after wearing them -- but fit W's price feet perfectly!
George definitely had a growth spurt since the 9-month check-up. It will be interesting to see if they continue to have a big difference in height and weight or if William just hasn't has a big growth spurt yet.

They're still in 6-12 clothes though I just went through their 12-18 month clothes and started to put some in the laundry so we can weed out the smaller stuff. The PJs started getting too tight/short for George a few weeks ago so I swapped in a bunch of 12-18 month sleepers. The problem is now there is a significant enough difference between W&G that I may need to split up drawers. W can still get a lot of use out of the 6-12 month clothes, but G is definitely outgrowing them.

MOM: I was absolutely exhausted last week and am only now starting to recover. I think it was such an emotional high -- the birthday, the party, the baptism, weaning -- and then it was all over. I literally did nothing while they napped last week and couldn't think about doing anything productive, thus the backlog of posts I want to write.

Of course I'll recap everything in separate posts - so many cute photos to share! - but overall everything went really well and it was so much fun to celebrate their birthday.

Despite the culmination of so many things at once, I'm feeling good. I'm thrilled with how they're growing and learning, and though it's hard to believe that a year has already passed, I've been thinking back to 'this day last year' - the day they were born, the day we came home from the hospital, our first night alone with them - things are pretty clear, and to be honest, a lot of those early days are not ones I want to relive any time soon. There were a lot of rough days in the beginning and while of course it makes me a bit sad that the boys are already a year old and are 'growing up so fast',  I'm enjoying where we're at.

Although it oddly wasn't a momentous event when I finished pumping (I didn't even know it would be my last time; I figured I'd have to again, but didn't), and even breastfeeding just sort of ended, it does feel good to be done and I'm looking forward to the new-found freedom (and hopefully a bit more free time) that I haven't gotten to take advantage of yet since I've just been recovering from it all.

I just had a meeting to transition the Junior League committee I'll be co-chairing next year, from the old chairs, and though it will be quiet this summer, I'm looking forward to being even more involved next year. I start facilitating the New and Expectant Moms group this Thursday. I also really enjoyed doing the Travelzoo project and would definitely consider doing more with them in the future. It's given me a good balance between hanging with the babies and having some productive adult time.

To my boys:

William. What a difference a year makes. I'll admit, it took some time to bond with you in the beginning. All the feeding challenges really took their toll and there were many times I felt like a failure to make/keep you happy. You're definitely still a bit demanding and dramatic, but you are also such a sweet boy. You have a way with people and are the biggest flirt. Whether it's the cashier at Crossroads or the plumber fixing the sink in the kitchen, you're always curious, cock your head and flash your big grin and you pretty much have them right then and there. You're social with other kids too, constantly following bigger kids around at the park, again engaging them with your smile. Lucky for you, a lot of the time they mimic you with a smile back and you explode with giggles. You're cautiously adventurous - you love to explore our place and can be off on your own for a while. You also led the way climbing the steps up to the top of the play structure at the park, yet you won't go down the slide by yourself. You seem to know your limits and if you ever underestimate them and hurt yourself, you get reeeaaallly sad. Like the-world-is-ending sad. You can get pretty dramatic, like when you see Daddy leave for work in the morning, you'll go after him, collapse on the floor with your head to the ground, crying. You are definitely a Daddy's boy and love your snuggle time with him. You've been waking up before George so it gives you and Daddy some nice alone time. You really surprised me with your walking. Just like when you pulled up, though it took you longer than your brother to do it for the first time, but once you did it, you had it. You still love music, though don't bop your head along much anymore (after reading this, Daddy corrected me and said you still do it a lot when he does music with you). Overall, you're a happy little boy now and a flash of that smile of yours makes my heart melt.

This photo captures your sense of wonder perfectly
George. You are so strong and continue to impress me with how coordinated you are. I knew you felt heavier than your brother, but I was shocked to hear how much bigger than him you are. He keeps up with you pretty well when it comes to eating, but let's be honest, you love to eat. You've mastered your signs that have to do with food and continue to want more, more, more. You even walk over to your high chair and start pulling the tray down when you're ready to eat. I love that you have such a big appetite and will eat just about anything. You are such a strong walker and though you took your first steps just before 11 months, you were over it for a few weeks until just before your birthday when you decided that you didn't need to crawl anymore and would instead walk. You're so independent, though have become a bit clingy this last month. You've had some trouble going to sleep, to the point where we've actually taken you out of the crib to rock you and what do you do? Lift your head up and reach out for a book. Nope, not time for a book. You're a lot like me though, want nothing to do with cuddles. We would never be able to bring you into our bed (like we occasionally do when William wakes up early), you would squirm too much. You're too restless to just be held too. You have way too much to explore. As expected, you transitioned without a problem from breastfeeding. For you, I think it was always about the food and nothing more, so when the supply went down, you were done. You love to hold things, your new thing has been to carry around a (clean) diaper or socks. Your pincer grip is great and you'll find the tiniest thing on the ground and examine it. You pick up on things so quickly too, whether it's how to open something, pressing a button in a book, or drinking your milk out of a cup instead of a bottle. You really are smart and this past month you surprised us even more with all you're capable of. You're my big boy, and though you've never taken to the lovey in your bed, you now like to hold a spare paci when you sleep (with one in your mouth of course). With all that you've done this past month, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

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