15 Months Old

We've fallen into a good routine this month, at least in some ways, meeting up with several moms in the neighborhood on Mondays and we're still heading over to the Presidio on Tuesdays. Unfortunately sleep has been off, first, due to adjusting after getting rid of the pacis, and now as we're figuring out transitioning from two naps to one. A few weeks ago I thought we were definitely on our way to one, so I signed up for MyGym classes at 9:15 on Tuesdays. Well, while we survived the class just fine, in fact, they LOVE it, I quickly realized that there are many days they (or at least William), needs two naps. So in a way, our schedule is all over the place.

Though we haven't done anything particularly exciting, it's been a good month with great weather. William and George are more active than ever so we try to spend as much time outside as we can, getting all that energy out. It's been a tour of the neighborhood parks, often meeting up with people we know, and Jessica seems to be running into the same kids in the evenings too so they're building quite a network of 'friends' :)

They started a new music class this month; I got a great deal but only on the 4:30pm class so Jessica takes them, which I think she loves -- she already knows all the Music Together songs!

We're still swimming on Fridays and we've moved up to the Toddler and Me swim class with our favorite teacher Ivan. The boys are doing so well and get giddy as soon as we enter the water. I know my mom loves doing this weekly class with me and is so excited for Dave to see the progress they've made. They are great with their submersions and now will do seat-jumps into the pool going under water too. William is starting to kick just barely, but that will be the next step -- self-propelling. Right now while they can 'swim' several feet on their own, it's only because they've pushed off the wall or I've given them a big push.

We've gone on some adventures with other kids, like to the Zoo (they loved sitting in my friend's wagon), the Randall museum and a splash pad in San Rafael with Ashely's family.

We've been going to church most Sundays and taking advantage of the nice weather by heading to Off the Grid after for lunch. We met my brother and his family there, and once again, the kids hijacked a wagon.

We continue to eat lunch out most days, either casually during the week sometimes in the stroller, but always in a restaurant on weekends and they continue to do well with this. (They still like eating :) I'm hoping to make this last as long as we can though I think when they shift nap schedules for good, it will make it a bit tougher to do this. I've also heard that the 2's are a harder age to eat out with kids.

Highlights from the month:
June 21: The beginning of the end of the pacis
June 28: They both imitated me in blowing kisses
July 12: Though he said it over the previous few days, this was the first super-clear 'Dada', and he pointed at Dave
July 14: W lower-right molar cut through, with blood :(
July 15: W top-left molar cut through
July 17: G lower-right molar cut through

New this month:

Les Deux can...
Say most of the common animal sounds
Point to all the common body parts
Climb on the couch, and many other things now too...
Swim on their own for a few seconds, now I can push them to the steps or the side of the wall and they can pull themselves in
Do a sit-jump from the edge into the pool, no help from Mom, going all the way under
Follow directions even better than last month, including lots in the bathtub - 'put your ear in the water!' 'put your nose in the water!'
Pull all the tabs, lift flaps, push buttons, etc., in books
Correctly point to lots of different photos in the book when we say the word
Walk up and down stairs unassisted (though I'm right behind them as they're still not pros at this)
Put their hats on (sort of)
Eat with spoons and forks (definitely not exclusively)
Drink out of a water fountain (assisted)
Clean up their spilled milk with a cloth (though not well)
Wave much more consistently and at appropriate times (like to our building security every time we come and go)
Blow kisses
Give each other and us hugs (yay!)
Survive without pacis!!

George can...
Open and close most things with a top (loves doing this with diaper cream or other tubes of lotion)
Turn himself over and lay on his back in the bathtub
Go down the slide by himself, sitting up
Walk on the raised wall at the park, assisted (and somewhat tentatively)
Open doors, gates, etc. (and is rather obsessed with it)
Say Dada, No (and 'Da' for everything else)
Open the dresser drawers

William can...
Go down the slide by himself, sitting up
Walk on the raised wall at the park, by himself pretty well (me behind him for spotting, though he's getting good enough I may not need to do this much longer) and can even walk with his push toy
Ride his scooter (with a seat) using his feet
Pull his pull toy behind him
Mimick, for example, Dedee was pretending to drink milk to get him to drink and instead of drinking, he 'fake' drank just like her!
Unscrew the top of the smoothie pouch

