What We Ate this Week | June 9-15

I'm always looking for new ideas of things to feed the boys and decided I'd like to start keeping track of what they're eating on a weekly basis to remember what worked, what to keep trying and hopefully to build out a nice list of successful foods.

I won't be as detailed each week, probably just listing out the new foods they have instead.

Breakfast: Smoothies, cantaloupe, raspberries, scrambled eggs, homemade cereal bar

Lunch (out): (finished everything!) 2 string cheeses, peas - George loved these! grapes and blueberries - mostly only want blueberries, bagel sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese

pm snack: apple slices with greek yogurt peanut butter dip, they mostly just ate the dip

Coconut Curry Soup, recipe
Dinner: leftovers - curry noodle soup and quinoa taco bake, green beans, watermelon

Breakfast:  Smoothies, apple slices, grapes - not a fan of either, flax oatmeal with Qi'a, yogurt, strawberries, raspberries and cinnamon (makes a big bowl, second half saved for Wed breakfast),
spinach and banana muffins

am snack: 1 string cheese, split

Lunch, picnic/out: Didn't eat much - leftover grilled cheese, green beans, grapes and blueberries, cheese

pm snack: cherry tomatoes and grapes (not a fan of either)

Cheesy Black Bean Quinoa Bake (added ground turkey), recipe

Dinner: leftovers - curry noodle soup and quinoa taco bake, grilled polenta with cheese, broccoli, fruit

Grilled polenta (from a roll of polenta from Trader Joes) with cheese
Breakfast: Smoothie, orange slice, cantaloupe, whole wheat French toast with cinnamon

am snack: 1 string cheese, split

Lunch: (out) salami, black bean and cheese quesadila, green beans (didn't really eat), grapes (didn't eat), blueberries, cheese

pm snack: spinach and banana muffin

Dinner: Lentil-chickpea zucchini patties (recipe; subbed in zucchini), peas, green beans, chicken apple sausage, watermelon

Breakfast: Smoothie, orange slice, cantaloupe, whole what French toast, scrambled eggs

am snack: 1 string cheese, split

Lunch: (out) bread, some tacolicious tacos (didn't really like), a ham and cheese empanada (LOVED), cheese, raspberries, blueberries and raspberry mint sorbet

pm snack: banana and almond butter mixed with yogurt in whole wheat pita

Cauliflower rice recipe, added onion, red bell pepper, scrambled egg and lobster
Dinner: cauliflower fried rice, salmon, watermelon

Breakfast: Smoothie, orange slice, cantaloupe, strawberries, 2.5 banana spinach muffins, 2 scrambled eggs, whole wheat French toast

am snack: half a banana

Lunch:  (picnic/out) brioche roll with almond butter and bananas, string cheese, blueberries and raspberries

pm snack: black beans with melted cheddar cheese

Dinner: Salmon, cauliflower rice, small apple

Breakfast: spinach-banana muffins, waffle with almond butter, orange slice, raspberries, smoothies

am snack: pita bread with banana/vogurt/almond butter mix

Lunch: (out) Fish sticks at Fish, bits of crab sandwich and fries from Mom and Dad; cheese, blueberries, grapes, pouch

pm snack: goldfish crackers, apple (gnawed on a small apple each)

Dinner: tofu/grain and spring veg from Sprig/State Bird Provisions, cheese, watermelon

Breakfast: weetabix with blueberries and strawberries, 1 spinach banana muffin, 1 banana with almond butter, cantaloupe

am snack: freeze-dried blueberries (what a mess!)

Lunch: (out) while waiting for brunch... 2 string cheeses, blueberries, 1 pouch each, some puffs... then French omelet with brie over kale - didn't like the kale but finished omelet, a little coffee cake, some duck-fat fried-potatoes, a little bacon

pm snack: cottage cheese with cinnamon and Qi'a

Dinner: halibut, Israeli couscous mix, asparagus, raspberries

Smoothie recipes:

So far, I've done 3 basic combinations:
  • Almond butter, banana, yogurt (+baby oatmeal and probiotics)
  • Green smoothie: kiwi, avocado, spinach, carrot juice, strawberries (+baby oatmeal and probiotics)
  • Banana, berries, peach, yogurt  (+baby oatmeal and probiotics)
Initially William didn't like smoothies, then I made the almond butter-banana one and he started drinking them. Now he'll drink the other kinds too. He definitely doesn't love them, but will drink about half at breakfast and then finish the other half later in the morning.

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