What We Ate | June 16-22

In an effort to be more concise (hey, I'm trying!), I'll only list out new menu items from the week in addition to listing out what was served for dinner each night.

Grilled chicken breast sandwich on brioche with prosciutto, arugula, tomato and pesto (for Mom and Dad), served with zucchini chips

Mon: Halibut, Israeli couscous mix, asparagus
Tue: Roasted chicken breast, zucchini chips (recipe), couscous mix, corn
Wed: Homemade mac and cheese (adapted from this recipe, previous featured on the blog here), peas
Thu: Homemade mac and cheese, peas (still a hit day 2 :)
Fri: Tofu with almond butter, red quinoa, fried zucchini
Sat: Tofu with almond butter, red quinoa, fried zucchini - not as excited day 2
Sun: Salmon with brown rice and roasted butternut squash

Popsicles! W was a fan, G wasn't so sure.

New fruit/dessert:
  • Figs, cherries - not a huge fan of either, but only tried each once
  • Homemade popsicle; recipe (Dave's mom shared it)

Brunch at the Ferry Building; soft-scrambled eggs with ricotta and cherry tomatoes, sausage, potatoes, toast for the boys; G is so happy because he snuck one of Daddy's fries

Sunday brunch with Mom
New breakfast:
  • Scrambled eggs, black bean and cheese in a tortilla
  • Oatmeal with almond butter, chia seeds, wheat germ, raisins, almonds, yogurt
  • Cantaloupe and cottage cheese
  • Soft-egg scramble with ricotta and cherry tomatoes (at restaurant)
  • Even Healthier Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins, recipe

Straight for the strawberries

New lunch:
  • 'Chicken salad'-stuffed whole wheat pita - made with leftovers (chicken breast, corn, asparagus, zucchini chips, eggplant hummus) - loved it!

Banana & Oat 'cookies
New snacks:
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Freeze-dried apple slices
  • Mini apples and cheese
  • Pear slices with peanut butter/Greek yogurt dip (recipe)
  • Zucchini/chard/carrot pancakes from Jessica - need to get the recipe, but these were a hit!
  • Banana/oats 'cookies' - added chia seeds, almond butter, raisins, almonds, basic recipe
  • Baguette with Camembert
  • S&W Chili beans 

Smoothies have really been a hodge-podge of whatever fruit needs to be used I. There are always some berries in there, but lately I've been adding carrot juice, whole milk yogurt, avocado, spinach, maybe a peach, nectarine or apricot, perhaps a kiwi. Always add their baby oatmeal (last box!) and probiotics.

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