EAT: It's been a good month for eating. They continue to try (most) new things, though they wouldn't even open their mouth for an oyster. I can't blame them, they were pretty briny.  Overall, they seem to be eating a lot, though there are the random meals where they're not really into what's being served. I would say it's pretty random, and we've been lucky that crying/food-throwing, etc. has not been involved. They've just been disinterested. I think last Sunday, when they wouldn't touch my delicious Chilean Seabass summer squash chowder, it was more because they weren't hungry after their massive Sisig burrito. Or the other day, they weren't into these gourmet raviolis, but then they ate them for dinner the next night and again for snack the following day. Because they generally eat so well, I'm fine when they don't want to eat much occasionally, especially since they seem pretty well-behaved. I'm sure that will change...

I didn't realize it when I first started making the suggestion, but now that they've taken to it, it seems that we've generally avoided food-throwing. When they didn't want to eat something, I told them to put it in their cupholder or hand it to me. To this day, they still do this, actually taking their water cup out of the cupholder in the stroller tray so they can stash food they don't want there. Don't get me wrong, it's still a disaster area after any mealtime, but I'd say it's about 90% unintentional. William has been banging the fork or spoon lately which will fling food all over.

It's been fun to keep track of what they're eating through the weekly posts as I've already had to look back at previous posts to get ideas for snacks. I need to put together one master list because I think we have a lot more options than the ones I continue to go to.

As far as milk goes, they're doing much better on that. They get offered their insulated thermos when they wake up and they're actually drinking more from it right away. It holds 10oz and more often than not, it's finished before their nap. They don't have it out all day, but I will offer it randomly at different points of the day. Sometimes I'll refill it with a few ounces for when they wake up from their nap, other times, not. Depending on how much they had during the day, they'll get 6-8oz in a bottle before bedtime. Both are still pretty obsessed with this evening bottle so we'll see how that goes when we have to get rid of it...

They probably drink, on average, 7oz of water during the day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Favorite foods -- as in the ones they start flapping their arms and grunting for:
blueberries and raspberries
cottage cheese
string cheese
scrambled eggs

others that they consistently eat a lot of:
fish (salmon, halibut, seabass)
beans (black, pinto, etc.)
green beans
tofu (though William was getting over this earlier in the week)
salmon jerky

I'm sure there's more but that's what immediately comes to mind for their favorites. Some things that they used to eat more of and now they'll still eat, but are more meh about... French toast, pancakes -- carbs in general. They used to be obsessed but aren't too into now. Tofu is losing some popularity. William won't touch turkey; George is picky about melon and only eats it when it's perfectly ripe. Neither like avocado. I've tried cherry tomatoes several times and while they've tasted them, they usually spit them out.

They're getting two snacks, which they always eat, though they may not always eat when it's first offered.

They've been eating with forks and spoons for a good month and prefer to have them, though that doesn't necessarily mean they prefer to eat with them. Usually it means a fork in one hand and eating food with the other. George actually does pretty well with a fork and spoon, getting a lot of food in, but he also likes the technique of using his hands to get food on the fork, then using the fork to get the food in the mouth. We've put food in bowls a couple of times and while there hasn't been any throwing, it seems harder for them to get the food out so we've gone back to just putting it on their trays.

SLEEP: Wow, well this has been all over the place in the last 30 days. We started month 14 by taking away the paci, which led to several weeks of challenging naps and bedtimes, though much better sleep throughout the night, and besides some teething-related issues, has continued to pay off at nighttime with no wake-ups.

After we got rid of the paci, it was harder for them to go down for their first nap, some days not taking it at all, so I figured it was time to go to one nap. We did that some days, but then went back to waking up early and eventually falling asleep for a morning nap.

The last week has been tough with molars coming in for both of them, but George has had the harder time with it. There have been several tough episodes, before we've gone to bed, around midnight, or super-early like 4:30am when he hasn't gone back down. That has led us to more morning naps again.
But that also is meaning that it's harder for them to go down for an afternoon nap, so I think it's time to make the switch. Worst of all, is when George has woken up really early, but William continues to sleep, sometimes 2 hours longer. That really throws off the schedule.

