What We Ate | July 14-20

Summer squash chowder with Chilean seabass
Dave was traveling again last week and I had a busy week with 2 nights of Junior League. We had a lot of leftovers and I picked up takeout after one of my meetings so dinners were a bit of a mixed bag. I like when we're able to use everything up though and for the most part, we did. Tuesday night I just went to yoga while Jessica was here and then came home and cooked (and cleaned) for a good two hours making zucchini muffins, carrot zucchini bars and cauliflower tortillas.

Mon: Leftover halibut and rice, Green Chickpea and Coconut Curry, based on recipe here (delish! and not too spicy for the boys)
Tue: Lamb meatballs (no recipe, just mixed egg, breadcrumbs, onions and some seasonings with meat) with Harvest Grain Blend (TJs) and asparagus
Wed: Lamb meatballs, leftover veggie burger, black beans, cottage cheese
Thu: Leftovers - potatoes, cauliflower tortilla, corn salad, chicken, meatballs, green beans
Fri: Corn salad, chicken
Sat: Tofu, cauliflower tortilla with cheese, potatoes, corn salad, leftover salmon
Sun: Summer squash chowder with Chilean seabass, based on this recipe (added chopped red bell pepper, paprika, cayenne and Chilean seabass). They didn't eat this at all (and it was so good!). It was odd, they weren't fussing or complaining, just not eating. It could have been the Sisig burrito they split for lunch...

Green Chickpea and Coconut Curry

New fruits/dessert:
Peaches and cottage cheese 
Strawberry rhubarb bars, Smitten Kitchen recipe (SO good! Not healthy, but so worth it. Dave didn't even try it since he was gone, so I basically ate this whole thing... over a whole week)

Strawberry Rhubarb Bars

New breakfast:
Zucchini mini muffins with cranberries, recipe (I froze half the batch)

New lunch:
Veggie burger from Super Duper

New snacks:
Lamb meatballs - both this and the tofu I cooked while they were napping and gave them a bit when they woke up. Actually made for them for dinner, but a good snack nonetheless.
Grilled tofu
Black beans - they continue to love straight beans out of a can, not even heated up.
Carrot zucchini bars, based on this recipe (substituted whole wheat flour, and coconut oil for canola oil). I froze half the batch. They really like these though they're filling. I need to cut them smaller next time.
Shelled edamamae - they don't do too well with these. They eat them, sort of, but end up spitting them out after half-chewing, once the thin skin that holds in the two halves together comes off.
Cauliflower tortilla (with cheese, turkey), recipe (you need to ring out the cauliflower really well, these didn't turn out great as I didn't ring out enough). Only G eats turkey.
Salmon jerky - picked this up at Whole Foods randomly and they really like it. It has a lot of sodium but as they eat so little on a given day, I think it's okay.
2-ingredient (egg and banana) pancakes, recipe

Still having smoothies daily and mixing it up with summer fruit and berries, avocado, silken tofu, bananas - not necessarily all at one. They eat them all, but aren't always enthusiastic, especially early in the day. More likely to drink just before nap or later in the day.

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