12- & 13- Month Favorites

1. bumbkins bibs - Forget the SkipHop bibs, these are so much better. There's more coverage, they still fold up into themselves and the velcro is better. They also seem to be holding up better as well. They're really easy to wash with the babies' dishes and they dry fast. Best thing I've found for on-the-go-feeding.
2. Morgan and Milo shoes - I had trouble finding non-kiddish shoes for the boys once they started walking. I wanted good quality, supportive shoes for developing feet, but I wanted them to look like shoes Dave would wear... While I think the Zara shoes fit the bill for more fashionable and 'little man', I can tell I'll keep buying Morgan and Milo shoes. Simple, but stylish design and high quality. Not cheap, but go on sale and can be found on shoes.com and zappos.
3. books - George's current obsession, but William loves books too. Any and all, but some of the favorites are: B is for Bear, Z is for ZooTails, Trucks sound book, My First Book of (Things to Learn, Things to See), Little Hands Love.
4. Disposable placemats - This is one of those products that I would typically avoid, but after good reviews, I decided to try it. I'm not a germaphobe and usually just wipe down the surface with a wipe and put their food directly on it, but this is a nice alternative. They stick well, though I've learned it's best to get it on the table before William is near, otherwise he messes it up before I have it totally stuck down.
5. H&M chambray sunhat -Well, these are on for just about every photo we take. Yes, I think sometimes the boys are mistaken for girls so not sure if they're too bonnet-like, but chambray is in this season! Seriously though, what I love about these hats are the long strings, so they can be tied on. I never untie the knot and am able to slide the hat on their heads. George will go pull the hat out of the bag and put it on first thing in the morning; that's a lot of progress from a few months ago!
6. GoToobs - Dave has been a fan of these for years and even ended up sitting next to the founder of the company when dining solo at the bar of an SF restaurant. Anyway, I don't have any spare room in the diaper bag to be carrying around full tubes of sunscreen so I have two of these tubes, with one for adult sunscreen and another for the boys.
 7. stroller console/organizer -Somehow I just realized that I could attach one of these on the Maclaren umbrella stroller we have, which doesn't have a cup holder. It's great for storing keys, phone and holds my water bottle, plus several of their cups. And it fits our double stroller, awesome!
8.  Janie and Jack Hooded Windbreaker -This was one of those things I purchased last summer when they were just a few months old, in size 6-12 months. Best.purchase.ever. We started wearing these in Florida in January and they're still roomy now. They're lightweight and perfect to throw on in the evenings when they head out to the park. They take up so little space, I always keep them in the diaper bag in case it gets cool when we're out.
9. Fubbles -We actually haven't used these much as I keep forgetting, but my mom brought them for the boys' birthday party. They're designed so that kids can use them, as they can pull out the stick coated in the soap, but the liquid doesn't spill out.
10. doll umbrella stroller -Ever since William practically knocked over a little girl at the park to steal her doll stroller, he's been obsessed. Finally we got one and now let him take it to the park. It's still a favorite with William, George is someone interested, mostly just to take it away from William and it's very popular with other kids at the park too. Folds up easily.
11. Little Green Pouch reusable pouches -I wouldn't say smoothies are the biggest hit in our house, but they're mostly enjoyed. At first only George would drink them, which worked out well because William was eating a lot more fruit than George. Now both will drink them. These pouches are great: pretty easy to fill, hold 7oz, clean up fairly easily and since they're like the pouches you buy at the store, the boys know how to use them.

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