The best (or worst depending on who you ask), was when George woke up at 5:20 one more just screaming. We gave him medicine and he calmed down, but wasn't going to sleep. Dave had been up with him, but I came out and said I'd take care of him. I took him from Dave and he starts whining, points to Dave and says, 'Dada'. Sorry Dad! Mom got to go back to bed :)

The other hard thing is, if we drive anywhere, they doze off in the car since it's around the time of their old morning nap. I'm okay with this, but I guess on days we go out in the car, they'll get 2 naps, likely a short one in the car and then hopefully their regular one in the afternoon at home.

Our schedule has been all over the place but here's a rough version:

Up before 6
7am breakfast
9/9:30 - sleep 45min-hour (or 20-30 mins if in the car); half the time this isn't happening
10ish am snack
Out for an activity
12pm lunch
2-4 nap, with varying success, but much more consistent than the am nap
4 pm snack
6pm dinner
bath, 6-8oz bottle, bedtime (often taking 45min to go to sleep)

I really hope by next month we'll have a solid (hopefully LONG) 1-nap schedule with later wake up times. I know it takes time to adjust but I think they're ready (or at least George is) and I think it should reset everything - waking up later, falling asleep earlier at night and sleeping more soundly for their one nap. Maybe it's wishful thinking but we'll see!

PLAY: As to be expected, the boys are even more active now and their new thing is climbing. William especially likes to climb on everything he can, though his height worked against him and it took him longer to be able to pull himself up on things. They're much faster climbing up play structures at the park, which means I usually need to scoop the slower one up and bring him to the top so that one isn't left unattended. They'll climb up the slide, and this is how I found William when it was eerily quiet when George and I were playing in the other room.

If we're at a park that doesn't have swings, a high play structure with openings or big kids running around, I can actually sit back a bit now and let them do their thing. George was a bit sensitive at the beginning of the month and would run back to me when someone took his toy. I'd say to him, 'go ask for it back' and it's so cute, he'd walk back over to the kid and point at his toy. We now have a whole collection of toys we bring to the park -- the baby stroller, the frog push toy, the dog pull toy, several different cars and a soccer ball. Most seem to be pretty popular and the boys do pretty well with sharing. They're much more physical with each other and will grab toys away from each other, but usually not other kids. They're some of the youngest at the park still though.

I'm also happy to report that they no longer eat sand! It's so fun to send them off to the sandbox with a shovel and some cups and they'll play with the other kids. They both like going down the slide, William is much more confident than he was last month, and they like the swing, but George likes them much more than William now. William loves having one of his push toys and usually doesn't want to let go to ride in the swing.

At home, they play together, but we're definitely getting to the phase of grabbing toys away. For the most part, we haven't gotten two of the same toy and I'd like to avoid that, but they do get upset when they get a toy grabbed from them. They seem to want to be around me more now, instead of playing in the other room, which is a pain if I'm trying to clean up the kitchen as they now are interested in pulling on and climbing on the oven. Terrible. I try to be so firm about this but am also making a conscious effort to not have anything cooking if I'm the one watching them.

They still like reading, but aren't as obsessed as they were last month. Their favorite toys are the wagon, this truck with cars, the Fisher Price popper push toy (first thing in the morning, of course) and the frog push toy. We've tried to get better about rotating their toys out as we've already seen how excited them get for a toy we thought they were totally over, when we bring it out after a few weeks. It's nice for our living room too, to not have so much stuff around.

There is so much construction in our neighborhood right now, Dave actually said it reminded him of Dubai where we could see probably 30 cranes just from our hotel room. It's not quite that extreme, but just walking around the neighborhood is great excitement for the boys with all the cranes, big drill, backhoes, dump trucks, cement mixers, etc. We even stopped to see cement being poured last week. Best of all, they're building a building basically across the street from our place that the boys can see from their cribs.

TALK: Very little to report here. They're talking constantly. Luckily William was a chatterbox at the doctors appointment so she could see what I was talking about. She has no concerns about their lack or words, nor do I. They're both so physical that I think that's what their brains have been focusing on. They're clearly both verbal and both are starting to say things here and there.
G: Dada, No
W: Dada
Dave apparently was saying several words at 6.5 months! But again, I'm not considering syllables or sounds that happen to overlap with words real words. They were saying mamama and dadaaaa months ago. Still, I think Dave was an early talker and saying quite a bit at an early age.

