A Day In the Life - One Year Ago

As I was cleaning up the blog last night, I came across this post still in draft form. As it was written almost exactly a year ago (June 13, 2013), I figured I should go ahead and post it. So crazy to look back at 'a day in the life' one year ago.

I'll say that it's definitely gotten easier in many ways, but harder in others. Overall, just very different. The chopped up sleep and the hours spent nursing and pumping are hard to imagine at this point, but now I'm dealing with a whole new set of challenges.


'A Day In the Life' from June 13, 2013

2am - Nurse George for 20 minutes, then pump for another 20

5am - Pump for 20 minutes

Sometime between 6:15 and 6:45 - William wakes up (he just went back to sleep around 6), give him a paci and he goes back to sleep for 15-30 minutes in the crib. I sleep in the bed in the nursery until they're up for good.

Sometime between 7 and 7:30 - William up again, bring him on the bed in the bobby. Me, back to sleep, replacing the paci as often as needed.

Around 8 - George starts fussing, bring him on the boppy on the bed and he's back to sleep. Replace paci as needed.

Between 8:45-9:15 - they're up for good, or usually William is. I usually wake up George to feed him.

9-10 - Feed

10-10:20 - tummy time for the boys (or Mamaroo for William if he needs to settle his stomach) while I pump on the floor next to them and eat breakfast

10:45 - move the boys into the bathroom on their loungers or swings so I can shower and get dressed

11-12 - boys may (but probably won't) nap - this time frame flies by, not really sure what we do

12-1 feed

1-1:20 - pump

1:30-3 - go out - meet with other moms/walk/twin moms group etc

3-4 - feed

4-4:20 - pump

4:30-6 - try to get out again for walk if we can, otherwise hang out at home. If they're napping, mom gets to do a blog post, etc!

6-7 - feed

7-7:20 - pump

7:30-8 - make dinner if my mom or Dave is home to take care of the boys

8-10- hopefully hang out in peace if they're sleeping, watch a show, etc

10pm - Priscilla arrives, I pump for 20 mins and go to bed

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