Happy 4th!

While Dave and I talked about possibly going away for the long weekend, ultimately we decided to stay put. Honestly, I'm looking forward to holidays when they're a bit older, when we can actually do something more festive like go to a parade. At this age though, that wouldn't be fun for anyone. Sure, we could attempt it, and I'm sure many families with 1 year olds go to these events, but I think we'll hold off until at least next year. Not to mention, they're in the midst of (I think) transitioning to one nap, so we do everything pretty last minute once we figure out when they're going to sleep.

So on the 4th, we got decked out in our red, while and blue and headed to the park. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, but warm enough for shorts. Then we had brunch by our house and put them down for an early nap.

In the afternoon, my brother, his kids and my mom came over for swimming and a BBQ. I had swam the day before around the same time and it was a perfect day; NO WIND, which never happens. I was hoping for the same on the 4th, but just like their birthday party, it got pretty windy fast. We still had fun in the pool and the hot tub, managed to eat our BBQ, but decided to go upstairs and play for a bit before having our strawberry and blueberry shortcake for dessert.

The boys were dead asleep by 7pm so no fireworks for us. Last year we lucked out and there was a home game so they shot off fireworks from the park and we had a front row seat. The Giants were on the road this year so no such luck but that was definitely a nice memory from their first 4th of July because there's no chance we would've gone out with them at that point.

It was so nice to have the 4th on a Friday, and still have the whole weekend ahead of us, not to mention that Dave was home a lot of this week since he had meetings in the city and didn't go down to Palo Alto all week. It was a great week, but can't wait to see what future holdiays bring with these little firecrackers!

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