Sign language: It was one of my goals last month to work on more signs. I bookmarked about 30 signs I thought would be helpful and used them here and there for maybe a week without them picking any new ones up. Then it sort of dropped off. I need to get back to it as I think it will help their frustration level when they can't communicate what they want.

I've really noticed an increase in their understanding this month though. When I ask what used to be rhetorical questions like 'do you want to read a book', they both either get excited if the answer is yes, or vehemently shake their head no. George will accompany it with 'no, no, no', but William will just shake his head back and forth a lot. It's really neat to see them express their wants and feelings more, though I'm sure we have a lot more that coming...


While William made some progress on the growth chart, George is still growing like a weed and the weight difference has now increased to more than 4 pounds. At least a handful of times over the past month I've been asked, 'how close in age are they?' instead of 'are they twins?'.

weight:  22lb 4oz (20lbs 4.5oz 3 months ago) -- 50th percentile (but when I questioned her, she admitted she was being 'generous')
height: 31 inches (29 inches 3 months ago) -- 50th percentile
head: 46cm (45cm 3 months ago)
shoe size: 5.5
clothes: Just a few 6-12 pieces left, mostly pants. The 12-18 pants are definitely too long and baggy in the waist
diapers: size 3 daytime, size 4 overnites
teeth: 10
eye color: brown
hair color: light brown (continues to lighten up but still definitely brown and not blonde)

weight: 26lbs 9oz (23lbs 5oz months ago) -- 90-95 percentile
height: 32.5 inches (31.5 inches 3 months ago) -- 95th percentile!
head: 48cm (47cm 3 months ago)
shoe size: 6
clothes: 12-18, though he's only been in the size for a couple of months, the pants and shorts are already getting tight and the shirts, while they still fit, are definitely more fitted than they were even a month ago
diapers: size 3 daytime, size 5 overnites
teeth: 9
eye color: I was thinking hazel 3 months ago and while they still seem to have changed since then, the doctor seemed to agree that they're hazel
hair color: blonde

Compared to Daddy at 15 months:
weight: 25lbs 8oz
height: 33 inches (taller than G!)

Mom: Well, looking back at my update from last month, I had big plans. Not too many of them materialized. I'm going to bed much too late, despite my goal of shutting down the computer by 9pm (and I'm typing this at 10:39pm...) It's odd, I haven't been tired and can easily stay awake until 11pm, sometimes later, even when Dave was gone and I had to wake up with the boys early in the morning. Not sure what is going on, but it definitely needs to change.

It's been a tough month with their naps and I just can't get motivated to do some of my more brain-powered tasks like JLSF stuff and blogging at that time. So it waits until after we eat dinner and watch a show or two. Suddenly it's 9pm and I finally have the energy to do it. I still need to come up with a better plan, but the good news is that a lot of the planning for the Junior League year is now complete, so what I'll have to do moving forward will be much easier to do throughout the day -- replying to emails, some scheduling, etc.

Next Saturday I need to speak in front of the Provisional class (those in their 'trial' year of JLSF). My co-chair is on vacation so it fell on me. Someone from the charity I work with will present on what SFCAPC does and then I'll speak more specifically about how my committee and Junior League work with them. It's not hard, but it requires speaking in front of probably 200+ people. Not fun. I'm looking forward to it being over but not necessarily nervous for it. Luckily it won't require notes, I'll just talk about what we do and tell a few stories about my experiences working at the center.

I've kept up with yoga and swimming so on nights when I don't have meetings or other commitments, I work out while Jessica is here and then come home and make dinner, which means I've been cooking quite a bit too (most of which is featured on the weekly What We Ate posts).

The past month has also been consumed by online shopping. I finally decided that it was time to make some changes in the wardrobe department. Basically since Christmas, I've been smaller than I was pre-pregnancy. I was sort of waiting for the dust to settle on breastfeeding and weaning, not wanting to buy stuff if I was going to gain a little weight back. That doesn't seem to be happening and Dave was more than supportive for me to buy some new clothes that fit properly.

So first I did a massive unload of my closet, filling several garbage bags of clothes, purses and accessories that are making their way to my sisters to sort out what they want. They're always asking if I'm ready to part with any of my jeans and finally they're getting their wish! I think at least 10 pairs were packed up!

I've also gotten rid of a ton of old swimsuits that I thought I at some point would wear again. Gone. I did a bunch of searching online to try to find bikinis that were cute but a little more coverage for little pulling hands, as well as flattering for my small-again chest. I actually had some success considering everything was again purchased online.

