What We Ate | June 23-29

First (homemade) family dinner. Toasted Barley Risotto with Spinach and Herb Puree and Grilled Chilean Seabass
Not a terribly exciting week of food for the boys. Dave was out of town Sunday through late Thursday so while I wanted to make sure the boys still ate well, I wasn't making a new dinner each night. I made a big pot of pasta on Monday night and the boys and I ate on that for several days.

Mon: Pasta with lamb and butternut squash, recipe
Tue: Leftover pasta
Wed: Grilled tofu with almond butter, chicken-apple sausage, red quinoa, roasted carrots
Thu: Grilled tofu with almond butter, chicken-apple sausage, quinoa patties, roasted carrots, green beans
Fri: Chicken-apple sausage, chickpea patty, cauliflower patty, green beans
Sat: Toasted barley risotto with spinach and herb puree (recipe), grilled Chilean seabass, shelled edamamae -- first homemade family dinner!
Sun: Lamb Leftover risotto and fish, shelled edamamae, cherry tomatoes

New fruit/dessert:
Pomegranate seeds

New breakfast:
Scrambled eggs with cottage cheese
Crumpet with almond butter
Steel-cut oats with flax, with Q'ia, raspberries, blueberries, cinnamon, yogurt
Healthier banana muffins, recipe (added almonds)

New lunch:
Lamb shawarma in lavash
Grilled cheese and salami sandwich on Dave's Killer Bread 21-grain
Lamb shawarma in lavash


New snacks:
Havarti cheese with Applegate salami
Pomegranate seeds
Banana with almond butter
Smoothies (have become more popular as a snack vs. breakfast)
Trader Joe's Lightly Salted Crunchy Green Beans
Crunchy flax cereal with chia (really small so kind of hard for them to pick up)
Granola - still trying to find one that is more in clusters/easier for them to pick up, but got Ladera Almond-Pecan which seems fairly low in sugar, packed with good stuff and tastes great
Carrot cake bars (recipe)

Carrot cake bars

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