Happy Father's Day!

We had a fun weekend celebrating Dad, first with lunch at Fish in Sausalito on Saturday (the weather was so nice!), then a visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. Dave got to see all their tricks, including playing in the stream, laying on the lilypads, playing music and shoveling rocks.

Sunday we headed to church, which was a bit of disaster as I was volunteering in the children's program, which for the summer, is held in a big room with the infants in one corner. The boys did fine until they realized I was there, and then they just wanted to be near me. Probably won't be volunteering until they're back in the nursery in the fall.

After church, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Spruce, for brunch. I was thrilled when they said they welcomed children and triple-checked to make sure they'd have two high chairs for us. We arrived right on time and were told that our table wasn't ready. Then the manager came over and said they were setting up a different table, but... all their high chairs were in use... but it should be any minute that they'd have two free. They sat us pretty quickly, in a booth, so the boys could sit with us until we got the highchairs. We ordered immediately and started shoveling food the boys' way. Two string cheeses, blueberry, a pouch each. Asked the waiter the status of the coffee cake. We were running out of food... got out the puffs. The boys are being good, but squirmy and still hungry. Finally all our food arrives, no coffee cake. And still no high chairs. The manager was great and checked back, dropped stuff off for the boys several times. We ate as fast as we could, coffee cake finally came, the manager brought more food for the boys, but without high chairs, we knew we were on borrowed time. The boys stand up on the banquet, food is everywhere. We asked for the check and for everything to be packaged up, still plenty left to eat. We rushed to get all of our stuff and get out of there and managed to do so without any meltdowns. It was a record 45 minute brunch, especially quick for such a nice restaurant, which left us time to go to our favorite park. It was such a nice day, it was great we got to spend a bit of it outside. A bit of a stressful morning but it mostly worked out. We realized when we got home that we had left the bag of leftover food at the restaurant. Doh. That coffee cake was so good and we only got a taste. Perhaps we'll go back and someone get them to guarantee high chairs. Overall, the food was so good.

Not sure it was the most relaxing way to thank Dave for being such a wonderful dad, but it was a fun adventure (and notably the boys' first Michelin-starred dining experience). Dave even gave me a break today and took the boys to the park. After we got them down, we had his Father's Day dinner of ribs, beans and corn, and his favorite, Cold Stone ice cream cake for dessert.

We are so lucky to have Dave and we hope he knows how much we appreciate him. If not, let me list a few of the reasons why...
  • He puts family first
  • He wakes up with the boys and lets me sleep in
  • He puts up with all my various 'suggestions' on how we do things and mostly follows them ;)
  • He arranges his work trips so he leaves after the boys wake up and gets home before they go to bed, so he misses seeing them as few days as possible
  • He works hard (and smart) to provide for our family
  • He carries George and let's me have William (who's lighter)
  • He always volunteers to take the cranky baby
  • When he's with the boys, he's 100% present
  • No matter how hard his week was, he's always up for weekend adventures with us
  • He always volunteers to change the poops, even when it's #5 and it's not even noon...
  • Nobody does bathtime like Daddy
  • He's supportive of, and often the one pushing for me to have the help I need so I have time for myself

Happy (Second) Father's Day! Although I still think you earned your first one with all you did while I was on bedrest and for their first few weeks of life, I agree with your fb post, you DEFINITELY earned this one!

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