The timing was great as it was the Nordstrom anniversary sale so I also did an overhaul of my shoes, deciding that I would get rid of the shoes that I don't wear, rarely wear or are worn out but I continue to wear. I replaced with a few classic, nice pairs instead. I also did a big shop when Loft did a 70% off flash sale, but out of the 13 pairs of pants I ordered (various sizes, etc), only one fit :( I was hoping to stock the closet with a few basics but things mostly didn't fit right.

Now I'm in the returns phase, with lots to go back and I'm just itching to get everything that I'm not keeping out of here. It's nice to be forced to get rid of stuff when it really doesn't fit right anymore and replace it with fewer, nicer pieces that fit properly. Hasn't always been my approach, but hopefully it will stick.

Date night: 6th Anniversary dinner at Quince! Though I was disappointed they did away with the cheese cart Dave experienced there last year...

To my boys...

What a month! You've kept me busy, but I love the times when I'm able to sit back and just watch you. You're both fine heading off on your own and while you play together a lot at home, you're usually not together when we're out (which makes it tougher on me!). When we come to pick you up from church, you're usually engaged on two different sides of the room. Though there was some separation anxiety at the beginning of the month, and still occasionally is, you're both really comfortable with others, even people you don't know.

too lazy to button the onesies...
When we're home, both of you love to be around me and I'm often tripping over one or both of you. You love helping with the laundry, which really means shutting the door over and over while I'm trying to stuff clothes in. George, once I close the door for good, you try to pull out the soap drawer and once I fill that, you go to the knob to start the wash... so smart! You're also both obsessed with the vacuum and get crazy-excited every time I use it.

You both do well with a schedule and are so into routine. After you wake up from your nap, Jessica comes/is here and you always run to your stroller ready to go out. On the days she comes at 1:30 so I can do my twin moms group, you run to the stroller when she comes, confused why you're not going to the park (sorry, you haven't taken your nap yet!).

I have to say, the best part of the month was that you guys learned to hug, both each other and us. George's hug to William is coming from behind with a head-butt to the back, arms embraced. William's is a bit more traditional. I love hugs from my boys!

William E.

Though in some ways you've stayed the same (you're still my 'fruit man' and will gobble it down like it's nobody's business), you've grown a lot in the last month, or in many ways, you're completely different from those early months. You're generally very happy now, with occasional episodes of pouting or mini-tantrums where you dramatically throw yourself on the ground. Luckily at this point it doesn't last long. You are so easy going and while you are starting to fight back when George steals a toy, many times you just move on to something different. You smile at just about everyone and have even been known to hug random moms when we're out at museums or the park. You're definitely our snuggle-bug and love to be near Mom and Dad. You love being in or playing with water, anything with wheels (and will attempt to climb on any bike, push car, etc., brought to the park, including a 6-year old's 2-wheeler the other day) and could use push or pull toys all day long. While you definitely are growing -- you shot up 2 inches in the last 3 months -- your size makes you quite nimble which has led you to become more daring. You'll climb on anything, go down the slide sitting up and continue to break rules despite me repeating, 'William, we SIT on the couch' or 'No climbing on the stove!!!' You also have great balance; I was nervous the first day you started walking on the raised wall at the park, but when I say how stable you were, I stepped back pretty quickly. You've liked dogs for a while, but when we meet up with the Presidio moms, there are 2 dogs there and you are obsessed. Luckily they're both very kid friendly. You've been 'the good sleeper' for a while and you continue to be, it's so clear when you're tired and even if you fight it for a minute or two, before we know it, you're asleep. I'm a bit surprised you haven't formed more words by now as you're an absolute chatterbox and seem to be able to say so many different sounds. I know I've said it in past month, but I really do think the flood gates are going to open any day now. Though snuggle-bug William is hard to beat, I think my favorite is when you're really excited. Your eyes get big, you start flapping your arms and you talk up a storm. You're such a pleasure to be around.

