What We Ate | July 21-27

Big boys eating snack on the park bench

Well, I didn't realize it, but it looks like last week was a pasta week for them. It's so funny how things are hit or miss. I made a package of ravioli: the first night they picked it apart, the second night they liked it, then I offered it for snack another day and while they picked at it initially, when they got back in their stroller, they were hungry enough to eat it.

I've found that that's key -- wait until they're hungry; or offer the least desirable food first, when they're hungry. I've been doing that at lunchtime, sprinkling peas or green beans on their tray and they eat them up because they're hungry. I asked Jessica to start doing that at dinner, putting vegetables down at first. She said they looked at her funny the first night, like 'where's the rest of the food?', but we found if we just put everything down together, they wouldn't choose the veggies, even though they're known to eat them. Well, as with everything, trial and error. And what works today, probably won't work tomorrow, but for now, we'll go with it.

Also today, we were picknicking with a bunch of other moms and toddlers, they were picking at their turkey, black bean puree and cheese pita. They got up and played and then when it was time to go, I strapped them in, handed them the sandwiches and they polished them off.

Zucchini pizzas

Salmon Salad - sorry for the blur!

Salmon and caprese bulgar
Mon: Ravioli, tofu, zucchini pizzas (recipe; I thought they were tasty but the boys just picked off the cheese)
Tue: Ravioli, salmon (from Spinach Salmon Salad we had, recipe), carrots
Wed: Corn, Bacon and Basil Whole Wheat Spaghetti (recipe - SO good), carrots
Thu: Leftover pasta, black beans, carrots
Fri: Summer Lasagna (recipe), black beans, carrots
Sat: Cod with tomatoes, squash and basil (recipe; they really just ate the fish), carrots and beans
Sun: Salmon, caprese bulgar (my own recipe - diced mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes and basil tossed in cooked bulgar. Keep covered for 5 minutes to let flavors meld), carrots and green bean

Corn, Bacon, Basil pasta
New Fruits/dessert
Applesauce. I had a jar open that I had used for baking and finally decided to give some to them. Needless to say, they LOVED it!
Coldstone! It was the annual Brannan Ice Cream Social and again, Coldstone (Dave's fav) was catering. We went swimming first and then they shared a scoop of vanilla with (sugar-soaked) blueberries and strawberries. They were definitely fans!

New breakfast:
Whole wheat pita flats and cream cheese
Smoked salmon omelet - actually had this when we ate out for lunch, didn't particularly like; leftover for breakfast they liked more

New lunch:
Smoked salmon omelet

New snacks:
Croissant - their first! From b. Patisserie, definitely the place to get one! A treat for their 15-month appointment and shots.
Black bean hummus (recipe); had various ways, with tortilla, red pepper strips, whole wheat seed crackers, pita -- or straight out of the bowl, eventually I handed George a spoon...


New granola mix, Bakery on Main Apple Walnut Raisin - like this one because the clusters are big enough for them to pick up easily, but not too big I'm worried about choking
Goldfish and graham crackers at church -- they were in heaven! We walked in and they were eating snack, sitting at the table with the other kids. So grown up! Also so full, didn't really eat lunch...

I finally used up the last of the Earth's Best Baby Oatmeal that I was adding to their smoothies, so I've started adding wheat germ in its place. Otherwise the typical combinations, loving all the berries and stone fruit that's in season right now. Oh, and I still have a couple small bags of frozen purees I made for them months ago, so I've been defrosting a few of those and tossing them in -- sweet potato, yams, etc. They don't seem to notice.

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