George Louis

Oh Georgie. It's been a bit of a tough month. You're really struggling with the sleep thing. First it was that the paci was gone, then the molars coming in. I think a little separation anxiety was mixed in. You even went through several days of wanting to be in the other crib (grunting and pointing to William's crib). Though moving you, or putting you in with William didn't help the first few days, finally we did switch you and you stopped asking to be moved. I know you like the view of the construction site but you know your original bed had a bay view, right?? Even beyond the sleep thing, at the beginning of the month you were a bit of a 'Clingy Clyde' and 'Sensitive Sam'. Luckily that seems to have eased a bit. You're the slowest eater and can literally hold onto your snack in your stroller for a good 30 minutes before deciding to eat it. You're so smart and so independent. The church ladies said you just walked right over to your diaper bag and got our your milk when you wanted a drink. You are so good with fine motor skills, actually, sometimes it's annoying the stuff you're able to get into already. You're still obsessed with tubes (of lotion, diaper cream, sunscreen, whatever), but now you can open them (mostly with your teeth) so I find you with streaks of diaper cream on your face. You get so mad when I take the tube away. Though you've had a tough time with your teeth, I'm not convinced that has anything to do with you having these tubes in your mouth. Besides loving doors and gates (and opening and closing them over.and.over.and.over), you've also learned how to pull over the dresser drawers. You still love shoes and when I'm trying to get you guys dressed in the morning, I say, 'let's go pick out our shoes!' and you gleefully run to the bedroom and pull open the shoe drawer to pick out which ones you want to wear. This month I learned that you don't like when things are dirty or broken. You do a sad whine when you (what seems like intentionally) rip a page in a book, or when something spills. I've taught you how to wipe up your own messes, which you love doing, though you don't quite get it all clean. I'm still amazed at how big you've grown since you starting taking off around 9 months. People always comment on how strong you are, able to pull yourself up onto just about anything, though your height probably is a big help too. You feel like a ton of bricks. Your quick growth has affected your gross motor skills a bit, sometimes I think your size gets in the way and you lose your balance. You don't really seem to mind though. In general, you're pretty serious, especially around people you don't know. The best is when you really get laughing though, it's really the sweetest sound. And when you're excited, you get a goofy grin and let out the funniest cackle. It's really the BEST!

What We Ate | July 21-27

Big boys eating snack on the park bench

Well, I didn't realize it, but it looks like last week was a pasta week for them. It's so funny how things are hit or miss. I made a package of ravioli: the first night they picked it apart, the second night they liked it, then I offered it for snack another day and while they picked at it initially, when they got back in their stroller, they were hungry enough to eat it.

I've found that that's key -- wait until they're hungry; or offer the least desirable food first, when they're hungry. I've been doing that at lunchtime, sprinkling peas or green beans on their tray and they eat them up because they're hungry. I asked Jessica to start doing that at dinner, putting vegetables down at first. She said they looked at her funny the first night, like 'where's the rest of the food?', but we found if we just put everything down together, they wouldn't choose the veggies, even though they're known to eat them. Well, as with everything, trial and error. And what works today, probably won't work tomorrow, but for now, we'll go with it.

Also today, we were picknicking with a bunch of other moms and toddlers, they were picking at their turkey, black bean puree and cheese pita. They got up and played and then when it was time to go, I strapped them in, handed them the sandwiches and they polished them off.

Zucchini pizzas

Salmon Salad - sorry for the blur!

Salmon and caprese bulgar
Mon: Ravioli, tofu, zucchini pizzas (recipe; I thought they were tasty but the boys just picked off the cheese)
Tue: Ravioli, salmon (from Spinach Salmon Salad we had, recipe), carrots
Wed: Corn, Bacon and Basil Whole Wheat Spaghetti (recipe - SO good), carrots
Thu: Leftover pasta, black beans, carrots
Fri: Summer Lasagna (recipe), black beans, carrots
Sat: Cod with tomatoes, squash and basil (recipe; they really just ate the fish), carrots and beans
Sun: Salmon, caprese bulgar (my own recipe - diced mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes and basil tossed in cooked bulgar. Keep covered for 5 minutes to let flavors meld), carrots and green bean

Corn, Bacon, Basil pasta
New Fruits/dessert
Applesauce. I had a jar open that I had used for baking and finally decided to give some to them. Needless to say, they LOVED it!
Coldstone! It was the annual Brannan Ice Cream Social and again, Coldstone (Dave's fav) was catering. We went swimming first and then they shared a scoop of vanilla with (sugar-soaked) blueberries and strawberries. They were definitely fans!

New breakfast:
Whole wheat pita flats and cream cheese
Smoked salmon omelet - actually had this when we ate out for lunch, didn't particularly like; leftover for breakfast they liked more

New lunch:
Smoked salmon omelet

New snacks:
Croissant - their first! From b. Patisserie, definitely the place to get one! A treat for their 15-month appointment and shots.
Black bean hummus (recipe); had various ways, with tortilla, red pepper strips, whole wheat seed crackers, pita -- or straight out of the bowl, eventually I handed George a spoon...


New granola mix, Bakery on Main Apple Walnut Raisin - like this one because the clusters are big enough for them to pick up easily, but not too big I'm worried about choking
Goldfish and graham crackers at church -- they were in heaven! We walked in and they were eating snack, sitting at the table with the other kids. So grown up! Also so full, didn't really eat lunch...

I finally used up the last of the Earth's Best Baby Oatmeal that I was adding to their smoothies, so I've started adding wheat germ in its place. Otherwise the typical combinations, loving all the berries and stone fruit that's in season right now. Oh, and I still have a couple small bags of frozen purees I made for them months ago, so I've been defrosting a few of those and tossing them in -- sweet potato, yams, etc. They don't seem to notice.

What We Ate | July 14-20

Summer squash chowder with Chilean seabass
Dave was traveling again last week and I had a busy week with 2 nights of Junior League. We had a lot of leftovers and I picked up takeout after one of my meetings so dinners were a bit of a mixed bag. I like when we're able to use everything up though and for the most part, we did. Tuesday night I just went to yoga while Jessica was here and then came home and cooked (and cleaned) for a good two hours making zucchini muffins, carrot zucchini bars and cauliflower tortillas.

Mon: Leftover halibut and rice, Green Chickpea and Coconut Curry, based on recipe here (delish! and not too spicy for the boys)
Tue: Lamb meatballs (no recipe, just mixed egg, breadcrumbs, onions and some seasonings with meat) with Harvest Grain Blend (TJs) and asparagus
Wed: Lamb meatballs, leftover veggie burger, black beans, cottage cheese
Thu: Leftovers - potatoes, cauliflower tortilla, corn salad, chicken, meatballs, green beans
Fri: Corn salad, chicken
Sat: Tofu, cauliflower tortilla with cheese, potatoes, corn salad, leftover salmon
Sun: Summer squash chowder with Chilean seabass, based on this recipe (added chopped red bell pepper, paprika, cayenne and Chilean seabass). They didn't eat this at all (and it was so good!). It was odd, they weren't fussing or complaining, just not eating. It could have been the Sisig burrito they split for lunch...

Green Chickpea and Coconut Curry

New fruits/dessert:
Peaches and cottage cheese 
Strawberry rhubarb bars, Smitten Kitchen recipe (SO good! Not healthy, but so worth it. Dave didn't even try it since he was gone, so I basically ate this whole thing... over a whole week)

Strawberry Rhubarb Bars

New breakfast:
Zucchini mini muffins with cranberries, recipe (I froze half the batch)

New lunch:
Veggie burger from Super Duper

New snacks:
Lamb meatballs - both this and the tofu I cooked while they were napping and gave them a bit when they woke up. Actually made for them for dinner, but a good snack nonetheless.
Grilled tofu
Black beans - they continue to love straight beans out of a can, not even heated up.
Carrot zucchini bars, based on this recipe (substituted whole wheat flour, and coconut oil for canola oil). I froze half the batch. They really like these though they're filling. I need to cut them smaller next time.
Shelled edamamae - they don't do too well with these. They eat them, sort of, but end up spitting them out after half-chewing, once the thin skin that holds in the two halves together comes off.
Cauliflower tortilla (with cheese, turkey), recipe (you need to ring out the cauliflower really well, these didn't turn out great as I didn't ring out enough). Only G eats turkey.
Salmon jerky - picked this up at Whole Foods randomly and they really like it. It has a lot of sodium but as they eat so little on a given day, I think it's okay.
2-ingredient (egg and banana) pancakes, recipe

Still having smoothies daily and mixing it up with summer fruit and berries, avocado, silken tofu, bananas - not necessarily all at one. They eat them all, but aren't always enthusiastic, especially early in the day. More likely to drink just before nap or later in the day.